The traffic light turned red. The guy in front of me braked abruptly and I had to step on the brake. What an asshole! I looked in his rearview mirror and his eyes met mine. He smiled at me and his face told me: “sorry guy”. I loved his eyes. I glanced at his side view mirror to see him in profile. His eyes again met mine and I felt my dick stiffening.

He pulled up and I followed him. Every time he turned, he put his blinker out long before turning and I imagined he wanted me to follow him. I kept looking at his face, reflected in the rearview mirror and he too was looking at me constantly. He wasn’t going in the direction I had to go, but I followed him anyway. My body told me I had to. “What the heck, I could skip a class or two, couldn’t I?”

He parked his car and my heart started to beat faster. I wanted to park mine next to his but became afraid. drove by slowly. When I looked in my mirror, I saw him following me. I started to sweat. “What now?” I drove along aimlessly and he continued to follow me. All of a sudden he passed me and slowed down in front of me.

He parked his car at the same spot as before and this time I parked next to him. He walked up to my car and said “Hi beauty, want to come over for a cup of coffee?” I loved the way he looked. About 6 foot tall, slim, a full head of black curly hair, beautiful eyes.

In the elevator he kissed me deeply. Only once before had I had sex with a man, but he hadn’t kissed me. He had just fucked me and it had hurt. But Vince was kissing me. I melted in his arms. He pressed my body against his and I felt his dick being as hard as mine. “I love the way you kiss” he said when the elevator door opened. I was perplexed.

He must have felt that I was nervous. “Have you had sex with men before?” he asked. I felt he hoped I still was a virgin. “Yap” I lied. Vince took me in his arms and kissed me even deeper. “You’ll love it babe, you’ll love it”.

When he kissed my nipples I was so hard that I could explode any minute. “Go slow” I begged him. When he felt the wetness of my precum in between us, he moved his mouth to my dick. Tantalizing slowly, he licked each drop of precum away. I hoped he would put my dick in his mouth but he didn’t. He knew I would cum right there and then and he too wanted it to last.

He turned me around and started to kiss my ass. The stubbles of his unshaven face grated the cheeks of my ass. Never in my life had I felt so wonderful. His tongue rimmed my ass; it was closed shut. I didn’t want to be fucked. The pain of being fucked by my uncle a few years ago was still as fresh now as it was then.

Vince was playing again with my nipples while still rimming my ass with his tongue. Every time he pinched my nipples, my ass opened automatically. I felt the wetness of his tongue inside me and loved it so much that I relaxed my ass fully. I started to moan softly.

Vince greased my nipples with a little KY and I felt his greasy finger sliding up my ass. I immediately shut it, immobilizing the intruding finger. “Relax babe, I won’t hurt you”. Soon I felt his second finger entering me. He spread his fingers out and my ass opened wide.

His dick was beautiful. Long, but not too long. Thick, but not too thick. Veins were showing at the surface, ready to burst. I kissed his dick, sliding it slowly up and down my mouth. Vince moaned and pulled his dick out. ‘You’d make me cum, my love”. I rolled a condom over his dick and greased it.

Vince laid on his back, and I slowly mounted him. I fearfully lowered myself, expecting pain. It did hurt a little but the pleasure of feeling that beautiful dick entering me overshadowed whatever pain there was. I bent over to kiss Vincent and we rolled over. I was on my back, totally under control of Vince. How I loved it! Slowly he started to move his dick up and down, giving me such pleasure that I forgot everything.

Vince cummed violently. His whole body shook and he cried loudly. I couldn’t hold it any longer, and I too cummed, more, and more intense than ever before.

From that day on, I visited Vince whenever possible. My grades went up and several people told me how great I looked.

One day, I surprised Vince. I couldn’t believe what I saw: Vince was being fucked! He, the top-man was being fucked! I ran away, hurt. He, who had told me that I was the only man in his life, had betrayed me. Vince was running behind me, telling me that he would explain, that he loved me, but I wouldn’t have anything of that. This was it; never ever would I set foot in his house. Never again, never ever would he enter my beautiful body!

I was furious but jealous at the same time. Who was this guy that had replaced me? Was he more beautiful, more witty, richer? I had just seen a glimpse of him and all I remembered was that he had an impressive, muscular body.

I began stalking Vince’s house. I didn’t have to wait long: a guy in a pick-up truck arrived, went up to Vince’s apartment and came back a few hours later. He was a real macho guy. Tall, heavy set, very muscular, boots. I could hardly imagine that he was Vince’s type: Vince liked guys with delicate features, guys he could easily dominate. The following night Machoman came again.

I felt an urge to confront this guy who stole Vincent from me. I started my car and followed the pick-up truck. I’m not a cop, and soon it was obvious that I followed him, but I didn’t care. He stopped in front of a run-down building, and turned off the engine. I drove by slowly and parked half a block further. I repositioned my side mirror and saw that Machoman was getting out of his truck and walked up to me. I started to sweat. I wanted to confront him, but I hadn’t the slightest idea how to do that.

The guy opened the door of my car and told me to come with him. It was an order. I knew he wouldn’t take no for an answer. I knew I didn’t have a chance to disobey him: he was taller and way stronger than me.

Once inside his apartment he took me in his strong arms and kissed me deeply. It was not a tender kiss like Vince would have given me, but a strong masculine kiss. At first I resisted his kiss, but soon gave in. Strangely enough, I loved the way he kissed me!

“So, you are Vince’s darling! I can’t imagine you loved being fucked by him! Such a wimp!”

I was still furious with Vince, but to call him a wimp, that went too far! But before I could object, Machoman took over:

“He told me that you are the best cocksucker in the world. Show me boy”.

This guy had such a hold on me that I followed his order. I went on my knees, pulled down his zipper and pulled out his half erect dick. It was way longer and thicker than Vince’s and grew while I had it in my hands. I opened my mouth and before I knew it Machoman pushed his monster dick deep into my mouth. The same dick that had been up Vince’s ass was now in my mouth! What a turn-on that was! I felt my dick flipping up. My tongue played with his dick and I felt it growing even bigger. At times he pushed his dick in so deeply that I had to gasp for air. He started to moan and I knew he loved what I was doing. Yes, I am a great cocksucker, may be even the greatest! I felt my dick growing rock hard.

“You like my dick, don’t you! Something else than that mini-dick of Vince, isn’t it?”

I’d always loved sucking Vince’s dick, but in truth, this dick was something special! I couldn’t get enough of it.

He took me up, laid me down on his bed and ripped my clothes off. I’d made him horny, very horny and I felt it in his rough movements. He was lusting for me! He turned me around and fondled with my ass.

“Vince says that you have the sweetest asshole in the world. Why did you waste that on him! Once you’ve experienced what a real fuck is, you will never want to go back!”

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