The Boy's Story (Chapter 10)

"How is the feeling now?" he asks me and I say it is getting stronger and he says "Same" but he decides to wait some more until it feels very strong. I know when it is strong for both of us he will want to play with my arse again and because of the feeling I am looking forward to it because I know it pleases him."

Chapter 10

After watching porn for about 15 minutes he decides that the feeling is strong enough and I have to agree with him.. My eyes are not focussing properly and I feel like I am floating. We go back to the bed and he lays down and orders me to "Suck my Cock! Make it hard" and I lay between his legs and start tonguing the lovely cock head before sliding his shaft into my mouth and using my tongue to flick around his cock while sucking and and stroking his balls with my hand. He orders me to turn around and this gives him access to my arse while I suck him. He fingers my arse then gets off rthe bed and brings most of the dildo's and the butt plug and lays them on the bed - including the giant one. Because of the feeling I do not feel so scared this time and he orders me to lie face down which I do. He lubes his fingers and sticks 2, then 3 into my arse sliding them in and out and twisting them to open my hole. Then he takes the smaller double dildo and after greasing it up pushes it against my love bud forcing it open so that it slides in easily. My arse is very greased up and he twists and turns the dildo. "Put it in your arse too" I say and he says "Be quiet! I am the Master!". He reaches over and gets me a bottle of poppere for myself and takes one for him too. Then he twists the dildo round more easing it almost out then pushing it back in as far as it will go. At one time I feel him squeeze a finger in along side the dildo so I know he is trying to stretch my hole open wider.

I feel him slowly withdraw the dildo and he takes the black one again and soon this is up my arse too and he twists and pulls it trying to loosen up my man hole. Again after a few minutes he slides the black one out and reaches for the butt plug. This is the widest so far and he pushes the end into me until he feels the resistance against my sphincter and he pauses. "Are you ready?" he asks and I take a popper hit and say yes. He puts firm pressure on and I feel the plug slip past my muscle and he pushes it right into me so that the base is flat with my arse. "That looks good" he says and to me it feels good too. He starts to spank me with his hand including spanking my hole where the butt plug is and this send pleasant waves into my arse. After several minutes he starts pulling the butt plug out and then greases up his hand. He puts 3 fingers into me, then takes them out and clumps his four fingers with his thumb together and I feel him start to push all of them into me.

I feel my arse starting to stretch wider but he is a good Master and stops and lets my arse get used to the new stretching before he slides it in another inch and he keeps doing this until his hand is up to his knuckles inside my stretched arsehole. He is almost fisting me but I do not think that is what he has in mind and I am right. I feel him slowly pulling his hand out and I can feel my arse gripping his fingers as it starts to return to normal size. He picks up the giant dildo and puts a lot of KY over it and puts it against the opening of my arse. I take several big sniffs of popper and wait. He is doing the same with his popper bottle then I feel him start to apply the pressure and I feel my arse opening up slowly as he keeps pushing this giant dildo that he loves millimetre by millimetre into my love tunnel. I feel the head starting to push my sphincter muscle open and there is a sharp pain. I tense up and he tells me to relax and I try breathing deeply and try and f***e my arse muscles to relax and accept the monster trying to slip inside.

"You are my Good Boy" says my Master. "Ready?" he asks and I take another popper sniff and nod to him.. I feel the head really stretching my muscle and, as we have discussed, my Master takes a firm hold as he knows that once past the muscle the head will try to slip in fast. He controls it carefully and I feel it get past the muscle and immediately the stretching feels easier and I can feel my arse relax. It still feels stretched open wide and I ask my Master what does it look like and he says it looks great. I say "I wish I could see it too" and he says I'll get the video. He gets off the bed and I lie there with this giant dildo stuck in my arse and I am trying to relax more, He comes back with the video camera and begins filming the dildo in my arse and then lays the camera so that it captures the action and with two hands he starts to ease the dildo further inside me until it is nearly 9" inside me. I feel it touch my bowel wall and I say enough and he stops. He starts to turn it slowly around inside my arse and I can feel the veins on the giant cock against my arse muscle and the feeling starts to become easier and enjoyable. My Master tells me to roll on my side and he lays down beside me and starts kissing me while one hand slowly manipulates the dildo inside my stretched arse.

After about 5 - 6 minutes I ask if he can take it out as it is quite stressful and he starts slowly pulling it out a lttle at a time. I feel the head reach the muscle and the muscle has shrunk back to below the head which is thinner and I know that he is going to have to apply firm preessure to again stretch the muscle to go over the head before it can come out. I start to feel the stretching pain again and take several big sniffs of popper to make me relax and I feel him applying the pressure as he steadily pulls towards him. Suddenly my arse muscle opens and the dildo slips out quickly and I feel my arse start to close back to normal. "Please massage my hole" I ask and my Master puts 1 or 2 fingers inside me and gently massages my arse to give me some comfort. I roll over on my back and my Master lays in my arms and we kiss tenderly as I know I have pleased my Master and we share a special love.

To be continued.
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