The Boy's Story (Chapter 4)

....he says to me "Have you got the feeling?". I say "Yes, you?" and he says it is starting.

"That is good" he says, "now suck my cock again and make it hard". I get off the couch and kneel before him and he looks at me carefully knowing that I am about to please him. I lean forward and bury my nose in his black pubic hair and it smells good - clean shampoo smell. I lift his balls up and start licking in the space between his balls and his arsehole working my way slowly up to his balls and giving each one loving kisses and sucking them gently. Again, as before, I take each ball into my mouth enjoying the smooth feel of his tight balls made firm by the cockring. His cock is not hard and this time I am able to get both balls AND his cock into my mouth. It is not easy as he has a 7" cock and while it is in my mouth I let my tongue slip around it and his balls. I can feel it harden in my mouth and I hear him take another sniff of poppers. I let his cock slip out of my mouth ans continue to suck and lick his balls. He then gives me more poppers and I take 2 big sniffs. This sends me into a feeding frenzy and I give his cock a major lick and suck starting at the base and licking and gently biting along the shaft up to the head where I use my tongue over and around the head. I reach up and pinch his nipples and he reaches down and pulls the nipple clip chain and this makes me feel an urgent need to suck him harder. My mouth and tongue are working with my hand to give his cock all the pleasure I can and with my left hand I slip it below his balls and run it up and down his arse crack but not touching his hole - I like this teasing touch.

I hear him moaning quietly so I decide to try something else. I stand up and walk into the kitchen where I fill a glass with small ice cubes and another with hot water. I take these back and take a mouthful of hot water. With it in my mouth I slip my mouth over his cock and I hear him sigh loudly as the heat makes his cock feel alive. I swirl the water around his cock and then let it slip out so that it runs down his balls and arsehole. I can feel it's warmth on my hand as I continue to tease his arse crack. Then I take 2-3 ice cubes in my mouth and roll them around to make my mouth cold and then repeat the exercise so that this time it is a cold thrill that covers his cock and as the ice cubes melt I let my cold mouth slide to his balls and suck them into my mouth where they feel the cold. Finally with the ice cubes about half the size I crunch two with my teeth and using my cold tongue lick his arse cheeks so that the cold feeling spreads lower. With one ice cube left I put it on the end of my tongue and using my tongue push the ice cube into his arsehole. "Is that good Master" I ask. "You are my Good Boy" he says. "But because you didn't ask me to go to the kitchen you are to be spanked. Get up on the couch!"

I do as he orders and for the second time he starts spanking me and I know it excites him as his cock twitches beneath me. I put my hand underneath to try and play with his cock but he growls at me to take my hands away and spanks me harder- but each time he uses his fingers to give a tingling feeling after each spank. I say "Sorry Master - I am wanting to please you and make you cum". He must like that idea as he says "Do it!". I am again on my knees sucking his cock. He asks "Is the feeling stronger?" and I say it is getting better. "Good" he says "Then suck me and make me cum!" He shares the poppers and pulls on my nipple chain and I start working his lovely 7" beautiful shaped cock wanting to feel him throbbing as his balls start to let his hot cum start the journey from his cum centre to his throbbing piss hole. I can tell he is getting close and he gives us each another big poppers hit and I know that soon I am going to feel his cum spurt into my mouth. "Do not swallow" he orders and I nod my head without missing a suck. "I am cumming" he says and he raise his hips off the couch and holds my head hard agaist his cock as I feel his hot creamy cum fly into my mouth. I enjoy his quiet satisfied moans and the warm bitter-sweet taste of his baby seed.

"Show me!" he orders and I open my mouth and stick out my tongue so he can see his white man juice sitting on my tongue and on my lips. "Get rid of it" he says so I let it dribble from my mouth all over his cock watching it slide doon the shaft. I lick it back up again and repeat the process several more times then I swallow it feeling it make it's way down my throat. I climb back onto the couch and he leans down to kiss me gently. I know he is hesitant about tasting his cum but I am not surprised when he says "That is OK" I smile and say maybe later we can try a 'snowball' and he says "We'll see" which he often says. We sit and watch the porn for several minutes then he says to go into the bedroom. I go into the kitchen again to get some water for us and when I return to the bedroom he is laying back propped up on pillows.

In his hand he is holding a rubber mask and a set of handcuffs. "Lay down" which I do but on my back. "No! Turn over" so I roll onto my stomach and he pulls my arms behind me and I feel him put the cuffs around my wrists. Then he takes the mask and pulls it over my head where only my mouth is exposed. "That is good" he says and I hear him moving back to lay on the pillows. "Suck my cock again" and so I wriggle over and put my mouth where I think his cock is. He guides my mouth to his cock and without using my hands I again start licking and sucking. I can still taste his cum on his cock which turns me on. "Turn around" he orders and he gets me into a position where I can suck his cock but my arse is near his head so he can play with it.

I feel his hands spead my cheeks and he makes admiring noises as he looks at my arse. He runs his hands up and down my crack and after a moment I hear him putting KY on his hands and feel a cool smooth KY greased finger probe into my hole. He continues to play with my hole opening it wider with 2 then 3 fingers and sliding them in until I can feel his knuckles agains my arse. There is a pause and he gets off the bed. When he comes back he tells me to get on my knees with my arse in the air. He again probes me with his fingers then without warning he slams his mouth onto my arsehole sending me into ecstacy. I love being rimmed and I feel his hot mouth all over my arse and his tongue pushing into me. I am moaning in delight "Yes Master. You are so good Master". Next I feel a toy pushing against my hole and I feel a bead slip inside me followed by another and another until he tells me all the beads are in and he starts wriggling them back and forwards pulling one almost out then letting it slip back in again. Then I feel something else pushing against my hole and it starts to stretch my hole more. I ask him what it is and it's a vibrating dildo. He gives me several hits of popper and then goes back to putting the dildo into my arse with the anal beads still in there. He is gentle and it takes some effort to get it to slip in but when it is in he starts the vibration. It feels amazing and I can feel the vibrator making the anal beads vibrate too.

All too soon he starts sliding the vibrator out and then the beads - slowly so that the feeling of them passing the sphincter muscle is made better than pulling them out quickly. I lay there enjoying the feeling that he has given me and I am hoping that he is feeling strong and masterful but I did not need to worry. "Put your arse up high" he says and when I do I feel the head of his cock, covered in KY, being rubbed up and down my crack. With a pause he puts the head of his lovely 7" dick slowly into my man hole and pauses. I hear him taking the top off the popper bottle then his hand comes around and lets me take several hits. This plus the "E" feeling are making my body very sensitive and I feel every inch of his cock slowly sliding into me until I feel his hips against my arse.

"You are my Good Boy" he says and starts to slowly pull and push his hard cock in and out but not right out as he fucks me with a steady rhythm......

To be continued
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4 years ago
wow that was hot and horny i started to jack off thanks