K & J

My heart was in my throat as I watched Kathy pull up her black fishnet thigh highs. They clung tightly to her slender, shapely legs, and my cock throbbed as Kathy adjusted and smoothed them over her flawlessly tanned skin.
"You like the way I look, baby?" She teasingly asked as she glanced over at me. "You don't think the big spider web holes on these thigh highs look too trampy, do you?
It was very obvious by the large bulge in my pants that I thought her thigh highs looked perfectly hot. I loved the way she looked! Along with her black thigh highs, she was wearing a very short black and blue tartan skirt and a tight, dark blue top that showed her pierced belly button when she raised her arms. I had watched with growing lust as she pulled on a silky pair of black thong panties to match her thigh highs, and a pair of shiny black high heels completed her boner-inducing outfit. As usual, Kathy looked stunning, and she knew it.
With a teasing smile on her face, she inquired, "Would you try to fuck me, if you didn't know me, Honey? Would you offer to buy me a drink and see if you could get me to go home with you? Do I look sexy enough for strangers to want to fuck me?"
"Y-Y-Yessss." I managed to stammer as I thought about the reason she was dressing so hotly. "You know damn well any straight guy would want to try to seduce you."
At that, Kathy smiled broadly and walked over to where I was sitting on the hotel bed. She pulled up her tiny little skirt and let me see the moist spot that had already formed on her sheer black panties. She pushed her panty-clad pussy into my face and told me to suck it.
"Mmmmmm," I moaned as I plastered my face to Kathy's tight panties and began to devotedly lick at her silk covered cunt. "It already tastes so hot! You want me to lick it good for you before we go out? You know, to take the edge off?
"Noooo," Kathy hissed in reply. "I want to keep that edge, Baby; I think I'm sexier when I need to cum real bad, but then postpone it. It makes me more daring and reckless!"
Just then, a knock came at the hotel room door and Kathy pulled away with a teasing smile. "That must be Jackie," she announced. "I better go let her in." Pulling her short skirt back down over her hips and thighs, Kathy walked out of the bedroom of our suite, through the sitting room, and to the entryway. I followed as she walked to the door. She opened it and Jackie stood there wearing a dark red crop top with a white leather skirt. White stockings complemented her skirt, and white open-toed high heels gave her an almost innocent appearance. That is, unless one looked at her big tits, braless, in her tight crop top. I watched, amazed at my good fortune, as Jackie kissed Kathy and pressed tightly against her in greeting. . Jackie softly whispered something to Kathy and my hot wife laughed as she reached down lifted up Jackie's short leather skirt.
"Look, Gary," Kathy announced. "She's wearing thigh highs too, and the naughty little slut isn't wearing any panties."
Crazy with desire, I let out a soft moan as I fell to my knees and attempted to lick Jackie's little bald pussy. Kathy pushed me away and, with a smirk, said, "Not now, maybe later, if you are good, we'll let you suck it after she gets filled with cock." They both giggled wickedly and exchanged knowing smiles.
Jackie told me to finish getting dressed. "Hurry up, Gary. I'm ready to play! We need to get out there and do some hunting! That is, unless you've chickened out and changed your mind."
Kathy followed me into the bedroom and asked one last time, "Are you sure you want to do this, Honey? Are you really ready to see some guy pick-up your wife and bring her back here? I really want to do it, but I'm not sure you can handle watching. I know you say you want to watch, you've been urging me to do it for months, but what if you get too jealous or get cold feet? I want to enjoy myself, but I can't do that if I am worried about how you will react."
Trembling slightly, I responded, "Yes, Baby I really want to see it. I can handle it; you know I can. Look how much I enjoy the stories you tell me about fucking other guys. Don't they always make me hot?" Kathy still did not know that I had already spied on her on several different occasions. I didn't want her to know for fear she'd become self-conscious and cease her playful activities.
"For all you know," Kathy shot back, "Those stories may be contrived. I might tell you I do those things just to feed your naughty, perverted desires. This is the real thing, Baby, not story time. I might let some guy pick me up tonight. I might let him fuck the shit out of me. You might have to listen to me beg him for cock and then listen to me moan and whimper for him to fuck me. He might screw me hard and fast and make my tight little pussy cum all over his big hard dick. He might have me suck his cock and drool all over it. He'll most likely shove it deep down my throat and make me gag on it. He'll probably want to lick my bald cunt, and you know what that does to me. You might hear me saying, "Ohhhhh God, eat that pussy! Yesssss, eat it! Eat it!" You might see me cumming hard all over his face. He might shoot a big load of sticky cum in your wife's pussy or all over her face. I might forget myself and act like a total fucking slut for him, loving his big hard cock in me. He'll probably fuck my cunt a lot harder and for a longer time than you can. He probably won't cum as soon as he gets into me. Can you handle that?"
