Chastity blog day 11 (the one with the sales girl)

Day 11:

One more day to go before my wife gets home and it was a quick shower and then off for an early meeting. I'm getting used to driving with the cage on and I don't really think about it any more. Equally, most of the time I can walk around without anything looking obvious.

This was rather lucky as the person I was visiting was a very prim and proper woman in her early 60's who looked like the type who would happily burn me at the stake as some sort of sex offending pervert! That meeting had to have been the longest couple of hours in my life.

When I left the meeting, I phoned the girl from the superstore and told her what my wife had said. She said she was happy with the compromise if I was and we agreed to meet when she finished work at 10pm.

The rest of my work day was spent running around doing bits and pieces that I'd left when I couldn't be bothered and so it dragged a bit. I got home at about 7 and sat down to watch some of F55's excellent facesitting, watersports and ass worship vids in search of some extra inspiration as I knew I had quite a lot to live up to that night.

A quick shower and change of clothes and I was waiting outside the store when she finished just after 10. When she got in the car, I asked what she wanted to do and if she wanted to go for a drink or something, but she just replied that she just wanted me to take her back to her flat.

When we got there, I have to say it wasn't in the best part of town and I didn't like the idea of leaving my company car outside, but I didn't want to insult her by telling her that and I just made sure that I hit the right button on the remote so the doors double locked and the alarm was set too.

It was pretty obvious when I went in that her ex had taken most of the decent bits and pieces when he left. There was no TV and the kitchen looked pretty bare. But, luckily, she had a few wine glasses in the cupboard and a bottle in her bag. She poured us both a glass as we stood in the kitchen and slowly the talk came back to sex, even though we'd both avoided the subject in the car.

She turned round to fill up her glass and I decided now was the moment and reached round her to her tits with one hand while gently rubbing her ass with the other. She froze for a second and I thought I'd gone too quickly, but then she leaned back into me and moved her head so I could kiss her neck.

I'd always thought she looked amazing, but her body felt so much better. When we'd been flirting in the store one time she told me she went to the gym a lot to keep her body looking trim and fit and I could now tell she wasn't joking. There was no hint of fat on her stomach or hips and her tits were quite small but perfectly firm. Her ass though was the best bit by far. I'm an ass man and as long as a woman has a good ass I'm quite happy to overlook most other things. With her ass, though, she could have looked like Ann Widdecombe and I'd still have been happy to fuck her!

After a few minutes she reached back and felt the cage!

She turned round and looked at me strangely, so I said that I'd told her my wife and I have rules and that I couldn't fuck her and the cage was to make sure I stuck to them. I didn't want her to think I was totally weird by telling her that I was wearing it because I'd got into trouble for wanking onto my wife's boots, so I left that part of the story out! I could see she was thinking about the situation, then shrugged her shoulders and said that as long as I was happy to keep to my promise of loads or orgasms, then she didn't see too much of a problem.

I dropped to my knees, planning on pulling her work trousers down and burying my head between her legs, but she told me that she wanted to have a shower first and asked if I wanted to join her. What a stupid fucking question that was, I was in the shower before her!!!

She looked at the cage from a distance, then knelt down so she could examine it closely and seemed to be fascinated by how it locked into place. She also tried to see if she could get me any more strained against it by licking my cock through the gaps, but I told her that I didn't want her to do anything to me and that I was there only to give her pleasure. She seemed a little disappointed, but accepted this and got undressed before stepping into the shower with me.

I wasn't wrong when I thought her body felt good, if anything it looked even better. She'd said that one of the reasons that she split up with her ex was that he said she spent all of her time either at work or in the gym and looking at her I suspected he might be right. She had the sort of body that you see on workout videos and knowing that for the night it was all mine just made me dizzy.

With the water flowing over her, she started to soap herself, but I took the soap from her and slowly washed her from her neck to her feet, making sure that her ass was nice and clean so it was ready for my tongue. When I was washing her ass, I slipped a soapy finger in a fraction and she just moaned with pleasure, so I eased it in as far as I could and she told me not to be too impatient and that all good things come to those who wait. YES!!!

