the surprise I loved

I never had never heard the term shemale or transexual. Didn't know anything about it. I joined the military right out of high school. Ended up in the far east and started out on the town. I saw a great looking girl in a bar and started to chat her up. I bought a few drinks and we were both starting to loosen up. Then out of the blue she asked if I wanted to get out of there and sme place more private. Now I had a few girlfriends in high school and had sex with a few of them but i had never had anyone address me like this. I wasn't she what her intentions were but I knew I wanted to fuck her. We left the bar in her pick up truck, as she drove us to a secluded spot she was telling me i was about to have the time of my life. I was hard just listening to her talk to me. She pulled off the main road down a 2 track and once we was a few 100 yards in she stopped and turned her truck off. She leaned over and grabbed my head pulling me towards her and started kissing me. I had my eye's closed and justed enjoyed our tongues exploring each others mouth. Then I felt her hand grabbing my cock as we kissed. She slowly started to undo the buttons and lowered my zipper until my cock was free. Slowly her hand went up and down when she broke our kiss and went right for my cock. She buried it in her mouth going up and down at a rapid rate. Then she slowed so she could tease me, then picked up then slowed. She lifted her head up and said now it was her turn. At this point I still didn't realize what was about to happen but she pulled her shirt up and pulled her panties down only to show me her clean shaven hard cock....

It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. I got so turned that my mouth slammed onto her cock. Now I had never sucked a cock but i was willing able and ready. She let out a little giggle and told me to hold on. She asked me If I had ever given a blow job before and I told her no. She started to talk me thru it. I was listening to her instructions carefully as i didn't want to disappoint this beauty. Before long she was hard and as I was sucking her cock she asked if I had ever taken a cock in my ass. When I told her no she let out a moan that I still hear in my dreams. She told me to get out of the truck. We met at the tail gate which she lowered. She bent over spread her ass cheeks and motioned me closer to her. She grabbed my dick and guided me into her waiting ass. It was so tight and so hot as I slid in inch by inch. I had been so worked up that after a few strokes I was about to cum. When I said so she pushed me away spun around took my cock in her mouth as I exploded. She let the cum run out her mouth and down her chin, she never looked so sexy as she did with my cum running all over her. She then looked up at me and said my turn. My heart was racing as she bent me over the tail gate. She went slow as she entered my virgin ass but as the head popped in the pain was too much and i jumped causing her to come out. She grabbed me in a hug and started to kiss me again and whispered as we kiss " come on baby I took it for you ". All I could do was turn around and bend over again. She went real slow being careful and trying not to cause any pain. This time when her head popped in she grabbed my hips and held still, I felt pain but it wasn't as bad and as she held still the pain slowly went away. She pushed slowly and I felt her stomach resting on my ass cheeks. I smiled looking back at her and asked if she was all the way in and she said yes. She started to pull out and then back in very slowly. After a few strokes I was begging her to fuck me harder and she did with any problem. My ass was so tight that she was cumming in no time. She pulled out and shot her load all over my back. I stood up and turned around and we started kissing again my cock was so hard she begged me to fuck her again this time I sat on the edge of the tail gate and she backed herself onto my cock and fucked me with her ass. Since I had just came it took a little longer but before long I told her I was about to cum and she pulled off spun around and jerked my cum onto her cock. It felt so amazing I had to start sucking her cock to taste my cum. When she was hard I looked at her and asked If she would fuck me again and she said of course I will doll. This time she laid in the bed of the truck and I got on top lowering myself onto her cock. Once I got her cock in I started bucking like there was no tomorrow and the next thing I knew she was yelling that she was about to cum. I jumped off and put her cock in my mouth and started sucking. To this day I can still feel her cum hit my mouth. I didn't swallow but let it run down her cock as I kept sucking her dirty dick. After that we went for a naked walk in the woods holding each other by the cock and stopping to suck each other in a playful teasing manner. She ended up driving me home and we never saw each other again, here I sit 20 yrs later and I still recall the greatest one night stand I ever had. Because of this night is why I'm so attracted to transexuals and crossdressers. To fuck and get fucked twice in the same night is heavenly.......
86% (30/5)
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3 years ago
nice tale thanks for sharing
3 years ago
Perfect scenario.....would love that experience
3 years ago
Great story. Would love to have that experience...YUMMY
3 years ago
amazing. wanna try a 1 nighter like that
3 years ago
nice!!! more more more!!!!
3 years ago