As she regaled me with endless scenarios of what might happen, Kathy slowly rubbed my stiff, throbbing cock through my pants. I was so hot, I could hardly breath and it felt like my heart was about to explode. I could not understand why Kathy's taunting and teasing made me so hot, but it did. I was just grateful that she loved indulging my fetish.
"Yesssss," I managed to hiss. "Yes, I can handle that. You have no idea how hot it will make me to see you enjoying another man's cock. I want to see it so bad, Baby. I have to see it. I need to see it!"
"I know you do, Baby," Kathy nodded, becoming more aroused herself as she continued to tease me. "You really need to see your little slutty wifey get fucked, don't you? You need to see me spread my naughty legs wide and let some guy stuff my adorable pussy full of his throbbing cock. You need to see another guy spurt your sweet little wife full of his hot creamy cum, don't you, you pervert? Let's get going. Maybe your wish will come true, and Jackie and I will score a couple of hot guys tonight."
We departed the hotel and made our way to a club the hotel concierge had recommended to us as one of the hottest in London. Per our plan, I watched from across the room as guys continually approached Kathy and Jackie, either to ask them to dance or to offer to buy them drinks. They both danced from time to time, but I could tell that no one really piqued their interest. Despite what her voracious sexually appetite might suggest, Kathy has always been picky when it comes to men. Un-attractive men don't have much of a chance with her, and she prefers men to be bold and confident if they are going to draw her attention.
I was beginning to think the night was going to be a bust when I saw two self-assured looking guys in their late 20s approaching the table at which the women were sitting. I was pretty sure, from their haircuts and demeanor, that the two must be American military and, sure enough, as soon as they spoke, Kathy and Jackie heard their American accents. They introduced themselves as Brad and Todd and informed the girls they were both stationed at the USAF base up at Lakenheath. Brad added that they had never met two lovelier English women which brought a loud laugh as Kathy and Jackie told them they still hadn't, because they were both Americans!
Still laughing at the men's error, Kathy risked a furtive glance over to where I was sitting and her eyes were all lit up with a secret message only for me: "Oh yes! These are the guys," they said.
As they sat at the table talking, the two men continually bought Kathy and Jackie more wine and occasionally took turns dancing with them. I could see both women frequently laughing, it was evident they were both relaxed and having a good time with the two Air f***e officers. After awhile, Kathy seemed to forget I was watching and began to warm up to Todd. From my vantage point near the dance floor, I saw Todd softly squeezing Kathy's ass through her short skirt every time he danced with her on the slow songs the club's DJ was spinning. It was obvious to me, and to other observers, that Todd was slowly rubbing his cock against Kathy's cunt mound and flat tummy and Kathy reciprocated by eagerly grinded her moist pussy up against his throbbing dick. As they slowly, urgently dry-humped on the dance floor, Kathy pulled her resting cheek away from Todd's shoulder, and began to kiss him; slowly at first and then with greater fervor as she moaned with desire.
My cock lurched in my pants as I saw my sexy little wife open her lips and slide her tongue in and out of Todd's mouth. As she danced around and faced me, I saw her eyes closed in sheer bliss as she sucked gently on his probing tongue and let him fondle her firm little ass. Todd looked over at Brad, who had his own hands full of Jackie's tight butt, and gave him a thumbs-up. My head spun as Brad smiled broadly and returned the signal to Todd. They knew they had two hot little sluts on their hands and they loved it!
After that dance, Brad and Todd brought Kathy and Jackie back to the table and, again, ordered more wine--they wanted to make sure the two women well inebriated as they presumed that getting the girls d***k would ensure a long night of sexual satisfaction. Little did they know that they could have saved their money, but Kathy and Jackie were content to play along and accepted multiple glasses of wine. As the alcohol continued to flow, a flushed-faced Kathy was soon sitting on Todd's lap at the table. His hands were steadily creeping up under Kathy's tartan skirt, and there was no doubt as to what the final destination was to be.
Kathy was, by now, very intoxicated and seemed not to notice that her diminutive skirt was pulled up high enough to expose the tops of her thigh highs and a hint of her black silky thongs. Todd was nibbling erotically at Kathy's neck and ears and I could see Kathy squirming passionately in his lap. Todd knew that others were watching him make out with Kathy, but far from embarrassing him, it emboldened him to do more. Deftly, he slid Kathy's thongs aside and unhurriedly shoved his finger into Kathy's sopping wet cunt. My finger-fucked wife's eyes opened wide in surprise and pleasure, and, in full view of dozens of on-lookers, Kathy began to languidly ride Todd's invading finger.
