The sex club with Daddy

I knew exactly what was on the cards that day as I woke up in my Daddy's arms. He had told me he would be taking me to what he called a "sex club". I've never heard of sex club, I know about fetish bars, but I don't know if they were the same things. I really hope they, my little cock is getting hard thinking of all the kinky things that would be done to me at one.

Knowing I must be ready for the day once my Daddy wakes, I get and of bed and go to shower, then head to the kitchen to start makimg him breakfast. I love cooking for him, naked. He's seen me doing it many times and I loves how he watches my ass as I prance around the kitchen. I focus on making the meal, I have to work diligently in order to please my Daddy. Once I'm finished, I bring the meal to Him in bed, he tells me "good morning, babygurl," and gives my ass a firm squeeze. I then head to the closet to choose my outfit for the day.

Shutting the door I turn to look at all my clothes. Daddy told me to choose my prettiest, most eye-catching outfit. He wanted me to be as gurly as possible. I know exactly what I wanted to wear. I grab my very revealing hot pink and black striped top, black ruffled microskirt and thigh high socks that match my skirt. I debate whether or not I should wear panties, and decide against it. Daddy likes it when I don't. To finish the outfit I choose a pair of pink 6" stilleto heels, then take a seat on my makeup chair. I look at my plain face in the mirror, imagining the look I want to give myself today. I start by applying my a pale purple eyeshadow, and a thick coat of mascara. Pale blush, and bright pink lipstick and my face is looking very pretty and girly. I add purple jewel makeup, hearts, on my right cheekbone and put on my wig, a long white one with black highlights. I take a final look in the mirror and think of my Daddy, sitting on the bed waiting to see what I have chosen to wear for the day. I rush to the door, and open it. I walk to the end of the bed to show Daddy my out, lift to skirt to expose my soft penis. I spin around and the skirt clearly shows off my ass and my balls, but my clitty is not able to be seen without it being lifted.

"You look very pretty, my little sissy baby," Daddy says to me. I smile and bend over, spreading my hole. Daddy gets off the bed, saying "I need to get ready, little girl, go put in a buttplug, and put this on," He hands me a box and I look up to him, but he was already closing the door to the bathroom. I head back to my closet and open my container full of sex toys. I have 6 buttplugs, ranging in size from that of a large strawberry to one as thick and long as an aluminium can. I choose the second largest one, not only because it's a size I can take comfortably but it's also pink, and works well with my outfit. I apply a small amount of lube on it's top, and position it at my entrance, working it in slowly. It stretches my walls, and starts hurting slightly when about halfway in. I slow down, when my hole relaxes and it slides in quickly, "Ah!-aaahh..," It's a very noticeable, and I walk in a way that makes it obvious there's something large up my ass. Now, I turn to the box, it's grey, and I can tell Daddy seal it himself. I life the cover of the box and instantly see what it's contents are, a CB-6000, chasity cage. I know what its used for and where Daddy wants me to put it, so I don't waste any time. A slide it over my cock, and lock all the latches. It makes my cock look so cute and tiny, and the small bit of weight on my balls is a constant reminder that I am a sissy slave bitch. The keys weren't in the box, and I didn't realize that until I had the thing locked on. My cock twitches knowing I've willing sealed away any chances for erection until Master's discretion.

I leave the room and see my Daddy again resting on the bed, "List your skirt, show me your buttplug and your cage," I do as he asks. "You're such a filthy, disgusting slut. Look at yourself, you fucking whore. I can't believe I ever let a scumbag like you live under my roof. You over-sexed twat," The words make my clitty feel good, it strains in it's confinement and I coo gently. Daddy stands up and grabs me my by the shoulder, and I know it's time he takes me to this sex club.