She took the soap from me and washed me too, trying again to get a reaction as she washed round the cage. She also stuck a soapy finger up my ass and I can't say that I was unhappy about that either. When I didn't object, she just looked at me and raised her eyebrows.

We got out of the shower and partly dried each other but before we had finished I'd got on my knees and was gently kissing the insides of her thighs. She put one foot up onto the edge of the bath and I rolled over so I was facing up at her nearly naked pussy. I strained to reach it with my tongue and she lowered herself down so I could touch her. Even after being washed recently, it tasted great and she was obviously very turned on.

She asked me what I was willing to do and what I wouldn't do, so I told her that I was happy to lick her pussy and ass, finger them and use toys on them, that if she wanted she could piss on me (which she didn't like the sound of) and that if she wanted she could use any toys she had on me as long as my cock and balls weren't stimulated. Basically, I explained, I was there to be her slave and for her to use me as much as she wanted for her pleasure, but not for mine.

Getting me up off the floor, she led me to her bedroom and stood me on a rug, before pushing me down to my knees and then onto my back. I was beginning to get the impression that she'd played games like this when she called me slave and told me to lick her till she wanted me to stop. She sat on my chest, with her face towards me, and pushed her ass over my mouth. I wouldn't have resisted even if I'd wanted to and started to rim her, gently at first then harder as I worked my tongue as far into her ass as I could.

I worked on her ass as long as she wanted and by the time I was finished there her pussy as dripping wet, her clit was right out of it's hood and her lips had swelled right up. It was a fantastic sight and when she told me to stick my tongue into her cunt instead I was more than happy to. I was trying to suck every drop from her and she started to play with her clit. That lasted about 30 seconds before she was cumming, gripping the side of my head with her legs and forcing herself onto me so hard that I couldn't breath. After a few seconds, she collapsed back so she was lying with her back onto of my chest and her hair down over my groin. I leaned forward and gently started to lick her ass again, but she told me to wait.

She got off me and went to one of the bedside cupboards and brought out a couple of basic looking vibrators. Handing one to me, she told me to suck it and make it nice and wet, then to slide it into her cunt while I licked her ass. After all, she said, if I wasn't going to fuck her then she wanted the next best thing. As I slowly slid the vibe in, she started to massage her clit with the other one. I'd have loved to be able to experience what she was (one of those times when I'd love to be a woman) as she had all her places except her tits being stimulated. It must have been as good for her as I thought it must feel as she came really quickly, pushing the vibe deeper into her than I was as she came.

After another short rest, she rolled over and lowered her soaking pussy onto my face and I thought she was going to try to 69 me, but instead she leaned across me so her upper body was to the side of my legs and pulled my left leg up so it was bent at the knee. Then she started to work the vibe around the entrance to my ass before slowly working it in. In response, I took the vibe I had from her pussy and gently started to do the same thing to her, wondering if she'd let me fuck her ass with it. Pushing her ass back against it made it pretty clear she was happy, so I slid it slowly in and for the next 20 or 30 minutes we just both lazily ass fucked each other. Of the whole night, that was probably the most "girlfriend experience" (as working girls put it) part of the evening. We weren't rushing and not even trying to get each other to cum, just gently enjoying a mutual experience.

Finally, she told me to go and sit on the bed and she left the room. She came back after a few minutes and led me to the bathroom and told me to lie on my back in the bath. YES! I was thinking, she's decided that she's going to piss on me after all. But, when she went and sat on the toilet and pissed I knew that wasn't what she had in mind. I was a little worried she may be having a shit and would want me to clean her afterwards. or worse was pissing only and would shit straight onto me, as while I don't mind cleaning a dildo with my mouth and tongue, that's the extent of my s**t interest. But, I didn't need to worry as she said that she really didn't like the idea of watersports, but wanted to give me something else instead. She reached beside the toilet and took out a bottle of cheap sparkling wine and climbed into the bath and stood over me. She popped the cork and put the neck of the bottle to her pussy lips and gave it a little shake. I knew that things like this can be dangerous, but she seemed to have done this before as she didn't f***e all the pressure up into her, but got most of the wine into her fanny.