A guy sitting near me was scrutinizing the reckless couple as intently as I, and he whispered excitedly to his girlfriend, "Looks like that bitch is going to get a right hard fucking tonight, he's already got a finger stuck up her pussy, and the little cunt is loving it!"
My mouth went dry at his words. Kathy was indeed loving it and it delighted me to know that other men were watching, and commenting on, my sexy wife as she unabashedly let a stranger finger-fuck her in public! Without warning, though, Brad went over to Kathy and Todd, pulled Kathy to her feet, and steered her toward the dance floor. Despite the annoyance Todd must have felt at being interrupted, both men chuckled as Kathy and Jackie willingly exchanged dance partners.
I wanted to get up and move still closer to the dance floor, but I knew that if I moved right at that moment, my throbbing cock would go off by itself. I didn't want to cum too soon; I was desperate to see what Kathy and Jackie would let the guys do to them
Out on the dance floor, Brad was pawing all over Kathy's sweet swiveling ass as he hotly kissed her lip, ears and neck. I saw Kathy press tightly against him and I watched, stunned, as my attractive wife humped her torrid pussy against her second hard cock of the night
"Mmmmmm," Brad moaned softly. "Be careful, Baby or you're going to make it too hard for me to walk off this dance floor."
"I want to make it hard," Kathy whispered impishly in return. "Hard enough to fuck my pretty little pussy."
Brad had heard enough! He grabbed Kathy by the hand with the intent of leaving the club, but Todd intercepted him. "Let's go back to our original partners," he suggested, as he handed Jackie back to Brad.
Brad tried to protest, but Kathy was already in Todd's arms once again. Shortly, out on the teeming dance floor, both Kathy and Jackie were furtively rubbing their bubbling pussies against Todd and Brad's stiff pricks. It was clear that both men wanted to leave as soon as possible, before Kathy and Jackie could change their minds, but the girls were having too much fun showing off and publicly tormenting them. They continued dancing and teasing, drinking and laughing, until Kathy decided it was time to finally leave.
"Todd," Kathy whimpered lustily as she dreamily slid her naughty tongue in and out of his suddenly dry mouth, "My pussy is sooo hot and wet. It needs to be licked and sucked, and then fucked. Think you can do that for me? I promise to suck your cock real good for you if you say yes!""
Todd grabbed Kathy's ass hard, in both hands, and pressed her tightly against him. "God, yes," he responded. "Let's get out of here right now."
Kathy looked over at Jackie, and she was playfully licking Brad's neck and lips as she plastered her firm tits and pussy against his body. Dancing over to the other dry-humping couple, Kathy tapped Jackie on the shoulder and jerked her head towards the door. With that as my signal, I painfully and carefully got up from my seat and raced out of the club.
I arrived back at the suite a good five minutes ahead of the two couples and quickly prearranged the bedroom door so that I could see out into the sitting room, but so that no one could see into the bedroom. Upon entering the suite, Kathy and Jackie immediately made for the large, overstuffed couch in the sitting room. Brad tried to lead Jackie into the bedroom, but she grinned mischievously, "Un huh, we want to be here together. If you wanna play with us, you gotta do it here. We like watching!"
Neither man really cared; they were too preoccupied with getting their cocks into the two hot, willing pussies before them. Plus, I was sure that each secretly wanted to see the other woman getting fucked.
Todd was first to sit on the couch and he, none too tenderly, pulled Kathy down on top of him. He lifted Kathy's minuscule skirt and frenetically pushed her thongs to one side. Kathy whined loudly as he crudely shoved a thick finger into her already drenched pussy.
"Oh yeah," Kathy moaned. "Fuck it baby. Fuck it! Stick that finger in me and fuck that pussy!"
Brad, meanwhile, had placed Jackie so that her ass was on the very edge of the couch. He flipped her short leather skirt up and was delighted at the sight! "Fuck," he growled as he commenced licking her baby-smooth pussy. "Her cunt is bald! Her little cunt is shaved bare."
Todd pulled Kathy's saturated panties over farther, and announced, "So is this one's. Both these naughty sluts have bald pussies!"
