Ravished by cab drivers and his friends but yet en

Hi readers I am writing the continuation of the story Ravished by cab drivers and his friends but yet enjoyed later - 1. Well if you are reading the story for the first time please read my previous part mentioned here.

I’ll continue where I left in the 1st part.

So when he put his fingers inside my mouth and I was licking it I was all aroused and he started looking at me by lifting his face. He came near my breasts and as we were sweating he blew some air from his mouth and I felt like a breeze went from my chest. I started breathing heavily and my eyes were closed. I could smell his smell or I should say the aroma of his body or his sweat at that time I was feeling that smell wild and a****l instinct. But a few readers may find it unusual as they don’t like it. As they say we were hot and were in steamy position as our body was hot and along with the heat inside car made the inside hot and our heavy breaths as well. Now finally he kissed my breasts and I moaned as if I found the real meaning of pleasure and it was almost like the moksha pleasure. I was completely out of my senses for a few minutes when he started kissing my nipples and playing, pinching the other one with his rough hands. If readers are not aware that how it feels like rough thing on your soft skin so please try to rub something hard on yourself like a rock piece when you are aroused you’ll get to know the feeling I was in at that time.

So by coming back to the story, when I came back to earth and my senses I looked at him when he was kissing and sucking my breasts. He was suckling my breasts like a k** and I was enjoying it a lot. When I moaned loader as he bite on my nipple a bit hard he lifted his face and looked towards my face. We continued to look in each other eyes for some minutes as we were a****ls and are going to eat each other, we almost fucked each other through our eyes. And suddenly I felt a pinch on my nipples and another pinch on my cunt lips and my jaw dropped in pleasure (mere moonh utte-jana se khul gaya) par humne ek doosre se nazre nahi hatayi aur maine bhi apna haath uske chehre par fera aur usne meri ungli kaati. Maine phir se thodi si dard mein awaaz nikali par nazarein nahi hataye aur wo meri ungliyaan choosne laga. Maine apna doosra haath uski chati se pherte hue uske samaan (dick,penis,loda,lund whatsoever readers like) par rakha. Tabhi usne mere andar 2 ungliyaan daal di aur meri na chahte hue bhi aakhein band ho gayi aur meri awwaz nikal gayi. Usne kaha “Tum game to haar gayi, to ab jitne waale ko kya milega”? Maine pucha “Kya chahiye aapko”? Usne kaha “Tum kya de sakti ho mujhe khush karne ke liye?” I said “Phir bhi wo to aap o jaaoge par inaam kya chahiye?” Usne kaha “Jo dil kare de do.” I removed my hand from his lund and caught his face by my hands and brought him near my lips and his lips were just a bit away from my lips and we were able to feel each other’s breath and the sweat smell which was driving me wild. I looked into his eyes and my lips near to his lips almost an inch away and said “Aapka inaam hai ye.” And he closed his eyes and thought that I was going to kiss him on his lips but I turned towards his cheeks and kissed him there I felt his beard hair (daadi ke baal) on my lips. And I bite on his earlobe and played with his testicles a bit. I wanted to tease him the same way he teased me and wanted him to initiate something. He took my torn blouse and wiped sweat from his face and I did the same. He looked into my eyes and said “Lagta hai mujhe khud hi mera inaam lena padega”. He holded my hands back and brought his face near to mine and assumed as he was going to kiss me but as I lifted my face to kiss him he went back and smiled and said “Lagta hai garam ho chuki ho tum”.

