The Sunset

My buddy picked me up from the airport. We have spoken over the web hundreds of times and have talked over the phone a lot as well. We decided it was finally time to bring our friendship to the next level and meet.

Seeing him for the first time, even though I've seen so many pictures, it's still hard to put his voice to his face. He has quite the manly figure, which is understandable since he told me he works out at least 5x a week.

He picked me up in a work truck that something with "meats" on the side of it. The rest of the words were all faded. It also had the big freezer storage box on the back of the truck.

"Sorry 'bout the vehicle." Riley stated. "My car had to get some repairs done so I borrowed this from work for the weekend."

"No worries, it'll do I'm sure." I replied. He walked around to the front of the truck to get to the driver's side. While he walked, I couldn't help notice the way his butt looked in the jeans he was wearing. I'm not gay, but for some reason, I couldn't take my eyes off his gorgeous tight bottom.

I hopped in the passenger side of the truck and threw my duffle bag high in-between the two front seats.

"So Mitch, I have a great weekend planned for us! Are you ready to rock?!" He pierced at my eyes with excitement in his.

"Oh for sure! Its been so long since I've had a vacation! I cannot wait! What's first on our agenda?" I had been looking forward to this trip, to finally get out the office. Its been way too long since I've had some good old fashioned fun.

"Well, its going to be dark soon, we'll be hitting some clubs. But, I thought I should show you the incredible sunset of this place! I'm sure you'll never experience one like this one before." He grinned at me.

"Sounds good to me. As long as you promise me a good time especially with some alcohol, maybe some girls, I'm really up for anything!" I matched his grin.

"Anything eh?! Hehehe, I like the sound of that..." With that said, he started the truck and pulled off into the lane. About 15-20 minutes later of catching up together and different bends in the road, we came to a little wooded area. We made our way through narrow curved roads that had different campsites on either side. Finally, there was a clearing up ahead.
We rolled up to the edge of a hill that was quite a ways up from the town, as you could see all of it down below. Riley turned off the truck and I couldn't help notice also how much he filled out his shirt with perfectly sculpted muscles, as he relaxed into his seat and took off his seatbelt. I followed his lead, took my seatbelt off and got a bit more comfier in my seat. Riley had left the music on and turned it up a bit louder, so we mostly focused on the sight in front of us.

"Well there you have it! The most perfect sunset you ever see I'll bet!" He smirked.

I was quite impressed. The beautiful colours it gave off, highlighted all of the glass in the town down below. I must have been really enthralled in the sunset and music that I didn't hear something move behind my head.

Next thing I knew, Riley was jumping out of his seat, lunging towards me, grabbing my hands and pushing all of his weight onto my body. Before I could ask what on earth he was doing, a hand reached around the side of my face from behind me with a cloth, put it to my nose and mouth and the sunset started to fade to black as I passed out.

Suddenly, I woke to a small chill running across my body. I opened my eyes and there was an orange light pointed at my face. I blinked a few times to allow my eyes to adjust and realized the light was strapped around my torso, pointing up towards my face. Looking down, I could see my little button nipples hard as rock. I knew I was completely naked.

I tried seeing if I could see anything past the light to "out there", but it was just as black. My legs were spread and when I attempted to move them, I could move about an inch or so, but some sort of straps were holding them in place. Same went for my hands. They were stretched high above my head, strapped in.

"Riley?! What are you doing?! Is this some sort of stupid joke!?" My voice echoed a bit, making me believe I was in the back of the truck in the cool meat locker.There was no reply.

I stood there peering into the darkness for what seemed like ages, but probably only was a minute or two.

"Is anybody in here?!"

Finally, I heard a soft patter of feet on the cement floor. Then a warm touch of hands placed themselves on the tops of my thighs. They lightly started to fun them slowly up and down my thighs, making me shudder a little bit as that has always been a turn-on for me.

I looked down to see if I could see my enticer,but my gaze was only met with the light again and failed to see anything past it.

