catching up with an old friend

I had gone off to the military after high school and lost touch with a female friend of mine. We hooked up a few months after I got out and it had been close to 5 years since we last seen each other. We planned a dinner out and maybe a movie or bar. Over dinner we had a blast catching up, I was telling her some of my d***ken adventures oversees and about the different counrties I had seen. She was catching me up on her life, job, love lived and lost over the years. After dinner we decided to rent a few flicks grab some beers and go back to my place to continue to catch up. Once back at my place we popped in a DVD openned 2 beers and started watching the movie. Soon we was not paying attention to the boring movie and conituned to talk about our past, reliving some great high school times. We was laughing and having a great when all of a sudden the laughter stopped and went into a awkward silence. That's when she asked me if i remembered the time she sucked my dick. I looked at her in silence for a few and said wow how old was we back then. She said 13 maybe 14 and that was my first time giving one. I chuckled and said well that was my first time getting one which kind of made both of us giggle. That's when she said you know I've gotten better than I was back then and I want to prove it to you. Next thing I knew she was taking down my zipper reach her hand in and quickly pulled her hand back out. She looked at me puzzled and that's when I realized I was still wearing my favorite pair of panties, Black see thru nylon g string. She said your wearing girls panties. I smiled and said I know since I was the one that put them on, I have been wear panties for a few years. She let out a giggle thru a sly smile and asked me if I would stand up and strip down to just my panties. I kicked off my shoes, took off mm socks and then my shirt. I stood up and slowly lowered my pants. Her jaw dropped and she said wow you even shave your legs and pubic hair. I told her I didn't like the way I look in nylons and panties with hair. She said well dam you are very sexy I don't think I've ever been so turned on. She stood up unzipped her pants and slid them down with her panties grabbed my hand and placed it on her pussy. She said see, My finger worked in her slit and her wetness ran down the back of my finger. She looked at me and said told ya! Thats when she got to her knees and started to rub my cock thru the panties, which responded right away with the tip poking out above the waistband. She then started licking the tip of my cock while playing with my balls. She then put her hand thru the leg openning and grabbed my cock and started jerking it while the panties were still on. She was sucking the tip while jerking me off with the panties still on and she was loving it. After about 15 minutes of this asked me if I was going to cum, Thats when I told her I usually need a dildo or butt plug up my ass to cum. Her eyes about bugged out of her head, Then she asked me what other kinky shit are you into? I told her all kinds but it would be fun for her to figure them out as we go. She smiled and said maybe your right and just maybe I'll have a surprise for you. Then she said well this is your place so where do you keep your toys. In the nightstand next to my bed of course and she stood up grabbed my hand and lead me to my room. She pushed me onto my bed and went right for the nightstand, when she openned she looked at me and said oh my you are a kinky little fucker aren't you. You have 3 different size plugs, nylons, dildos, viberators and garters with stockings. She reached in grabbed a dildo and said I've never fucked a guy in the ass before and I always wanted to try it after the first guy fucked mine. That's when I rolled over got on all 4's and said lets cross that off your bucket list, she giggled grabbed the lube and climbed on the bed. She pulled the string out of my crack put a lil lube on her finger and started to slowly work her digit into my ass, when she did a drop of precum came out of my cock. Saw that and leaned down and licked it with her tongue and said wow I guess you do like that as she worked in a secong finger. I looked back at her and said just wait until you fuck me with that dildo. She asked me what was going to happen and I said you'll see so she grabbed the dildo put some lube on it. She worked the head of the dildo in nice and slow once the head popped in my ass sucked the dildo in deeper and I could hear her say wow. She started to pull it back out then pushed it hard back in as I moaned more precum started to leak out of my cock. She laid flat on her back under my cock and licked the cum from my tip as she fucked my ass. I was bucking meeting her in trust when I let out a huge moan and shot a huge load of cum that landed all over her face and mouth. She used her finger to wipe the cum from from her face and put it in her mouth. She crawled out from under me came around and gave me a kiss giving me a taste of my cum. She pulled back looked at me and said that was so hot. She asked me if I would put on the garter and stockings so I got up and put them on. Once I was dressed she asked me to lay on my back she sat on my face in reverse cowgirl, I worked over her clit sliding my tongue in her slit. She was so worked up I could feel her juices running down both sides of my face. She put her hands on my chest and start rubbing back and forth moaning louder and louder when I felt her whole body tighten up and start to twitch. Each twitch brought a louder moan, then she slowly rolled off me. I looked at her and asked if she was alright, she looked back and said that was one hell of an orgasim. She told me the sight of my cock in the panties with garter and stockings was so sexy and such a turn on. That's she asked if i was renting out the second room in my house I looked at her and said maybe wiith a smile.......

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3 years ago
Great story. Let us know if she moves in or not.
3 years ago
Nice what a trooper you are. Its great ti find a girl that wants to play :)