With that, he f***ed another finger up Kathy's tight fuckhole and stretched it farther open. He leaned over and began to ardently kiss my breathless wife as he unhurriedly finger banged her tight bald twat. My heart began to pound as I heard the sounds of Kathy and Todd kissing and the sound of Brad slurping on Jackie's pussy. It was so hot watching another man passionately kiss my wife and my cock throbbed incessantly.
Todd pulled Kathy's tight top over her head and unfastened her flimsy little bra. He gaped in unadulterated lust as Kathy's big tits popped out of their lacy confine and then spent long minutes licking and sucking them, all the while rapidly punching his broad fingers into Kathy's helpless, oozing pussy. Every few minutes, he pulled his fingers out of my wife's overheated cunthole and rubbed her pussy cream on her swollen nipples. Kathy mewled in delight as Todd then licked and sucked her nipples free of her hot cunt cream.
Wild with lust, Kathy panted and wiggled her little tight ass on Todd's lap in sexual bliss. After more long minutes, Todd pulled his pussy cream covered fingers free from Kathy's shivering pussy, and Kathy impatiently seized his hand and stuffed his sticky fingers in her mouth. Moaning with satisfaction, Kathy licked and sucked all over Todd's fingers, carefully removing all traces of her pussy cream from his digits.
I was already seriously stimulated just from watching Kathy lick and suck Todd's fingers. I wondered how I was going to be able to hold out watching Kathy suck on his cock!
Todd unceremoniously dumped Kathy from his lap onto the couch and got on his knees in front of her. Willingly, Kathy raised her saucy little ass to help him ease her out of gooey thongs.
"Yesssss," my sweet slutty wife murmured as Todd eagerly began to lick at her little pink cunt. "Lick it, Baby. Lick my precious little pussy for me. Be real nice to it. Lick it and make it cum!" Soon the room was filled with the sounds of moaning and sighing, sucking and licking, as Todd and Brad both munched pussy.
I didn't know where to look, as both Kathy and Jackie uncontrollably tossed their heads back and forth and presented their bald pussies for hot, nasty sucking. Soon, however, my eyes were locked onto Kathy's face as I watched her in the throes of ecstasy. I had never loved her as much or wanted her as badly as I did then, watching her face contort and her hips hump against another man's face.
"Unnghhh!" Kathy abruptly cried out in surprise, as she started to cum, "Suck it baby!!! Suck on that clit. Suck it hard and make me cum! Make me cum all over your fucking face!"
Kathy's eyes glazed over, hooded with lust and pleasure, and she looked over to where she knew I was spying. A lewd grin crossed her face as she decided that I was going to get the show of my life.
"If he's going to watch," Kathy thought to herself, "I'm going to make sure he knows what a slut I can be!"
Todd was once again rapidly ramming two of his fingers in and out of Kathy's hot, wet pussy as he simultaneously licked and sucked her continually oozing pussyhole. His shiny face was getting wetter and wetter from the oily pussy cream leaking out of Kathy's cunt as she rubbed her tiny bald pussy all over his nose, mouth, and chin. As his sucking lips found her throbbing little clit once more, Kathy arched her back, grabbed a fat, firm tit in each hand, and demanded that he make her cum!
"Unnngh, unghhhh, ohhhhh, Baby make it cum! Suck my clit and make me cum! Oh Please! Oh God! Make it cum!" Kathy released her tits and grabbed Brad's head, trying to f***e it harder, deeper into her cunt. "Oh, yessssssss!" Kathy squealed as her petite body quivered and shuddered, "You did it, you fucker! You made it cummmmm! You made it cum for you!"
As Kathy was writhing and howling in orgasm, Jackie let out a huge gasp and began to shake and twitch beside her. Kathy turned her head slightly and watched Jackie's face as Jackie's pussy abruptly exploded!
"Oh God!" Jackie howled. "I'm cumming all over his fucking face! Oh God, yessssssss!"
"Mmmm, she looks hot when she cums," Kathy thought to herself. "I wonder if I look that slutty when I cum? I wonder if Gary liked the way I looked when Todd made me cum all over his face? He better have, 'cause he's gonna have to see me cumming again!"
Todd and Brad continued to gently prod Kathy and Jackie's tight pussies and sensitive clits with their cum covered tongues as the women slowly came down from their orgasmic crests. By some miracle, I had not yet cum, although my cock felt like it was made of lead and the slightest touch would have caused it to detonate. My head was spinning--having watched Kathy get her pussy licked and watching her cream another man's face, with her knowing I was nearby, was hotter than I had ever imagined. I was a mass of conflicting emotions, but lust, envy and an overwhelming desire to see much more were foremost.
