Punishment Scenario Part 1

The slave has a punishment scenario that it thinks Master may approve of because it definitely involves a lot of pain. Pain and tears are two things that Master enjoys and this would definitely hold both. It would also involve the woods. Just something about being in the woods at Master’s mercy that is exciting and very erotic.

Master sends the slave an email describing in detail what the slave is to bring and how to dress for the trip to the woods. The slave is to bring the wooden spoon, tit rope, toys, lube, blanket and extra rope that is strong He says. The slave cannot imagine why that is important but prepares what He orders. Master says that he will bring other implements of His own desire. Then He tells it to dress in only a t-shirt, shorts and sneakers. The slave is never to wear underwear of any kind when it is with Master unless He specifically specifies it to. Master tells the slave to be outside and waiting for His arrival. When Master arrives He and the slave head off into the woods to find a private and secluded spot for what Master has in store.

Master orders the slave to undress and to stand in 1st position so that He can inspect the body that belongs solely to Him. He grabs its nipples and squeezes them tightly till the slave cries out in pain as tears fill its eyes. This only makes Master pull and squeeze harder. Then Master takes the tit rope and binds the tits tightly which causes the slave to wince in pain. Master then reaches into His box of goodies and takes out a pair of hand shackles and places them on slave’s hands behind slave’s back. Then Master throws the extra rope over a tree limb and pulls on the rope to test its strength. He then ties the rope to the rope binding the slave’s tits. When He is satisfied with His work He raises the slave in the air by its tits and ties it off securely. Then taking the wooden spoon in His hands he runs it along the slave’s body slapping it hard across its ass and pussy. But that is not leaving the marks on the slave’s ass that Master wants so He takes out his paddle and uses it instead. The slave moves helplessly trying to escape the pain of the paddle hitting its ass. The slave starts to cry and whimper and for once it cannot wipe away the tears. Then Master spies several limbs that will make perfect switches for Master to use on the slave. He runs the first switch all over the slave’s body. He takes it and traces the outline of her nipples with it softly and tenderly at first. Then without warning Master slaps the switch across the slave’s breast several times. Each slap of the switch leaves marks all along the slave’s tits. The marks sting and burn greatly to the slave as it tries to scream in agony. Master then takes a new switch and rubs it across the slave’s ass softly and tenderly. Master teases the crack of the slave’s ass with the end of the switch. Then He slaps it across its ass as once again the slave tries to escape the pain of the switch. The slave’s ass quickly starts to whelp up from the slap of the switch. Master uses the switch on the slave’s ass, tits, thighs, back and stomach. The different spots quickly show signs of the switches mark.
Then Master lowers the slave down and unties the tree rope from the bound tits.

Once this is done Master orders the slave on its knees as He stuffs His cock into the slave’s mouth. He fucks the slave’s mouth hard. Master pushes His cock deeper and deeper down the slave’s throat. He orders the slave to stick its tongue out and to lick his balls. The slave obeys Master’s wishes and does what He says. It can feel Master’s cock get harder and harder. The slave gags on the Master’s cock as He slams it into its throat down to its tonsils. Master grabs the slave by its head and fucks the slave’s mouth deeper and harder than He ever has until finally He explodes in the slave’s mouth. The slave shudders as the hot cum slides down its throat. Master pulls the slave to its feet and holds it in His arms and wipes away the tears from the slave‘s eyes. He holds the slave in his arms and leads it to the blanket that has been spread on the ground.

Master lays the slave on the blanket and runs His fingers across the whelps on the slave’s body. Master moves his fingers downward to the slave’s pussy which is still red from Master’s earlier attention to it with the spoon. He then spreads the pussy open and starts to caress it and tease the clit with His fingers. The slave starts to get very wet. Master’s fingers start slipping deeper and deeper inside causing the slave to get wetter and wetter as it grinds against Master’s hand until it begs to cum. Master’s not finished with what he has planned for slave and tells it that it must satisfy Master more before it can be satisfied.

He unbinds the slave’s tits and then tells it to get on its knees. The slave feels Master’s lubed up fingers start to penetrate its asshole. He takes the pink dildo out and tells the slave to take it and gak on it . It does this as Master lubes the slave’s ass up and prepares it for penetration. Master then takes the slimy dildo and slowly slides it into the slave’s ass.

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