My ex-wife was such a dirty cow!

I met my first wife when I was 17 and she was 15. I should have known how things would be when she took my virginity, on my parents lounge carpet while they were asl**p upstairs and she was on her period, all the time still wearing her school uniform!

By the time I fucked her, she'd been having sex for quite a while and showed me Polaroids she'd taken of her boyfriend fucking her ass. She'd also had some lesbian experiences with a girl from her boarding school.

Over the 7 years we lived together, things just got better and better.

On one occasion, a friend of hers and her husband came to stay and we all ended up in the same room for nearly 2 days solid. Dawn, my ex, didn't like receiving oral, but she loved giving it and both our guests got to feel her expert mouth on them. I got to fuck dawn in the ass, followed by her friend in the ass, then finish in her friends mouth. At one point, I was in Dawn's cunt, he was in her ass and her friend was sat on her face. She also swapped cum with her friend and sucked clean the dildo I'd just stuck up her friends ass. That was an amazing weekend.

She fucked the best man from our wedding as well as our neighbour. The only difference was that while the guy next door and me took turns with her 3 holes, my best man fucked her alone while I did his girlfriend in the next room.

We were at a wedding once and her cousin, not realising we were together, was trying to chat me up. She was really apologetic when Dawn explained we were living together, but Dawn laughed it off and in the end her cousin came to stay with us that night. I just assumed we'd have a few drinks, go to bed and take her home the next day. But, at one point the cousin went upstairs to the bathroom and Dawn asked me if I wanted to fuck her. I suspected she was testing me so I was a little coy about it, but when she came back downstairs, Dawn told her that if she wanted to I could spend the night with her instead. We'd all been drinking heavily and so she agreed. She was a bit over weight, but had great tits and loved to give tit-wanks.

Dawn did Ann Summers parties, so there were always toys and sexy clothes around. The first time she slipped a dildo up my ass while giving me a blowjob was one hell of a surprise. I'd done that to myself with my s****r-in-law's vibe, but I never expected a woman to do that to me. After that, we used to swap dildos between our asses and, one time, had each end of a double ended dildo up our asses and fucked butt-to-butt which was amazing.

Not long before we separated, a mate from work stayed at ours as he lived a long way from work and the weather was bad. She let him cum in her cunt which she had never let anyone else do before and I think she was trying to get pregnant again as a way of keeping us together (or getting my mate, who knows). In hindsight, I wish I'd cleaned her out afterwards, but I'd never tried anything like that at this point. She was VERY bi, but in my mind I was totally straight.

In the end, there were three things that pulled us apart. She was having an affair with a guy she wanted a job from. She never let me do my favourite sex act - giving oral. And, she was a money grabbing bitch.

I could have forgiven the money aspect. If the job had been one where we would have stayed together, it was well enough paid that I could have lived with her fucking to get it. But, I just couldn't handle not tongue fucking her any longer!
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can I have her number? lol
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yes a dirty cow
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