The Boy's Story (Chapter 11)

...and I feel my arse start to close back to normal. "Please massage my hole" I ask and my Master puts 1 or 2 fingers inside me and gently massages my arse to give me some comfort. I roll over on my back and my Master lays in my arms and we kiss tenderly as I know I have pleased my Master and we share a special love.

Chapter 11.

We lay together for about 20 minutes just holding each other and occassionally kissing tenderly. My Master looked at me and said "Your arsehole stretched quite big". "I know", I said "I could feel it and it hurt a bit but got a bit better after".
He said "I would like to do more now - come with me" We walked to the bathroom again and on the way he asked "Is the feeling still strong?" I said it was still OK and he said same for him. He told me to get into the bath but to stand up and bend over. He said "I am going to piss in your arse again because I think it is stretched and my cock will go in easier". So I bent over with my arms supporting my body against the wall but he said turn around - "Suck my cock first and make it hard". I knelt down in the bath and took his soft cock in my hand, slowly pulling his foreskin back exposing the lovely helmet of his 7" cock. Slowly I put my tongue into his piss slit and licked it back and forward, then slipped it under the head to the point I know is sensitive for him and flicked my tongue around that point and circled his cock head too. Then slowly, with warm wet lips, I slid my mouth along his shaft until my nose was in his thick pubic hair. I rolled my tongue over his shaft and could feel his cock start to get harder and thicker. I love the feel of his cock in my mouth and I played with his smooth balls while sucking his cock into my throat.

Stand up!" he ordered and I stood up and bent over as before. He crouched down and spread my arse cheeks and then spat onto my arsehole to grease it up. "It is easier" he said and stood up with his semi hard cock in his hand guiding the head to my hole. With very little effort he was able to slide it up my arse easily and I could feel his pubes against my cheeks as he buried hc cock deep inside me again. Reaching down he opened the popper bottle and reached around to give me a sniff then took a big hit himself. "Ready for my piss Boy?" he asked and I said "Yes". He paused for about a minute then said "It is coming" and straight after I felt his warm piss shooting into my arse. He seemed to piss for more than a minute and when he stopped he leaned foward to lie across my back with his cock still in my arse. Then he stood up again and started pulling his cock out and I tightened my arse muscle as hard as I could. He sat down on the side of the bath and said to relax which I did and immediately his piss started to flow out of my hole onto the bottom of the bath. It still felt warm and pleasant.

"Clean your arse up" he ordered, "I have more to do to you". He showered first and I followed him after using the enema bottle and showering too. I went back to the bedroom and he was sitting waiting for me with a smile on his face and a pair of latex gloves on the bed. "You are my Good Boy and with your soft arsehole I am going to 'fist' you!" I was surprised but knowing how my Master liked playing with my arse I knew this would please him. While I was showering he had put on his macho harness and straps and looked very Masterful. I laid on the bed on my stomach and he pulled the hood over my head again. Then I heard him snapping the gloves on and knew he was going to try something new with me that we had not done before.

I felt him put KY onto my hole and with his fingers made sure my arse was well greased up. Then I could feel him start to push his fingers into me all well greased up with KY and gel. I asked how mnay fingers and he said 3. Then after several moments I felt more pressure and knew he was using 4 fingers with his thumb. I felt his fingers pushing my sphincter muscle and his knuckles were agains my asre hole entrance. "Take the popper" he ordered and I lifted the hood up to take 4 big sniffs of poppere which made my head feel light and buzzy and the good feeling went through my body. I could hear him sniffing popper too then his fingers were back inside my arse and I could feel his knuckles forcing their way past my arse opening as he pushed his hand deeper into me. I could feel his knuckles pushing my sphincter muscle slowly wider and wider and the pain slowly eased as my arse adjusted to his hand, then suddenly my muscle allowed his knuckles to pass and his hand was inside my arse. I lay very still feeling his fingers moving around inside my arse and he started slowly moving his hand back and forward hand fucking my love tube. "You are my Good Boy" he said to me again and I knew that he would want to hand fuck me more times in the future.

To be continued.
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4 years ago
o m g that was so hot i wish someone would do that to me thanks