I smiled back and suddenly he kissed me hard on my lips and I gasped fro my breath I tried to free me but he was holding me hard. I had no option except to surrender so let him kiss me and after almost a couple of minutes when he left me he smiled again and came near to me to kiss me again so I kissed him back I was smelling the flavor of tobacco and pan masala from his mouth. I asked him to wash his mouth he washed his mouth with the water and came near to me and smiled as he was showing me his teeth and said “Ab to saaf bhi kar liya”. And I said “Aapne to apna inaam cheen liya par maine to diya bhi nahi. Agar chahiye to paas aao”. As he came near me he started licking my lips and as I smiled he kissed me and I responded him back. We were drenched in sweat completely and the leather seat covers of car started making some sound and we started moving here and there. No I opened his shirt and kissed on his hairy chest now was the time for his pants I opened the belt and touched his dick he smiled and said “Kya chahti ho rani?” I said “Bas aap dekhte jao”. I removed his underwear and started to remove it and he said “Kya pura nanga karogi?” I replied “Maine bhi to kuch nahi pehna hai to mera bh hak banta hai”. And he allowed me to make him stark naked. I touched his dick and said “Ye to bahut bada lagta hai mujhe bahut dard hoga”. But he said “Dekhti jao tum ise khud hi chahne lagogi”. He asked me to lick and suck it I refused in joke he pinched my nipples hard and I refused again and now he kissed me and inserted three fingers inside me and jab wo mujhe kiss kar raha tha tab mera utte-jana aur dard ke mare moonh khul gaya. I started to kiss him back wildly and sucked his tounge.

Now it was my turn to give him pleasure I asked him to lie down and he did. I went lower to near his dick by kissing his chest and went further down. When I was about to reach his dick and I almost grabbed it in my hand he pulled me to himself and kissed and bite me on my chest, neck, and cheeks I understood his feeling and I let him do it but I could not stop my moan and cry because of pain and pleasure at the same time. I don’t know if I should say that sound as moan in pleasure or cry in pain. It is really difficult to say in this situation when a human is in pain and pleasure both, on one hand he likes the pleasure and on other hand he tried to get relief from pain as well. May be I was in the same situation like this.

So I went down again by kissing his chest and then stomach and waist and finally on the tip of his lund. It was looking really beautiful and cute like a small lollypop which has to be unwrapped from a wrapper. I kissed it again and kept kissing it until he asked me to take it in my mouth. I flickered my tounge on the tip and licked the tip to get the precum and really I don’t know why but it was tasty at that time. I continued to lick the head of his dick until he pushed it in my mouth by his hands. I sucked it by deep throat.

Then I took it out of my mouth and sucked just the upper part of his dick as I was trying to get something out of it. I kept on sucking and gave him deep throat blowjob and also licked his dick and tip of the dick multiple times for around 13-14 minutes. I sensed the nerves of his dick were swelling so he was about to cum, but at the same time I took it out of my mouth and kissed his balls and sucked it like a candy. He looked at my face and said “Tumhe kaise pata ki main jhadne waala hoon “(how did u knew dat I was about to cum)? I replied “Main shaadi-shuda hoon , pata hai na “(You remember I am married)? He smiled again and kissed me hard and said while kissing me “Maine bahut married aurato ko choda hai par tum alag ho.”(I’ve fucked many married ladies but you are different) Then he kissed me so hard that he almost sucked the tounge out of my mouth and bite me on my lips and said “Ab aur khel nahi”(no more games now). And he inserted a finger in me said “Tum to pehle se hi geeli aur taiyaar ho”(You are already wet and ready). Then he placed the head of his dick on the entrance of my pussy lips and started to roam it around near the entrance but did not insert it. I was getting wild and hot so after a few seconds when I could not control I grabbed his face and kissed him hard and he responded accordingly. While kissing he took his one hand on my breasts and pressed it and pinched the nipple.

