Chastity blog day 2

OK, so I got myself put into chastity by my wife. Perhaps I shouldn't have let her find out that I'd cum all over her boots, but what's happened I can't take back!

I've had quite a few messages from people asking how it's going (including one hilarious one asking how dry it is in chastity because he'd heard that it was a Caribbean island! Thanks mate, I'm still laughing at that joke, it was perfect). So, I've decided to start a quick blog and say how it is.

Day one:

After she put the cage on, I'll be completely honest and say I wasn't too happy about it. She'd hurt my ass with her boot and trapped some of the skin by my balls with the cage's ring.

I went downstairs and it became pretty clear that this wasn't a joke and that I'd have to keep it on for nearly 2 weeks. I told her that she'd trapped some skin and she took the key from out of her bag, undid the ring and re-secured it making sure there was nothing trapped this time. That was when I knew for sure it was staying on!

After she left, I went for a piss and then a shower making sure that everything down there was nice and clean. Pissing out of a cock cage is easy, but aiming isn't, so I'll be pissing like a bitch for the next 10 days! Getting soap around there is no problems, so I'm not worried about cleanliness.

To be honest, I was more worried about the state of my ass when I was in the shower. She was far from gentle with her boot and it felt really painful. It still does over a day later, though I can't find any breaks in the skin. She used to be a nurse, so while she was obviously trying to hurt me, I'm sure she knew what the limits were. I hope!

Getting dressed is less than fun. Briefs restrict movement to much and the cage becomes painfully twisted round, while boxers allow too much movement and nothing feels totally right. In the end, I went to work wearing a loose pair of jeans and no underwear. I found I was really self conscious of the bulge from the cage, but luckily it's quite cold so I wore a longish jumper that covered everything up while I was sitting down.

Moving around feels somewhere between painful and a turn on. The weight is obvious, as is the restriction, but I found that the longer it was on, the less I noticed it. By the end of the day, I was hardly aware of it and even went to the supermarket and walked round without feeling too self-conscious.

A couple of hours looking at xhamster soon let me know what it's like when you get aroused wearing a cage. I expected to find an erection strained against it, but instead my cock didn't get hard at at, just leaked pre cum a lot!

Another shower, then to bed. sl**ping in it made getting a comfortable position hard and I woke myself up a few times. But, in the end I had a OK night and woke up without a stiffy!

Day 2:

Showered (my ass feels sore still, but a little better today) and dressed and straight out for a job early this morning.

It was weird, I'm already getting to like the feeling of restriction the cage is giving me. Plus (as someone who loves to be dominated) the feeling that she's controlling me from hundreds of miles away is great.

The work this morning meant that at one point I was down to jeans and a t shirt, but I felt comfortable with this and nobody seemed to notice anything out of the ordinary.

Back home for lunch. A quick look through my messages and new vids here (and loads more leaking), then back out again.

OK, it's only half way through day 2, but I think I might enjoy this!
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