Then this someone supped their hand around my penis that surprisingly was already starting to get aroused. I could feel their heat which made my cock grow even faster. I would say I'm fairly average in size when it comes to my cock. Against my body though, it looks a bit bigger and longer since I'm so stocky.

My senses finally came to me and I started to step back, but my feet were caught on the straps.

"Whoa, whats the big....." I couldn't finish the sentence as someone put their body against the back of me and trapped my mouth with their hand.

Instantly I knew this man was naked as I could feel his boner poke me against the left side of my bum cheek. I could also feel his pubic and chest hair against my body. His heat sent more chills through my body. Was this Riley?!

My attention was drawn back again to my groin. By now my pecker was at full attention and this someone was rubbing their hand along the full length back and forth, back and forth. My balls were squeezed with one hand as the other still stroked my cock, which made me moan. My moan was still stifled by the male hand.

Then, I could feel the heat of a mouth near the head of my penis. I waited in anticipation thinking that it has been too long since I got sucked off, or any kind of action for that matter.

The lips kissed me a few times on my bulbous head that is aching in delight. Then, the moistness of it's tongue lashed out hungrily as it started to make my heart pound in my chest.

Besides the sounds of my heartbeat in my ears, all you could hear was the sloshing of the tongue and mouth hungrily sucking my steel hard cock.

The hand was stroking harder now, staying in a steady rhythm with the mouth. The other hand was still playfully cupping and squeezing my balls now and again.

I felt the man move from behind me, shifting his weight a little that made his body press harder against me. I could feel his cock slide between my buttcheeks, making me clench them together.

"No worries Mitch." Breathed a shallow voice in my ear. "That will come later. Just pay attention to your own cock and body for now." Now, I knew it was Riley! What is going on?! So many thoughts were flying through my mind.

I was brought back to reality when Riley's thumb and index finger started to pinch my right nipple. I hated it knowing it was he who was doing that, But I've always loved my nipples getting tortured, that I puffed out my chest to signal for him to do it more to me. He knew all of my turn-ons as we talked about what we love our women to do to us.

The pleasure was starting to peak as the mouth started to deep throat my 8" and go harder and faster. All of a sudden it was too much for me to take with my nipple being tortured and my cock being ravished that my orgasm rippled through my body and the mouth took every last drop of my cum. The hand released from my mouth as I let out my grunts and groans of pleasure. Oh wow that felt so good, I thought to myself.

"This is just the beginning," whispered Riley into my left ear, making me quiver with worry and surprisingly, excitement.

The hand still rubbed my now dangly cock. Riley backed off of me that I no longer could feel his cock or body heat.

Then a beautiful woman's face and 2 Double D breasts with very perky nipples appeared in the light. Smiling so sweetly, the 20 something woman licked her lips and leaned into me, she pressed her lips onto mine. She fully embraced me, running her hands through my short, brown hair. Her tongue pierced through my lips and met mine. I could taste some of my cum from her mouth and it made my cock twitch again.

She wrapped one leg around my waist and started to put her very wet pussy onto my dick that was starting to stiffen again. SHe humped it slowly, driving me wild with excitement.

She broke the kiss to grin at me and asked, "Would you like to suck one of my breasts?!" I nodded with a lot of f***e. Those tits needed to be ravished.

I could feel the restraints hanging from my wrists loosen a bit that I was able to dip my body a bit to get a big juicy mouthful of her luscious tit. I hungrily sucked and played with the nipple with my tongue. I then came up for air a bit and teased her nipple with my teeth. This made her quietly squeal in delight. I then switched to the other breast and did the same thing.

"Oh! You were a hungry boy weren't you?!" She teased in between moans.

I nuzzled my nose in between those Double D's and budged them side to side, enjoying the bouncing of the tits against my face.

By now, I was fully erect again, which she noticed right away.

She disappeared from the light and it sounded like something large was moved against the floor, like a chair or something. Then, I could feel her wet pussy again lightly against the tip of my cock.

There was another sound of something moving and my arms were grabbed on either side and moved down to my sides. Then the hands let go. I tested to see if I could move them forward to touch her, and I had success.