I moaned in his mouth and when we were kissing suddenly he pushed his dick inside me and my mouth opened in ecstasy and I saw him in his eyes. There came another push and I could feel his penis entering inside me and I moaned with open mouth. He kept on pushing slowly and we were kissing. It recalled me my wedding night when I broke my virginity. I was full of lust and was completely wet with sweat in the car. He started the strokes but in slow rhythm and we were involved in kiss. He was fucking me well and only the moans were coming out from my mouth. I took both my hand and touched his bare ass and I pressed it. Now he gave a final and final stroke and he was fully inside me. He was also kissing on my neck and chest. He started to fuck me gently in the first 5-10 minutes, but after that he increased the speed and I was helping him by pulling my ass up in the rhythm with him. He took my right leg and bend it to my head and increased the speed again. After a few minutes he slowed down and stopped. I opened my eyes in shock that why did he stopped and said “Kya hua bhaisahab?”(What happened?) He said he was going to cum but didn’t wanted to as he wanted to continue fucking me for a bit long. I felt happy and kissed him near his lips then his eyes, nose, cheeks, his chin and I licked the sweat from his forehead and finally when I went near to his lips I licked on his lips and we french kissed. In the mean while the strokes started again and I moaned he went wild hearing me and started giving me long and hard strokes. I was feeling divine when he was even playing with my breasts with his rough and hard palms by pressing them hard. I took my one hand to his head and pulled his hair and brought it to me breasts and another hand was still on his ass cheeks. He kissed there near the nipples first and the bite on it. I went wild and started matching his strokes.

He said while biting my boobs “Tum bahut hi garam aurat ho. Kasam se tumne to jannat ki sair kara di”(you are really a hot woman you made me travel to heaven). And he bite me on my nipple and pulled it with his teeth, my mangalsutra was between my boobs and I could feel it pressing on my chest which reminded me of my hubby. I thought about him and here I was fucking a man and enjoy being ****d, I liked the feeling of cheating my husband nad moaned in pleasure and said “Aur zor se bhasaab, mujhe cheer do” (Much harder and tear me apart). And the my cum started to build inside me and I was about to cum. By this time he pulled my head through my hair to his face and kissed me by biting my lips. I started cumming but he was stroking me hard. I started to get limp but after a few moments he aroused me again and fucked my cunt in and out like a piston. Then finally he groaned and released himself along with me inside me. We were breathing heavily and he lay on my chest. A minute later we looked at each other and started smooching again like lovers. He said “Jaan tum kamala ki chiz ho, kya tumhara pati bhi tumhe aise hi pyar karta hai?”(Darling you are a wonderful thing, does your husband also fucks you the same way?). I replied “Haan par wo jyada time bahar rehte hai” (Yes but he stays out mostly). He asked why and I said as he is in merchant navy that’s why. now he said “Ab Zahirul bhai ayenge”(now Zahirul will come). I said “Main thak gayi hoon”(I am exhausted and tired). He said “fikar mat karo wo bhi maza denge”(don’t worry he’ll please you). I asked to drink something he said ok and took the juice bottle that I bought and drank a mouth-full of juice I was confused that I asked for it then why is he drinking it. Then suddenly he prompted me to open my mouth and I understood him.

He transferred all juice from his mouth into mine. And when the juice went down to my throat I felt a bit energized and started sucking each other’s tounge as if we were trying to suck juice out of each other’s tounge. He drank juice another time and we did the same 3 times and I quite liked the way he treated me while fucking. I said “Jao bhej do unhe main bhi dikhati hoon ki main kya kar sakti hoon. Mere gale par chaaku rakha tha na unhone.”(go and send him I’ll show him that what I am. He placed a knife on my neck. He said mockingly “Jaan se mat maar dena, ustaad hai hamare waise bhi thode se budhe ho gaye hain” (Don’t kill him he is our well-wisher, and even he has got a bit old). Then he smiled and kissed me on my lips eyes and chest and started wearing clothes and gave me my saree and torn blouse to cover my self and I did.

