For those that don't like the taste of piss!

Just an idea that you may want to try, if you like the idea of your woman (or man, whichever) pissing on your face and in your mouth, but just can't get over the taste.

I love it when my wife pisses in my mouth, as long as it's not the first piss after a long time as it tastes too acidic. But, if we know she's going to piss on me then she drinks lots of water and also has a piss half an hour or so before we are planning on starting just to make sure her piss is running clear.

That's all well and good, but what if you still don't like the taste, but want to try it again? Simple, pineapple juice!

Yes, believe it or not, pineapple juice tastes almost the same when it comes out as when it goes in. So, if you want them to piss in your mouth, ask them to drink a carton of pineapple juice an hour or so before and make sure they've had a piss before the juice gets to their bladder to make sure that's all you're going to taste!

BTW, in case you are interested, we discovered this while on holiday in the Dominican Republic.

She'd been drinking the stuff all day and I'd been looking at nearly naked women and was really turned on by the time we got back to the hotel room. As soon as the door was closed, I got on my knees and pulled her bikini bottoms to one side so I could lick her ass as she leaned against the closet.

After a few seconds, she told me to stop as she needed a piss. I said I was too turned on to wait and that I wanted her squatted over my face in the shower and she could piss on me as much as she wanted. She asked if I was sure as it had been really hot and she hadn't pissed all day. I said I didn't care, so she pushed me onto my back in the shower and, as she looked down at me, she lowered her self onto my face. I licked her ass as deep as I could and she let go with a hot stream of piss.

Like I said, I normally won't drink her piss when I know it's not fresh, but I just didn't care and moved my mouth to take it all in. I couldn't believe it, but her piss tasted amazing. I could still taste that normal, acidic old piss taste that you get when the person has had the liquid in their bladder all day (or night), but the taste of pineapple was so much stronger that I just didn't care.

I wasn't planning on drinking any, just taking it into my mouth and then letting it dribble out, but it tasted so good that I tried to swallow the lot. I didn't manage it all, but she was pissing for quite a while and I was swallowing as much as I could manage.

Afterwards, she couldn't believe it and said she didn't expect me to do what I'd done. I explained what I had tasted and, while she believed it, she didn't quite think it would be as good as I'd said. In the end, we agreed that we'd both have to drink a load and we would piss in each others mouths and she could see if she agreed with me. She VERY rarely takes piss (though she loves to give it and I love to receive), but this time she tried to swallow as much as me.

For the rest of the holiday, just about all we drank was pineapple juice and we spent as much time in the shower as we did on the beach and by the pool. I'm not sure what the other guests must have thought, because we stayed quite close to the hotel then and kept disappearing for 10 minutes every couple of hours!
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6 months ago
i tried it today after reading a story and i loved it!!!!!
2 years ago
Something new! Thanks! Beer/tea works also! tried and tested!
2 years ago
Now that's a top tip. Will try this later.
4 years ago
I love to drink piss, Ocasionally, I'll I'll tke a big drink of my own.
4 years ago
you've made your golden love even sweeter , next time she has to pee tell her to hold it while you eat her pussy and not to pee till she cums and then let it flow , very hot to do
4 years ago
Very interesting. I love pee.
4 years ago
naughty naughty