The Boy's Story (Chapter 12)

I lay very still feeling his fingers moving around inside my arse and he started slowly moving his hand back and forward hand fucking my love tube. "You are my Good Boy" he said to me again and I knew that he would want to hand fuck me more times in the future.

Chapter 12.

We lay together for quite some time each enjoying the feelings we were having and both beginning to feel tired. We had started our sexual activities at about 7pm the night before and it was now 5.30am so we each turned over and I snuggled into my master spoon style from behind and as I went to sl**p my thoughts turned to how I could please my Master more. I had an idea and I would put it into practice the next night.

The next day we slept late and decided to have a meal out and see a movie. I made a phone call and made arrangements for a special surprise for my Master that night. We got back home at about 7pm and were watching TV in our underwear when the doorbell to my apartment rang. I looked through the spyhole and saw my visitor who had arrived on time. I opened the door and welcomed Eric inside. He is a German guy, quite tall and of solid build. I knew my Master would like him as he was the type of guy my Master liked. He was also, like me, more bottom than top.

I introduced him to my Master and they shook hands but then Eric took my Master in his arms and gave him a hug. I saw my Master look at me and I smiled and nodded my head and said "Eric is your surprise Master". Eric said that I had told him about my Master and he said "What I was told made me very horny and I asked to meet you" I see you guys are in your jocks already so I'll join you" and with that Eric started taking off his T shirt and jeans and kicked his sneakers into the corner. My Master sat back on the sofa and I sat beside him. Eric needed no prompting and knelt in front of my Master and put his face into my Masters crutch. I could see his tongue licking along the outline of my Masters cock and biting gently on the head and licking down to where his balls were hidden by his satin jocks.

I looked at my Master and he indicated I get closer and we started kissing - his tongue pushed it's way into my mouth and I began sucking on it and with my right hand I started massaging his nipples lightly. I glanced down and Eric had slipped my Masters jocks down and was licking around the top of his 7" cock and flicking his piss hole with the end of his tongue. Suddenly Eric switched to my crutch and pulled my G string aside and started sucking on my cock while he stroked our Masters balls.

My Master pulled away from our kiss and said to me "Get the cockrings" and I went to the cabinet and returned with 3 cockrings and the poppers. The Master said to Eric "Put the cockrings on!" and Eric took one and gently put it over my Masters balls and around his hardening cock. When he had done this he licked the Masters balls which were smooth and standing out. Then he took the next cockring and slipped it over my cock and balls and again he licked my balls. Then, standing in front of me he gave me the third cock ring which I put over his cock and balls. Eric had a 8" cut cock that was also quite thick and low large hairy balls. I put the cockring on him and started sucking on his cock which had a small bead of pre-cum at the piss slit. I took this on my tongue and with my tongue out turned to my Master who sucked my tongue taking the precum into his mouth. "Both of you suck my cock" our Master ordered and he lay back with his legs apart and Eric and I got either side and began licking along his shaft and back down. I went for my Masters balls and Eric started sucking his cock deep into his throat. I could see my Masters cock slip easily down Eric's throat (he could deep throat well) and I could see his throat muscles tighten around our Masters hard cock.

My Master took a large hit of popper and asid "You are my Slave Boys" and Eric and I looked at each other as we sucked and licked our Masters cock and balls and knew that we were in for another great night of hot sex with our strong Master.

To be continued
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can't wait to read the snxt story thanks