Todd, Brad and I watched with rapidly hardening cocks as Kathy and Jackie continued to slurp each other's pussies. Jackie was on her back, Kathy on top of her, in a girl-girl version of 69. The men watched, mesmerized, as the two naughty women licked gooey cunt like kittens attacking bowls of fresh cream. I was perfectly positioned to see Todd's sticky cum leaking out of Kathy's well-fucked pussy as Jackie eagerly lapped it up and swallowed it down.
I stroked my stiffening cock slowly as I listened to Kathy moan into Jackie's hot gooey cunt, "Ohhh yesss, Baby, eat all up all that hot cum, suck my pussy dry for me. Eat all of that stuff out of there!"
Jackie, in turn, shuddered as Kathy's tongue drilled deep into her moist, creamy cunt and lapped out Brad's gummy ball batter.
"Oh fuck," moaned Brad as he watched a thick glob of his cum ooze out of Jackie's freshly fucked pussy right into Kathy's hungry mouth. "I've never seen anything this fucking hot before. Look at them licking our shit up!"
"You like Baby?" Kathy leered up at him. "You like seeing me eat your nasty cum out of her pussy? I think you do. I think you like seeing it all over my tongue and then seeing me swallow it down."
With that, she went back to work and attacked Jackie's cummy fuckhole with her frantically licking tongue. After a few minutes of slurping and moaning, Kathy and Jackie began to exhibit the first telltale signs of cumming. Both of them begin to mash their pussies harder and faster into the other's face, and their moaning and groaning became much louder.
"Fuck! Look at that! They really love eating that cum! I can't take this much longer," Todd announced as he jerked on his fat fuckstick.
"Neither can I," agreed Brad, "This just looks too fucking hot! I've never seen two women eat each other out before!" He moved in close to watch as Jackie locked her hungry lips on my freshly-fucked wife's swollen, throbbing clit!
Yessssssss!" Kathy whimpered with yearning, "Oh, Honey suck that clit! Suck it good for me!"
Jackie's face was covered with Todd's cock cream and Kathy's pussy juice; from where I was spying I could plainly see it gleaming in the lamplight. Jackie pulled her mouth away from Kathy's cunt, and long, thin line of cum attached to her tongue followed her down. I watched with heightened passion as Jackie firmly grabbed Brad's cock in her left hand and steered it towards Kathy's cum-oozing pussy. As this occurred out of Kathy's sight, she was not prepared as Jackie carefully guided Brad's now steel-hard cock between Kathy's legs and began to wedge it into Kathy's tight cunt.
The combination of sensations was too much for my ready-to-cum wife, and her pussy began to spasm all over the fat cock that had just been shoved into it. Kathy jerked and twisted wildly as she loudly announced her impending orgasm
"Ohhhhh God! Oh God! Oh fuck!" Kathy bawled deafeningly, "I'm cuummming sooo fucking good. I'm cumming with that big dick in my cunt! Oh Jesus, Jackie! He's making me cum again!"
Brad continued to fuck Kathy right through her third orgasm of the night, plowing his hard-as-nails cock in and out of her exploding pussy. His balls slapped off her cum-sticky ass and Jackie stretched up to eagerly tongue his balls and asshole as he pounded my wife's pretty bald pussy.
"Mmmmmm good boy," Jackie moaned between hot licks. "Make her cum all over that big fucking dick! Make the little bitch cum for you!"
Brad looked over and grinned triumphantly at Todd. "Shit, man, you can't imagine how good this feels! Her pussy is so tight, and this other one has a nasty little tongue...she's fucking licking my asshole!"
Tired of being left out, Todd knee-walked over and started to rub his cock against Jackie's hot pussy, just inches from Kathy's open, panting mouth.
Kathy automatically reached down to help guide Todd into Jackie, but once she had his thick cock in her hand, she instead pulled it towards her own hungry face.
"You greedy Bitch," Jackie hissed as Kathy slowly shoved Todd's cock into her naughty cocksucking mouth. "You're supposed to share!"
"Mmmmpphhh," Kathy moaned around a hot mouthful of cockmeat, as Todd began to excitedly fuck her gorgeous face. "Give it to me, Baby. Give me all of that pretty cock!"
I had to try my hardest not to cum again as I watched Kathy sucking and fucking two big hard cocks at the same time! The excitement was overwhelming; seeing Kathy perform for me was hotter than I had ever expected!
