The Boy's Story (Chapter 15)

Chapter 15

Eric and I lay across the bed as ordered and our Master,looking very sexy in his harness and cockring, went to the cabinet and got the large black double dildo. He gave it to Eric and said "Grease it up for your arses!" and Eric spread KY all over each end of the double cockhead dildo. The Master then went to the end of the bed so that he was between each of our arses and taking one end of the dildo slowly pushed the head into Eric's arse. He kept pushing until about 8" had gone inside then he took the other end and slowly pushed it into my arse. "Your arse is tighter" he said but then the head went past my muscle and he pushed about 7-8" into my arse. Now most of the dildo was buried in our arses and our Master held the middle and slowly moved it back and forward so that each of us slaves could feel the dildo moving in and out of our manholes. "I like it - it looks good" said our Master.

Each of us slaves was laying on our back so our Master walked to one end and, because our heads were hanging over the edge of the bed, he was able to line his cock up with my mouth and started to fuck my mouth while he leaned across my body and still worked the dildo back and forth in our arses. I could feel his 5" thick cock filling my mouth and throat and I tried to relax to let his cockhead slip down my throat which it did. But I was not a good deep throater and after a few minutes Master moved to the other end and slid his cock into Eric's mouth. Eric could deep throat good and I could see my Masters eyes which were glazed with "the feeling" and I could see that his cock was getting a good deep throat and giving my Master pleasure. I know my Master loves his cock being sucked and I was happy for him. While this was happening to his cock he kept working the dildo in our arses.

After he got tired of using the dildo on us he pulled it out then told us to turn over and lie on our stomachs. This put both of our arses facing up and close together which gave the Master a good view of our arse cheeks to spank. So he started with his hand spanking each of us in turn, then went to get the paddle. He took some poppers and I asked for some and he said "No!". He used the paddle on our arses for about 5 minutes and I knew this would make him hard despite having "E" and a lot of poppers. He ordered us to get on our knees with our arses in the air and when we were in position he took his bareback cock in his hand and guided it into Erics arse and started to fuck him. I knew that it would soon be my turn and, as expected, my Master took his cock out of Eric and put it straight into mine. He fucked me for about 20 strokes then back to Eric's hole for about 20 strokes and so he went fucking each of our boy cunts with his thick hard 7" cock.

I know he likes to fuck standing over and aiming his cock straight down so I suggested that Eric and I lay on our back with our legs back to our chests and our bums pointing up and touching with our fuck holes close to each other. Then our Master stood astride us and was able to aim his cock into our love tubes aiming downwards. He started plunging his cock into one hole then out and into another and because there was not far between each hole he was able to fuck each of us in turn quickly. He was getting excited as he fucked each of us switching arseholes rapidly and plunging his 7" pole deep into us so that his balls hit our arse and we could feel his pubic hairs against our arse cheeks. He was getting really deep inside us and I knew he loved that. He kept fucking us and pausing a couple of times while he sniffed his poppers and I could see the sweat on his chest and shoulders as he gave us each a hard fuck. Suddenly he fell forawrd onto his arms with his cock deep inside of me and I knew he was giving me his seed deep into my arse. He leant down and kissed my lips and I felt much love for my Master.

To be continued
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