Chastity blog day 10

Day 10:

Wednesday I woke up feeling better, so decided to go to work again. As usual after a stomach problem I felt quite dehydrated, but other than that I was OK.

By the time I got to the office I was a little late, but as they seemed quite surprised that I was in, plus they said I looked like shit still, there wasn't any problems about the time. They'd cancelled any meetings I had for a couple of days when I called in sick, so I spent the morning catching up on paperwork and drinking loads to rehydrate myself. Unfortunately, by lunchtime this meant that I'd had to visit the toilet quite a few times and as I have to piss sitting down with the cage on, most of the office thought I was still unwell. Then again, they think I'm really devoted to my job as I'm working while still really ill!

Lunchtime came and while I was very tempted to see if I would meet the girl from the other company at the sandwich shop, I decided I didn't really feel up to much and just spent a little while sat in the staff room with a book. At one point, one of the women from the office came in and as she sat down gave a really strange look towards my groin and I realised that as I sat down the cage must have got into a funny position because it was now sticking almost straight out and it looked like I'd got quite an erection under my trousers. I just crossed my legs and carried on as if nothing was wrong, but I wonder what she thought I was reading!

The afternoon went by with nothing much to do, so I called it a day a couple of hours early and headed home. On the way, I decided to stop at a local supermarket and get something healthy to eat that night. While I was there, I bumped into a woman who works there that I've flirted with on previous visits. She's about 30, with a great body that not even a baggy staff uniform can hide. Each time we chat, the flirting gets more and more blatant and today wasn't an exception. Within a couple of minutes (while pretending to look at various ready meals, in case her boss was watching her) I knew that she'd finally split up with her boyfriend (she'd said in the past that she wasn't getting much action) and that she was feeling pretty desperate. I said that if she only wanted me 'cos she was desperate then how was I supposed to react to that and she laughed and said she would have wanted me regardless. At that, my little friend down below decided to get very tight in his cage!

I told her that regardless of my flirting I was married, but she said she'd realised that as she'd seen me in there with my wife. She also said that what my wife doesn't know wouldn't hurt her. While I'm tempted to agree with that, we have rules which we always play by and I had no intention of breaking them. I explained to her that my wife was away until the weekend, but that I'd love to help relieve some of her frustration though it would only happen if my wife agreed. I also explained that I'd be more than happy to give her a few months worth of orgasms with my tongue and hands, but wouldn't fuck her. She seemed happy with this and I told her I would talk to my wife and then call her.

Secretly, I was hoping my wife would say that we should arrange something together with her instead, but when I spoke to her that night she simply said I could do what I wanted as long as the cage stayed on and I stuck to the rules.

That night, I went to bed fantasising about my wife and the girl from the store taking it in turns to fuck my ass with ever bigger strapons while the other pissed in my mouth!

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2 years ago
going to have to reread your blog.