I lightly touched her firm, smooth buttocks and guided my hands around and down to the very inside of her bottom buttcheeks. From this advantage with my hands I was able to bend down some that I could lean the lower part of my abdomen on the top of her butt.

I traced my fingers around her glory hole of her butt and moved along to her already dripping wet pussy. I traced her outer lips with my two fingers and heard her lightly moan. I moved on and found her hard clit which I stroked a few time with my fingers.

By this time, even though the circumstances I was in, I didn't care anymore about trying to get away. I just wanted to screw this pussy until I had no more juices left in me!

I took my two fingers and slid them into her warm hole, with pussy juices flowing onto my fingers. SHe moaned even louder. It was too much, I needed to have my cock inside of her right now!

I grabbed my cock, found her slit and with one good thrust I pushed against her lips and penetrated her. I started long, deep strokes at first, then I started to get faster and faster. I could feel the heat of my pleasure starting to rise and my breathing was getting harder. I had my hands cupped around the sides of her ass, pulling her sweet pussy against me, meeting my hard thrusts.

Then a warm manly man reached around me and touched my stomach stopping me from moving.

"Stay in her." Riley ordered. His hand moved from my stomach to around to the middle of the back and pushed me forward, resting a lot of my stomach on top of her.

I tried moving my hands, but they were once again tightly strapped into my sides this time, probably against the light that was strapped just under my chest. I heard something squirt, like something coming out of a bottle and immediately the alarms in my head started going off.

I felt something cool, like gel, being rubbed into my anus. "Oh please don't!" I begged.

"Don't you worry, I'll go slow and I promise that you will enjoy it." Riley said as he stuck a finger into my hole.

The girl started to rock back and forth onto my cock again stat it took my mind off a little of what was being done to me from behind.

Riley now had 2 fingers in my hole. I was getting nervous as I've never had anything in my hole, let alone his 10" dick he has told me about!

After a bit more probing with fingers, I could feel the flesh of his penis being pushed against my hole and I could feel some more cool gel being rubbed all around it. He worked his way slowly into my ass which was painful, but still my pleasure was there from the girl rocking on my cock.

With a grunt, Riley was all the way in. I couldn't believe it! I could feel his balls dangling between my legs and his bottom of his body was fully against me. He reached around me and put his hands on the outside of my hands that were on the side of her ass.

He pulled out but not all the way, then rammed himself in which pulling the girl onto my dick with such f***e that I thought I was going to pass out from the pleasure and pain.

He started a rhythm that was f***eful yet slow. Then gradually he started to build up speed. I was actually starting to enjoy what was happening to me and was able to bring myself to go with his rhythm.

All three of us were groaning and breathing hard, and it was all in unison. I could feel Riley's hot breath close to my neck. In the heat of the moment, I straightened up a bit making Riley's grasp on my hands lose it's grip, but it made his body be fully against mine. He got the hint and started to kiss my neck hungrily and started to tease both nipples with his thumb and pointer fingers. I took charge of pulling the woman onto my manhood, making her scream with more pleasure.

All three of us seemed to be getting close as our noises were intensifying. She was the first to bubble over the edge and I could feel her hot pussy juices splash all over my dick as well as her pussy spasming against my dick, making it nice and tight in there.

Then Riley grunted really loudly and he stiffened up. I could then feel his dick pulse inside of me, shooting his hot cum filling me full, filling a void I never knew I had.

With one last pinch of the nipples I came, flooding the poor girls pussy with stream after stream of cum. I collapsed on top of her and Riley collapsed on top of me pinning me between him and her with the flashlight and I in between.

I could still feel him twitching inside me and her pussy still slightly spasming around my cock as I fell asl**p from exhaustion.

I woke up back in the passenger seat fully clothed. It was now dark out. I turned to look at the drivers seat expecting no one there, but there was Riley watching me intently.

"D-d-d-did I fall asl**p?" I questioned.
"Yes, you did."
"Was that all just dream..."

I murmured under my breath, but I must have said it loud enough that when I looked at Riley again he had a big grin on his face and was dangling a few straps in the air.

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great dream!
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Hot man!!
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very good