Now I was feeling happy as I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Pawan and now was the turn of Zahirul (the ustaad as they call him). He was a car mechanic and his hands were also rough as of Pawan but his style was also very rough. I was dressed a bit with my torn clothes when he came inside the car. And he smiled at me saying “Mera chela kaisa laga?”(how did u find my student). And he closed the door and he sat inside the car and turned on the AC. He said “Pawan ne itni garmi mei choda tumhe? Main hota to mar jata so rani ab thode maze humein bhi de do.(Pawan fucked you in this heat, I would have died like this)” I was scared by looking into his eyes as he was not acting normal his eyes were getting red and he was high as he smoked ganja (marijuana). He said “Pawan bata raha tha ki tumne pure suhaagraat ke maze diya use. (Pawan told me that he fucked you like a bride in wedding night). He ran his hands through my hair and my cheeks and I was a bit scared. He told me to remove my clothes and I resisted a bit. He said “Utaarti ho ha ye bhi phaad doon?” (Are you going to take off your clothes or shall I tear them again). I removed my saree from my chest and he smiled and opened his zip of his pants and took the monster out his pants. He asked me to give him a blowjob but I resisted again. He held my hair and dragged my face on his dick and made me swallow his big thick penis in my mouth. He started fucking my mouth and I was gaggling as it was touching my tonsils. In the mean while he removed my blouse and made me topless and started pressing my breasts. I wa getting aroused again and after a few moments I held his dick in my hands and co-operated in sucking his penis monster. He removed saree from my waist as well and made me complete nude.

Now he was roaming his rough hands on my anus and my cunt lips. I was turning on by all this. But I was not aware that he is going to fuck me like hell and there was a finger inside my ass and I cried a little. I tried to take out his dick from my mouth but he stopped me and f***ed me more. Then he inserted a finger in my pussy and started fingering me slowly. I was almost enjoying it and thought to allow him to fuck me nicely. I took his complete dick in my mouth and sucked like as I was going to eat him. He then asked me lie down and started fingering my pussy slowly and licking with his tongue. He opened my lips by using both of his hands and inserted his tongue. I moaned and lifted my waist in pleasure he kept doing that for a few minutes and then started to bite the lips and the skin around it with his teeth I was feeling a bit of pain. Then he came up and bites on my belly and came up to my chest and bite between my breasts. He opened his pants completely and placed his dick on my pussy. But he did not inserted it as was rubbing it on it but not in. I could feel the hotness of his tool on my thighs and pussy. He sucked my breasts and kept on doing it until the milk started oozing out of it. He said that he knew that I have a k** and he wanted to drink my milk. He sucked and emptied one breasts and shifted to another. But before sucking another one he roamed his tongue around the areola and licked all over my breast and made it wet. I was feeling good but suddenly he bit me hard on my nipple and pulled it with his teeth. I felt pain and cried but he did not leave me and pinched the other nipple hard. I moaned in pleasure and roamed my hands through his hair. I was feeling ecstasy and I took my hands on his penis now and it was growing in my hands I scared for a moment and thought this size might tear me in my pussy. But he was biting on my nipples hard so I came back to heaven again. He released my nipple after sucking it for 5 minutes and looked at my face I was breathing hard as I just had an orgasm and he put one finger in my pussy.

My jaw dropped and I moaned he smiled at me and put another finger in me. I opened my mouth again in pleasure and moaned he took another hand and pressed my right breast and it was wet because of his saliva. He pressed it and fingered me slowly I kept moaning he kissed me on my neck and came up to my face and he was just and inch away from my lips I was breathing hard. He kissed me on my cheeks and ears and bit my earlobe I moaned again. Now he left me completely and placed his hand on his dick (Lund) and placed the tip on my opening. He smiled at me and entered in my pussy at once and my jaw dropped in pleasure but I kept my eyes open. I think he saw the pleasure feeling in my eyes and came near to my lips and gave another stroke and his half dick was inside. I finally grabbed his head and pulled to myself and kissed and inserted my tongue in his mouth and we started kissing like mad people. Now he started with slow stroked and in slow rhythm and kept pressing my boobs and kissing me. About after 20 minutes he increased the speed and about in 5 minutes we came together. I was breathing hard and exhausted. Zahirul wore his clothes and gave me my saree to wear and went out of the car. Around 5 minutes later all three came in but now Pawan was sitting with me in the back seat I wore the saree without blouse but only my bra. Sumit said “Ab aapko ghar chod dete hain. (Let’s drop you home) “. So he started driving and we out of the construction area and went towards the main road. Sumit started the A.C in the car and we went towards my home. Pawan was continuously tickling me. He tried to take off my saree from my shoulder and pinch there I was avoiding him but he took my face in his hands and kissed me hard and the other two were laughing at me and my helplessness. Zahirul said “Kyon aaj to halat kharab ho gayi hogi na? (Today you must have been exhausted) “ I said “ Tum mein agar dum ho to chalo main bataati hoon ki halat kiski kharab hoti hai (If u have the balls to handle me then I’ll show you who gets exhausted ).” He said how and I was feeling to show these guys that they were not the one who fucked me bit I was the one who allowed them to do it and I fucked them instead. He asked again how and I replied by saying that lets go to a hotel and I’ll show you all.