Todd's cock grew wetter and wetter as Kathy began to drool and slobber all over it. She reached over, rubbed his cum-swollen balls, and submissively let Todd drive his cock all the way past her tonsils into her tight clenching throat. Soft coughing, gagging sounds reached my ears as Todd's cock speared Kathy's velvety-smooth throat over and over. Deeper and deeper he pushed, until his balls softly slapped against Kathy's full, swollen lips.
"Damn, Kathy, you are a great little cocksucker!" He moaned in appreciation, "There aren't many girls who can take my cock all the way down like that. Most can only get about half. You're fucking priceless! A perfect little cocksucker!"
Kathy's eyes smiled up at him, letting him know she appreciated the compliment. My cock throbbed f***efully as I listened to another man, one she had known for only a few hours, call her nasty, filthy names.
After a few more minutes of nasty face fucking, Brad pulled his messy, drool covered cock from Kathy's mouth with a resounding plop.
"Noooooo," She whined with great disapproval. "Give it back; let me suck it some more, Baby. I love sucking big cocks. Let me make it cum in my mouth for you!"
"Later you pretty little slut," Todd laughed condescendingly, "I'll feed you some hot cum later. I need some pussy right now!"
Before a whining Kathy could stop him, Todd fisted his cock and harshly pumped it into Jackie's sticky little bald cunt.
"Yeaaahhhhh, aggghhhhhhh!" Jackie bleated piercingly as Todd fed inch after thick inch of fuckmeat into her wet, willing hole. "Oh fuck! Oh damn! It's not gonna fit in there! It's too big! It's too fucking big!"
"Stretch it, Baby," Kathy ordered him. "Stretch her little pussy open. Split it wide open with that cock! f***e it all in there. Make her take it, Baby. She's right; it is big, but if you can get it all in me, you can get it in her! I can't believe you fucked my poor little pussy with that fucking thing!" Kathy watched with delight as Brad's cock fucked slowly in and out of Jackie's tight clasping pussy.
u*********sly, Kathy began to hump her now-bubbling pussy back hard against Todd's thick dick as she watched Brad destroy Jackie's shaved slit. Staring at Todd's cock as it punished Jackie's cunt, Kathy grunted loudly as Brad grabbed her shapely hips and slammed the full length of his cock deep into her tiny fuckpit.
"Yeah, yeah!" She begged, "Fuck it hard! Fuck that pussy hard! Fill me up and fuck me good! Just go ahead and use it! Fuck it however you want!"
I was beginning to feel faint and hot as I listened to and watched Brad fucking the shit out of my delirious wife. I watched in amazement as Kathy suddenly yanked Todd's cock out of Jackie's overheated pussy. Free from the scalding confines of Jackie's tight cunt, Todd's angry-red cock twitched and bobbed threateningly as Kathy, in one smooth movement, effortlessly shoved it all the way down her throat!
My knees gave way and I sank to the floor as I watched my uncontrollably writhing wife being spit-roasted by the thick cocks of two men she had met only hours before! I had told Kathy on many occasions that I had wanted to watch her act like a total slut, but I was shocked at how willing she was to please two complete strangers. It seemed as if my presence there was forgotten; as if she was doing this for her and not me.
"Mmmmmm," she sighed after releasing Brad's dripping wet cock from the depths of her throat. "Cock tastes sooo much better when it's covered with pussy cream."
Todd watched helplessly as Kathy steered her teasing tongue all over his hard cockmeat. Like me, he was amazed at what a cock-crazy slut she had become. He trembled as Kathy's talented tongue traced every vein and ridge bulging from his thick cockshaft, bathing it in her warm spit, and making it glisten in the lamplight.
Meanwhile, Brad reached down and softly rubbed Kathy's gooey pussy with one hand while simultaneously drilling his steel-hard cock into her from behind. Wetting his fingers with her scalding pussy cream, he placed his index finger against Kathy's puckered asshole and slowly pushed it in.
"Nnggghhhh," Kathy groaned as her taut asschute grudgingly gave way to Brad's probing finger. "Fuck yeah! "Fuck my butt with your finger, Baby. It feels so good with your cock in my cunt! Go on; fuck both holes! Fuck both holes!"
Brad was getting more and more aroused as he slid his thick finger in and out of Kathy's tiny butt, and he mashed his hard cock into her pussy harder and harder as a result. Kathy's tight asshole spread open grudgingly, and soon Brad had his finger buried to the second knuckle in her scalding ass.
Sensing his excitement, Kathy started over her shoulder at him with an impish gleam in her eyes. "You wanna fuck that tight ass, Brad?" She poutingly teased. "You wanna stick that big hard cock right up my ass and make me squeal? I bet you wanna butt fuck me real hard and make me holler, don't you?"