Then, she turned around so she was facing away from me, told me to open my mouth and lowered herself so her ass was right over my nose and relaxed. Straight away, my mouth was flooded with wine and, because my nose was now right up inside her ass, I had to swallow the wine so I could breath. She let all the wine that was in there pour straight into my mouth and while I didn't manage to drink it all, I did get most of it. She then stood up and repeated this a couple of times until the bottle was empty. She then sat back so I could lick her ass, still slightly gaped from my tongue, and came within a couple of minutes.

We turned the shower back on and cleaned each other, then went back to the bedroom. By this point, I realised that I had a problem, I hadn't been planning on staying there the night, but there was too much wine in my system to now risk driving home. I said that to her and she told me it was one of the reasons she'd done it (the sneaky cow!). She also said that she loved to be woken up with an orgasm or two and that was what she wanted me to do in the morning.

In the meanwhile, she gave me both of the vibes we had been using earlier and bending over the edge of the bed told me to DP her with both of them as if we were doing it doggy. I was happy to do this and held both down near my groin and slowly leaned in so they penetrated her ass and pussy at the same time. She moaned really loudly and told me to fuck her as hard as I could. I don't think that she knew quite what she was asking and, after nearly two weeks without a proper sexual release, I banged as hard into her as I would have do if it was my cock inside one of her holes. As I got harder and faster, she started to scream, but I didn't stop until it was clear she had cum a couple of times and was on the verge of passing out. I'd never tried f***ed orgasms on a woman before and now it was something I'd like to try again in the future.

She turned round, slipped her tongue into my mouth and gave me a really sexy kiss and then told me it was time she went to sl**p. I looked at the clock and realised it was nearly 2 in the morning! I rolled into the bed next to her and with my head spinning from the wine, we slowly groped each other while we went to sl**p.

At about 8, I woke up needing to go to the toilet, so slid slowly out and went to the bathroom for a piss, then remembering her words from the night before I went round to her side of the bed and slid under the covers from the bottom. While she slept, I moved up her legs until my face was above her naked ass (she was face down) and then I slowly started to lick down her ass crack and work my tongue down towards her ass hole. She moaned gently and moved her legs apart lightly and I was able to start licking her sexy butt hole. In reality, it tasted quite musty and of crap from the vibe fucking it had received the night before, but I was so turned on I just didn't care and licked it for quite a while before pushing my tongue further in. As that point, she giggled and I realised that she'd been awake all the time. She spread her legs wider and told me to clean her pussy, which tasted great.

I stayed there for a while and made sure she did get her breakfast orgasms, but by then I knew I was going to be late for a meeting and told her I had to get going so I could go home and get changed before driving to Cardiff. She said she'd make me a coffee while I had a shower and that's what we did. I walked into the kitchen and found she'd also made me some toast which I was happy to have as it would help soak up any remaining alcohol.

Over the coffee, we talked about the night before and what we'd enjoyed the most. I said I'd enjoyed the mutual ass toying and she said that she'd never been fucked as hard as I did with the 2 vibes and for her that was the best part. She also said that she'd really enjoyed "pissing" the wine into my mouth and that maybe she'd try pissing into it for real the next time. I explained that if there was going to be a next time, it would be if my wife agreed and preferably if she was there to join in as well. She said that she'd never been with another woman, but she'd always wondered what it would be like so would think about it. RESULT!!

Finally, about an hour later than I would have had to leave even if I was going straight to the meeting, I left and thankfully found my car was still where I'd left it and that it still had all it's wheels, windows and radio. Unfortunately, some little sod had poured a load of breadcrumbs on the roof, so as I walked over to it the car was covered in seagulls who had crapped all over it.

I drove home and got changed, then phoned my meeting and told them I'd had a puncture on the M4, but would be there ASAP which they didn't mind as they said they would have been rushed if I'd been there on time.
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2 years ago
great saga. liked the bread crumbs. used to throw bread on top of delivery trucks at stores too.