Sumit looked at me at the rear view mirror and was looking shocked and said how come a married woman could say that then I replied him by kissing Pawan on his lips and saw Sumit back on the mirror. He was looking astonished from his face expression and when I looked at Zahirul he was smiling at me and asked Sumit to turn the cab to a hotel. I released Pawan and he was looking at me that he has seen some kind of ghost and then smiled. We went to a hotel in Noida Sec-18 named hotel Mosaic (the people who are local they will know about it). I covered my upper part and my chest by the saari. We went like a couple and Sumit showed his ID and asked for a room for overnight the receptionist asked as for anything else he asked for some ice-cream and some drinks and packets of cigarettes and he took the keys. I was not standing with him but I was waiting on a couch near the reception so I heard everything they were talking about. While the butler showed us the way to our room he was sending a sms to Pawan and asked him to bring some chicken and some momos (dim-sum in China). I asked what are they for he said that he is hungry and even his friends are. We went to the room the butler showed us the room about where the bathroom and the bedroom and the bar were and he left after taking 100 bucks from Sumit. I asked Sumit how much did this room cost and he said that it is expensive but they’ll share the fare among each other and I asked do I have to pay anything and he said yes and tried to kiss me but I stopped him by saying that I was drenched in sweat so I have to bath. I opened my bra while the saree was on and gave it on his hands and said that ask them to bring some clothes for me as well as they tore my blouse and left to bath room by undr****g my saree on the way and he was looking at me with his hungry eyes and entered the bathroom and left my saree outside and bolted the door.

That’s all for this time folks if you guys are looking for some more hot and steamy action so mail and rate my story and send the comments and feedback on the same email address that is gayatri.saha00@gmail.com and even if you guys want to know if it is true or not so all I can say is that every word in this story is purely non-fiction. It has just the truth and nothing but the truth no add-ons to make it more good or spicy but just my feelings are being expressed.

****d But yet Enjoyed Later: Part 3

After 10-15 minutes I heard the other two guys coming in and I covered myself in robe and came out. They had brought the food and pair of t-shirt and pajama for me they gave me something to eat But Sumit Stopped them and gave an eye blink to Pawan and smiled. Pawan took a piece of chicken and put half in his mouth and turned towards me and prompted me to eat it. I kind of liked the their idea pf playing and bend towards him to eat it and we chew it by our lips touching each other and when I swallowed it he inserted his tongue in my mouth and we stated kissing. I took my hand to other piece of chicken and put it in my mouth and turned towards Sumit and we did the same we kissed but with Sumit for a little longer. Same was done with Zahirul and I opened my robe I was stark naked in it and lay down in the floor. Pawan took a piece on momo and put it on my mouth and the other stuffs to my other body parts and spread the sauce on my breasts and cunt area. And they started eating them from one body part to another and then came to lick sauce either from my breast on from my cunt and I was screaming in pleasure as they were also biting me there. Now they dip their dicks in sauces and asked me to suck it and I did and Zahirul was licking my cunt. And I was licking off the sauce from their dicks.

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