Kathy's naughty offer caused Brad to bite down hard his lip and concentrate on not squirting his jizz into her spasming pussy. Obviously stimulated by her suggestion, he slowed his thrusts as Kathy leaned far enough forward to f***e his cock to slip all the way out of her overstuffed cunt. She scrambled off Jackie's still prone body and began to kiss Brad hotly.
"Mmmmmm, Honey," She moaned fervently as she teased him. "I've got a little tiny ass and your cock is just so fucking big, but you can fuck it if you promise to be gentle. It'll be real tight, but I think you can get it all he way up there. You may have to f***e it a bit! Promise to go slow, and I'll let you ass fuck me until you shot hot cum up my butt."
The room was oddly quite as Kathy went over to the entryway table and reached into her purse. Returning with a small bottle of Wet lubricant, she got back on the couch and positioned herself on her hands and knees, with her ass facing towards me.
Both Jackie and Todd watched eagerly as Brad carefully lubed up Kathy's tiny asshole. Preparing her gradually, he worked first one finger, and then two, up her butt to prepare it for his oversized dick. Keen to help, Jackie reached under Kathy's kneeling body and gently stroked her throbbing clit; she wanted to make sure Kathy stay aroused and relaxed for the upcoming ass fucking.
Turning his attention away from Kathy's tight back hole, Brad patiently lubed up his glistening cock with a generous supply of the oily lubricant. Kathy eyed his bucking cock with noticeable delight, knowing that it is soon going to be buried in her quivering asshole.
Dismayed and disappointed at being left out, Todd suddenly called out, "Wait! I wanna get in on this too. Have you ever been DPed before, Baby?"
A huge smile spread across Kathy's gorgeous face. "Uh huh." She nodded affirmatively, "But never by two cocks this big. Every time I've done it, at least one of the cocks was kinda small. Is that what you naughty boys wanna do to me? You wanna double fuck me? You wanna make a Kathy sandwich?"
It felt like someone had taken a sledgehammer to my stomach. Kathy was offering to let these two big-cocked, arrogant bastards fuck her pussy and her ass at the same time. I thought about bursting in and putting a stop to what was about to happen. There was just no way that my 100 pound wife could take those two big cocks in her butt and cunt simultaneously.
Before she could change her mind, Todd plopped down next to Kathy on the sofa and hastily pulled her on top of him. As she faced him, he grabbed his stiff cock and quickly f***ed it past her pussy lips, deep into her overheated cunt. Kissing her passionately, he began to fuck her hard and fast, causing Kathy's tits to bounce wildly from the f***e of his hard fucking. He quickly brought her to a fever pitch, and her moans and groans become louder and more frequent. I was silently urging him on, encouraging him to fuck her hard and deep. Part of me was hoping he would cum before Brad could get his cock in her ass, so that Kathy would be spared the indignity of being simultaneously used by the two men, but yet another part of me wanted desperately to see Kathy double fucked like a cheap whore
An involuntary groan escaped my lips as the inevitable happened and Brad moved in behind my cock-stuffed wife. I was almost crazy with jealousy and lust as I watched him reach down and probe for Kathy's tight asshole with his slippery cock.
With a loud "Nnnngghhhh," Brad pushed the fat head of his thick cock straight up Kathy's tight butt.
"Awwwww," my whorish wife whimpered feebly, as Brad slowly, yet f***efully, worked his cock up her tiny clenching ass chute. I watched in agonized bliss as his cockhead bulled past her tight ass ring and his long thick shaft disappeared with torturous slowness inside Kathy's perfect little ass.
"Oh fuck!'" He groaned, "It's so damn tight and hot in there, I don't know how long I'm going to last! Her ass is already clamped down on my cock. It's hard getting it all the way in her!"
Todd stopped sawing his own big cock in and out of Kathy's pussy in order to allow Brad to bury his dick in her ass. Inch by hard throbbing inch, Brad's cock insistently plowed into her butt. Jackie moved in closer and licked at one of Kathy's fat tits while harshly fondling the other. Kathy shivered and shook uncontrollably as unbelievable sexual sensations washed over her petite body.
"Oh God, Oh God! Oh Jesus, God," Kathy moaned over and over as her body was stuffed with cock. She tried to move, but Brad wouldn't let her.
"Hold still, you stupid cunt," he demanded irritably. "Let us get them into you first! You gotta fucking hold still so we can get them both all the way in there! Quit fucking moving or we won't be able to get them all the way in. Hold still!"