It's on the end of a long stretch of road where we finally get to our destination. A large, ominous building with a faded sign that I cant quite read. I step out of the car, adjust my skirt so my clitty cant be seem and grab Daddy's hand, squeezing it. He lead me to the building and as I open do door all I can smell is swear and semen. There is a small foyer, and I can here the sound of sex at the other end of the hall. I get excited, I glance at Daddy and he looks like he could be in the post office, completely unfazed. We open the doors to the main room, and instantly I see what may all my fantasies combined. There's about 40 people in total, ranging from the burliest muscle Daddies to the most dainty sissy gurls, most everyone turns the look at the two of us as we enter, but no one seems to care about us. Daddy leads my to one end of the room as I just stare at him. Once he stops he pushes me onto the floor and I feel him strap something around my necks. I reach to grab it and I know it to be collar, locked on me. I turn and see a line of, well, other submissive sluts with the same collars. All of them locked to the wall, many having their mouths or holes used. Im chain to the wall to, I look to Daddy and see he has his soft cock dangling in front of my face. I know what he wants so I stick my tongue out and start licking the head of his cock, then I take ot into my mouth and as it starts getting harder I slobber up and down it's length, gagging myself on it. Someone comes along and I feel them take out the buttplug too quickly and place a couple of their fingers in my hole, roughly, while spanking me. I can only let out gasps and moans as my entrances are violently assaulted.

The whole night I'm locked to the wa,l, once Daddy came in my mouth he left me alone, for any man who wishes to use me. There are times where I'm not being used at all and I'm left to jealously watch all the other sissies taking cocks that I wish I could. Then, just as I feel I could start crying and begging someone to fill my hole, the largest man I've seen all night, black, stands in front of me. He's wearing nothing but a very tight pair of jeans, and I can see his cock outline through them. he pulls out his cock, and its a monster, at least 10 inches, and as thick as my wrist, definitely.

"Get it wet, right now, bitch. This is going in your pussy," I open my mouth and start fucking my throat with his colossal cock, up and down the shaft. He doesnt let me work more than 30 seconds before he gets behind me and slams his cock into me as quickly as he can. He pounds my hole, relentlessly. Balls deep, and I can feel my abdomen protruding with every thrust. Not long after he entered me another man comes along to fill my mouth, I dont look up to him until he lightly smacks my face when I see it's Daddy. I stare at him lovingly as a BBC stretches my pussy open. Soon, I hear the man who's attached to the cock in my ass begin grunting, and sure enough shoots the umpteenths load in my ass, pulls out and quickly fills me with the butlug making sure not to let and cum from the multiple loads inside me out. Daddy uncollars me, takes his cock out of my mouth and shoots a very large load on my face, when I try to get someone my finger to lick it off he stops me, "Leave it on, sissy slut girl," I listed to him. I'm happy if people know I'm a cum loveing cock slut.

He says its time to leave, and takes me out to the car. As soon as I sit down, I realize how tired I am am go into a state of half conciousness. My hole is so stretched, and my balls are on fire. My clitty is strained, and the entire area of my skin is tender and burning from the abuse. I love the feeling. the car stops and Daddy opens my door, lifting me out of the car. He places me on the bed and undresses me, laying down next to me. I wrap myself up in him and drift to sl**p. My dreams are filled with cock and cum, constantly I picture my cock locked in it's cage. I wake up, and Daddy is up, too.

He asks me, "Sissy baby, are you ready for another trip to the sex club?"

91% (33/3)
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2 months ago
Very lucky girl to have such a good Daddy :)
5 months ago
Awesome story! You kept me hard all the way through. I see your pics and I want to fuck you so bad!!! Thanks.
5 months ago
That was good baby you're broken in on being raped like a bitch and love it which is fine with me as long as I can get in that boy pussy and slam some cum deep in that hole!
5 months ago
I wish I were the one attached to the cock in your ass.
6 months ago
mmmmmm so fn hard
6 months ago
If it was one of the Sex Clubs I go to, & I were your master, I would make sure you were the only sissy there, strapped down, serving every single top in the club.
And then when they were all finished, I would take you to the Sex Club I know where things get really wild....
Let me know if you want to know where they're at so you can tell us all about it.
6 months ago
Great story