The Boy's Story (Chapter 13)

....My Master took a large hit of popper and said "You are my Slave Boys" and Eric and I looked at each other as we sucked and licked our Masters cock and balls and knew that we were in for another great night of hot sex with our strong Master. .....

Chapter 14.

The two of us kept licking along our Masters hot 7" cock as he fingered his nipples. "Deep Throat me!" he ordered and Eric took the throbbing cock and with ease slid it right down his throat. I could see the throat muscles working as they gripped and released our Masters cock. I leant under Eric and sucked my Masters balls and we could hear our Master sighing and moaning quietly as the pleasure of two hot mouths worked his man tool over.

He pulled his cock out of Erics mouth and sat upright. "I am going to cum on your faces", he said and we both crouched down with our mouths and faces near his cock as he stroked it steadily. He paused for a moment and took popper and each of us did the same then he began stroking his 7" hard meat in our faces. Eric and I kissed briefly sucking each others tongues but watching our Master as he jerked his cock. "I am cumming" he said and hot white cum shot from his piss slit. The first stream hit me above my mouth and the second and third shots hit Eric on the cheek and one went into his mouth. More cum shot out and this time a stream went into my mouth and as the last shots of cum slowly emerged from our Masters cock slit Eric leaned forward and licked and sucked it into his mouth. "Swap my cum" said our Master and Eric turned to me with a large mouthful of creamy cum on his tongue which I sucked off and into my mouth. Then I put my tongue out and Eric took my snowball into his mouth and we swapped our Masters cum about 4-5 times while our Master watched approvingly.

"Swallow it" he ordered and Eric with a load of cum in his mouth showed it by putting his tongue out covered in white cum cream then shut his mouth and swallowed it. I could see his throat muscles work as he swallowed and when he opened his mouth it was gone. "You are my good boys" said our Master. "Now you will be my Piss boys" he said and he stood up and lead us into the bathroom. Get into the bath and we did. We faced each other but there wasn't room for both of us to lie down so we sat facing each other. Our Master stood beside the bath and held his cock pulling the foreskin back so we could see his piss slit. Both of us were ready and willing to receive our Masters hot piss but he said "Piss on each other" and Eric was able to almost straight away start pissing. He couldn't reach up high enough while sitting down so stood up and from a higher position started pissing strongly over my body. "Piss on his face" said our Master and I received a steady stream of Eric's piss in my hair, over my face and down my chest.

"Open you mouth Boy" ordered the Master and when I did Erics warm piss filled my mouth and ran down my chin, down my body and into the bath warming my balls as it went on it's journey. Eric's piss stopped and I stood and he sat down and I was able to do what he did to me. My piss filled his mouth and ran down his nipples as I played my stream over him from head to crutch. When I finished we were both soaking wet with piss and sat waiting for our Master to shower us with his golden piss. He didn't take long and soon each of his Boy's were receiving a steady stream of Master's piss over our heads, faces, into our mouths, and down our bodies. He paused pissing and ordered Eric to take his cock in his mouth and when Eric did our Master started peeing again and I could see Eric swallowing my Masters piss eagerly.

When he had finished peeing our master ordered us to lick each others bodies and Eric started licking my body and his tongue felt good as he licked over my nipples and down to my cock and balls licking the piss off me. I then did the same to him and I spent extra time sucking on his 8" cock and balls held firm with the cockring until my Master said "Don't do that! Lick the piss!" and I did as he ordered. "Good Boys" he said. "Now shower and clean your arses" and he went out to shower in the other bathroom leaving Eric and I to shower and prepare our arses with the enema.

To be continued
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