The Boy's Story (Chapter 14)

Chapter 14.

Just as we were getting ready to shower the Master came back into the bathroom with 2 "E" and told us to "take these". We both swallowed them down with water and I filled up the enema bottle with warm water. As I was about to insert the nozzle up my arse Eric asked if he could do it for me. I bent over and he pushed the nozzle up my arse and started squeezing the tube forcing the water up my arse. After it was emptied I sat on the toilet and discharged the contents. He did this 4 more times and my bowels were empty and clean. I returned the favour for him enjoying watching the nozzle slide between his hairy arse cheeks into his man hole. I though to myself my Master will enjoy spanking Eric's arse cheeks which were bigger than mine and his arse was hairier than mine too.

When we left the bathroom after we had showered and each of us had put our cockrings back on. Our Master was lieing back on the sofa and had put on his harness and straps and his cock was looking strong hanging down from the steel ring on the harness and with his cockring beneath it making his 7" cock look very inviting even though it was not hard. "Suck my cock and make it hard" he ordered and I stepped forward but he said "Not you - Eric" and I stepped aside as Eric got on his knees and took our Masters cock into his mouth and began sucking and licking. I knelt beside him watching my Masters cock being worked expertly by an experienced cocksucker and was getting excited watching. I stood up and leaned over onto the sofa beside my Master and we began kissing our tongues working into each others mouths and my hand gently rubbing my Masters nipples. I looked down and saw Eric still working my Masters cock actively and sliding it down his thoat as an expert deep throater.

My Master reached for the popper and gave me a sniff before taking his own big sniffs and told me to get down and suck Eric's cock while Eric sucked him. I lay on the floor and reached for Eric's half hard cock. It was an 8" cut cock that was quite thick and I could see the blue veins outlined against his shaft as I drew the head of his cock to my mouth. I started licking his cock head before taking it into my mouth and working it with my tongue, lips and hand enjoying his taste as I enjoyed the taste of my Master. After several minutes our Master ordered us to switch places so I knelt down and very happily started sucking and licking my Masters cock while Eric took my 6" into his wet mouth and began deep throating me. I tried deep throating my Master but I did not have the skill of Eric but could feel my throat muscles briefly grip his cockhead before I had to withdraw. I would need more practice and maybe Eric could teach me using my Masters cock to train with later.

My Master then ordered Eric to lay across the sofa and ordered me to get the paddle. I bought it back and he started to spank Eric with the paddle on each cheek. He spanked him several times on each cheek and Eric made no noise. With his free hand my Master opened Eric's arse cheeks to look at his arse hole. He told me to get the KY and a dildo which I did and while he spanked Eric he ordered me to put the dildo into Erics love hole. I did as I was ordered and we both watched as the 8" dildo slid into Eric's arse while his arse cheeks were paddled and turning red. I could see my Masters cock was hard from spanking so leaving the dildo in Eric's arse I leant down and started sucking my Masters cock through the harness ring filling my mouth with his lovely hard meat and enjoying the pre cum that was melting from his piss slit. He kept spanking Eric and with his free hand twisting the dildo and pulling and pushing it in and almost out of Eric's hairy arsehole. He said to me "Is the feeling strong?" and I said it was. "Good' he said and got off the sofa and ordered us to go to the bedroom.

"Get on the bed and kneel with your arses facing me" he ordered. Eric and I did and our Master started spanking both of us one after the other - with 4 arse cheeks to play with I thought he must be feeling very pleased and in command. He kept spanking us for about 5 minutes and my arse was stinging and I could see through my legs that my Masters cock was standing up hard. I wanted to suck it but I knew he would be angry if I moved. The feeling was strong and I knew that it was the same for all of us. Our Master went to the cabinet and took two dildos. He greased them up and then pushed one into Eric's arse and the other into mine and turned both the vibrators on. With his hands he was working both vibrators back and forth in our arses and occassionally spanking our arses hard with his hand. I was enjoying the feeling of the vibrator in my arse and I could see from Eric's face he too was enjoying the vibration in his and looking at his eyes I could see the "E" was working on him as it was on me and would also be strong for our Master. When it was strong for my Master he liked to try new things and I expected him to start soon.

Indeed I was right because he stopped the vibrations and pulled the dildo's out of our arse and ordered us to lie across the bed with our arses facing each other and our legs stretched out alongside each others body. I guessed what my Master was about to do and I felt excited!

To be continued
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this is going tobe fantastic thanks