The Boy's Story (Chapter 3)

Get into the bath and lie down" he says and I do. I am excited because I know what he has planned......
I climb into the bath and lay flat on the bottom as ordered. My Master looks at me and says,again, "You are my Good Boy - now you are my Piss Boy". "Yes Master" I reply. "Piss on yourself" he orders. I lay in the bath and hold my dick and concentrate - my bladder feels full of the water we drank at dinner earlier and I feel the piss starting to move towards my limp cock. I shoot a small squirt out that lands below my tummy. My Master leans forward and says "Do more" and at the same time touches his tongue to a drip at my pisshole and licks it off. "Start pissing' he orders again. I start peeing and it gets stronger - I pee onto my stomach,and chest and in a fountain point my cock straight up so that the pee runs back down my cock and onto my balls and down my arse crack. "Piss on your face" orders my Master and I raise my hips up and shoot piss onto my face and into my mouth. "Good Boy" he says. My piss tastes a little bit strong but as the night goes and we drink a lot more water it will be less salty and more sweet.

As I finish peeing my Master, a young, slim smooth Chinese man, steps onto the bath with his feet standing on each side. He is above me and I look up at his smooth strong body, his balls, still in the cockring, standing out proudly and the head of his semi-hard cock just peeping out from his foreskin. He holds the popper down for me and I take two big sniffs- he stands up and does the same and puts the bottle by my head on the bath. Then he holds his cock and eases the foresking back. He looks up at the roof as he concentrates then says "It's coming" and straight away a strong jet of piss bursts from his cock onto my chest. He plays his cock like a firehose pissing onto my chest, my nipples (which still have the clips and chain on)onto my face and then onto my cock & balls. It is a long strong pee and he keeps pissing for about 2 minutes spraying my hair and all over my body. He stops pissing and says to me "Sit up" and I do as ordered. He crouches down still on the side of the bath but this time his cock is about 3-4 inches from my face. "open your mouth" he commands and as I do he aims a strong jet of warm piss into it filling it so that it flows out and down my chin and onto my chest. It tastes nice and sweet with just a slight salty taste (as all piss does) and as he keeps pissing he says "Swallow some" and with a mouthful, I swallow his sweet manpiss. "You are my Good Piss boy" he says and stands up and steps off the bath.

"Have a shower and clean your arse" he orders. We shower together and we each lather and rinse the other then he gets out and I am left to use the enema several times to ensure a sweet, clean love passage for my Master. I finish, dry myself and put my thong back on and go to the lounge and sit in the sofa watching porn movies he has put on the DVD while he goes to use the enema bottle to clean himself. When he comes back he is naked (except for his cockring) and we watch the DVD's for several minutes and he says to me "Have you got the feeling?". I say "Yes, you?" and he says it is starting. That is good news for us as we know that there is more exciting sex and I am very happy that I can serve my Master and be his 'boy'...............
to be continued>
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4 years ago
the suspense is starting to get to me thanks