Dutifully, Kathy obeyed Brad's commands and, after a great deal of groaning and whimpering, both cocks were finally buried deep in her slick pussy and grasping ass. Brad and Todd slowly began to move, and Kathy's petite body was suddenly racked with spasms as the men started to pump their cocks inside her.
"Sooo good, sooo good," she moaned softly as their big cocks stuffed both her tight holes. In and out, in and out, over and over, they slowly pistoned their fuckrods into her feverish body as she moaned and whimpered in bliss.
I was astounded and confused, hurt and aroused, as I watched my sweet, innocent wife willingly taking two big cocks in her pussy and up her ass simualtaneously. I was stunned when Kathy glanced over to where she knew I was spying and I saw a look of wanton contentment move across her face. Equally stunning, but compellingly arousing, was the taunting sneer she had on her face as she glared in my direction.
More assuredly, she begin to buck against the two men, trying to fuck them instead of just allowing herself to be fucked. She suddenly became more vocal as she continually stared at the bedroom door and mocked me. "Use me! Pound those cocks into me harder, I can take it! You're not gonna break me or hurt me; gimme those hard cocks! I love two cocks at once. It makes me feel like such a slut! Use that ass! Use that ass! Harder! Come on, harder! Fuck the shit outta me!"
Responding to her lusty demands, Brad and Todd fucked in and out in counterpoint as they repeatedly plugged Kathy's pussy and ass. Their repeated grunts mingling with Kathy's wailing to create a cacophony of the nastiest sort. Kathy's face flushed bright pink, then turned a deep red, to signal that she was on the verge of exploding as the two fat cocks speared repeatedly into her willing holes.
Holding on as best he could, Brad grabbed hold of Kathy's shoulders and pounded her clasping butt harder and faster. "Shit!" He roared, "She's so fucking tight! How can her ass be so fucking tight? What a tight little bitch! I can't last much longer, Man. I'm gonna squirt this little cunt's ass full of jizz pretty quick!"
Todd grunted in agreement, and soon they were both pounding Kathy ferociously, anxious to shoot their hot cum loads deep inside her twitching, humping body. I gawked with incredulity as she shook her blonde head from side to side and ground her hips furiously against the two men who continuously pummeled her ass and cunt. Her rapturous whines and whimpers filled the room, and Jackie frantically rubbed her own hard clit as she watched the two men ram Kathy full of thick fuckmeat.
"Oh fuck! Her pussy is grabbing my cock again! We're making her cum! She's fucking loving this!" Todd arrogantly proclaimed. "We're fucking her so damn good! She's gonna cum all over the fucking place!"
Feverishly, I rubbed my aching cock as Kathy's flexible little body jerked and twisted. Seeing her get double fucked was almost more than I could take! The sneer never left her face as she tormented me by urging the men on.
"Pound me! Don't hold back! You gotta fuck me better than this! Fuck me harder! Fuck me as hard as you can and make me cum! Fuck me like the dirty little slut I am! Screw my brains out!'
Evidently, her taunting and teasing of me was as hot to her as it was to me because, suddenly, with no warning, Kathy started to squeal and bleat loudly as her stuffed pussy detonated. No intelligible words came from her mouth as, in gibberish, she continued to urge the men to fuck her.
"Nnghhh, ohhhhh, ghhhhgggg, mmmpphh, ngggghhhhhh," poured from her open mouth as Brad and Todd repeatedly shoved their hugely swollen cocks into her squirming, writhing little body.
The two men were on the verge of spurting their sizzling sperm in Kathy, but I could tell they wanted to try and fuck her longer; her holes were too enjoyable for them to want to stop. It was a hopeless cause, though, as her nasty sounds and gyrating body coaxed Todd and Brad's boiling cum up from deep within their hugely swollen balls. Brad lost it first, and his cock began to shoot stream after stream of hot burning cum into Kathy's asshole. Todd couldn't hold out either, and his thick dick soon flooded my gasping wife's pussy with his own sizzling sperm load. They both groaned haplessly as Kathy's still cumming body spasmodically twitched against them, their cocks still firmly buried deep inside her.
With out even thinking about it, I abruptly notice that my own cock was coming in response to the amazing scene I had just witnessed. I shot four or five huge jets of ball juice against the door as I jealously watched Kathy feverishly kissing Todd as his cum continued to flood her well-used cunt.
As the men gasped for breath, Kathy mockingly informed them, "We'll let you rest up a bit, but you guys neglected poor Jackie. How do you plan on making it up to her?"

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fucking hot night, loved when she finally got DP'd
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very hot!
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