English mature and the plumber part 2

Well the story continues....

Here I was in this old lady's kitchen, here to fix her boiler, the kitchen was kinda old fashioned, probably fitted in the 1960's, bits were chipped and broken, but it was spotlessly clean and smelt fresh.
I had this lovely older lady sitting up on the corner of the kitchen worktop with her legs wide open, her kimono was falling off her shoulders and I was standing in close to her kissing her red lips, and running my hands along her stockinged legs, the feel of the nylon was just so erotic for me and she really did know how to kiss. As I said, she was probably early 70's (72 I found out later) and her tits drooped down into large pendulous globes with large stiff pink nipples, I held her left breast and weighed it in my hand, still kissing her deeply with our tongues lashing in each others mouths, then feeling both of them and rubbing her hard nipples with my thumbs made her moan in my mouth.
I didn't want this to stop, I was in no hurry, my next job could wait.. We broke our wet kiss and we looked at each other smiling. I dropped to my knees, my face level with her pussy, she was very wet down there and her pubic hair was grey and white and quite thin, showing off a chubby mound, her hole was sort of open at the bottom like a wizards sleeve and a pool of her juices was puddling in the bottom and slowly dribbling out of her onto the old formica worktop. I will never forget the aroma, she smelt clean and freshly bathed, with just a hint of the lavender bath salts she'd just been soaking in before my arrival. I looked up into her lovely face, she looked down longingly, willing me to go there and lick her sweet old pussy.
She told me later that she'd not been with a man since her hubby died 10 years ago. My face got closer and my tongue lapped up and down her hidden folds and found her clit hiding, nestling at the top where her sparse hair was damply laying flat around it. I felt her hand on the top of my head pulling me into her. She jolted as I gently flicked it and moved it around with the tip of my tounge, she squealed as I put more pressure all around there. My hands were stroking her fleshy thighs above her stocking tops and moving down to her knees loving the feel of the smooth nylon rasping along my rough plumbers hands. When my hands came up to her vee my thumbs gently openened her hole wider,
I licked around her clit for a good ten minutes tasting her sweetness,her spasms continued like little hiccups and then pulling my head away to feast my eyes on her wide open hole literally dribbling cum juices. I went lower and licked and sucked her wet vaginal opening, she pulled her legs up, holding them wide open with her hands under her knees, she was laying back and her little tight rosebud popped into view, what a beautiful sight that was, my cock was already out of my work trousers and filled up to it's hardest. I lapped her juices into my mouth and swallowed and just rubbed my face in her wetness and rubbed her clit up and down with my thumb. Her head went back and she bucked wildly on my face, after a few moments her cum subsided and I pulled my sticky face from her soaked opening. Her juices were running down into her ass hole and dripping off onto the edge of the work top.
My tongue went lower and the tip played with her little starfish, wet and juicy, I probed inside a little and rimmed around inside.....

To be continued.... if you want me to tell you the rest of what happened that morning... let me know..
She was
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