The Boy's Story (Chapter 9)

"I am your Master" he says "and you will be my slave". I nod and he tells me to lay on the bed where he attaches the nipple clamps giving them a pull to send good waves to my cock and balls. He then gets the cuffs and attaches to my ankles and pulls my legs up so that he can clip the cuffs to the head of the bed. This brings my legs right up and exposes my arse to my Master. "You are my Good Slave Boy" he says and reaches for the giant dildo........

Chapter 9

I am very afraid when I see him reach for the giant dildo - I know this will hurt. He says to me "How is the feeling?" and I say it is going away. "Me too" he says and probably because it is not strong enough he puts the giant dildo back and says "Later then". He still leave my legs cuffed back so that my arse is very accessible to him and with a smile he gets the paddle and starts to spank my cheeks again. This time he only uses his fingers after every third spank so the spanking hurts more but in between spanks he plays with my arse. He reaches for the poppers and taking the hood off my head orders me to take big sniffs. I do and he does the same and then picks up the paddle and begins spanking me again. He keeps doing this for about 5-6 minutes and also keeps slipping his fingers into my arse and working them around using 2-3 fingers at a time.

Then I see him get the black double dildo and grease it up with KY. He puts the head against my arsehole and with a steady motion pushes it inside me. It feels uncomfortable to start with but quickly that feeling is replaced by the warm sensation and he pulls and pushes the dildo back and forward exciting my arse and making me moan. He keeps spanking me with one hand and moving the dildo with his other hand. I see the intense look on his face as he seems to be enjoying the control and I am happy for him.

Suddenly he pulls the dildo out and I feel his cock pushing into my arse in it's place. The spanking has made my Master horny and made his cock hard so with a steady push he buries his 7" cock inside me and, pausing to take another poppers hit for each of us, starts fucking my arse with the regular strokes that he is good at. I love my Masters cock inside me. He raises himself up on his hands like doing press ups and starts thrusting his cock into me faster. Then he crouches down so that his cock is almost pointing straight down and I feel it rubbing against my prostrate. He like it when he enters me from above and he keeps fucking me steadily withdrawing his cock to the head then thrusting it back into me. He keeps fucking like this for about 10 minutes then I see him stiffen his body and I know his cum is pouring out of his piss slit filling my arse.

He falls back onto his knees and I can see the sweat on his face and his breathing is laboured as he has been fucking me for more than 10 minutes. He pulls his cock out then reaches up to uncuff my legs and I stretch out. His cock is by my face as he undoes the cuffs so I take it into my mouth and lick the last bits of cum from around the head and at his piss slit. He gets up and tells me to follow him but stops by his bag and gets out another 'E' for each of us which we swallow with water. My bladder is quite full from the water we have been drinking and he leads me into the bathroom where I know we are going to have another piss session. I lay down in the bath without having to be ordered to and he steps onto the side and looks down at me. He smiles his warm smile and says "You are my good piss boy" and holding his cock starts pissing all over me. He has a full bladder and his piss keeps flowing out all over my hair, on my face, into my mouth, on my nipples, down my belly, onto my armpits. It is a long hot golden shower and the taste is quite sweet as it is only water that he has been drinking. He finishes and tells me to stand up and he lays down. "Piss on me" he orders again and I stand there trying to empty my bladder which is taking some time to get started. While I am looking at him he pees some more squirting it over his chest and nipples and seeing him pissing starts my pee flowing. I spray all over his chest and arms, down to his pubes and cock and balls and back to his neck. He pees some more over his chest and I can see our piss mixing together.

I finish pissing and he stands up and says to me "Lick all the piss off me Boy!" and I kneel down and let my tongue lap all over his pubic hair, up his stomach to his chest around his nipples which I flick my tongue over and he moans softly, up to his chin and armpits. I finish licking by going down to lick the piss off his cock and balls and while I am licking his cock he pees some more and I take his cock head in my mouth and feel his warm piss filling my mouth. I swallow and he says "You are my Good Boy". We turn on the shower and we lather each other and rinse each other off before drying ourselves and going back to put some more porn on the DVD. "How is the feeling now?" he asks me and I say it is getting stronger and he says "Same" but he decides to wait some more until it feels very strong. I know when it is strong for both of us he will want to play with my arse again and because of the feeling I am looking forward to it because I know it pleases him.

To be continued
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