The Boy's Story (Chapter 2)

....I get to work licking around his head and slowly sliding my mouth along his shaft taking his whole cock in my mouth. I look up at him and his head is back and he is playing with his nipples. I try to deep throat his 7" cock. I can feel it at the back of my throat and I slip my tongue under the shaft to try and open my throat. It works but I am still learning this technique so I become short of breath and have to slide it out. I take several deep breathes and then My Master says "Get the cockrings"! I go to the cabinet and bring back two cockrings which I gently put over his cock and balls bringing his balls to a nice tight smooth bunch. I slip my cockring on and then he says "Lick my balls". I kneel down again and start tonguing his balls gently. He brings the poppers down again and we each sniff - again he tells me small sniff. But it is enough to get my senses racing and I start working my Masters balls taking one then the other, then both into my mouth and rolling them around with my tongue. Then I go back to working his shaft and moving my hand up and down while sucking and tonguing the firm head of this wonderful hard cock. He takes another hit with poppers but this time does not offer me one.

After about 5 minutes he says for me to lay across the couch and I climb up and lay across his legs with my face down and my arse facing up with the thong strings disappearing between my cheeks. "You are needing a spanking" says my Master and he spanks my left cheek firmly but after each spank he gently runs his fingers over the spanked cheek making it tingle. He spanks firmly and proceeds to spank each cheek sometimes consecutively sometimes repeating the spank on the same cheek but each time using his fingers lightly to ease the stinging of his hand. I know he like this as I feel his cock twitching and staying hard.

He at the same time starts playing with my arse - running his fingers down the crack between my cheeks and teasing my manhole. He does this between spanks and slowly slips one finger into my arse a short way and this happens several times as he spanks, then inserts a finger. After a time he stops spanking and tells me to get the gel. He gels his fingers and starts using firstly 2 fingers, sliding them in and twisting them and pushing slightly deeper, then 3 fingers and I can feel my sphincter muscle starting to stretch wider as he f***es 3 fingers into me. 'You are My Good Boy' he says again. He then gets up and goes to his bag. He takes out a small container and hands me a small pill - "Take this" he says and we both take one each. Then he walks to the bathroom. "Come here" he says and leads me into the bathroom. He has picked up the popper bottle which he puts on the ledge. "Get into the bath and lie down" he says and I do. I am excited because I know what he has planned......

To be continued

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4 years ago
its getting interesting thanks