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My granny has sore pussy

I go and see my gran every week to make sure she's ok, she lives in a typical 1960's block of flats in south london.her name is Val, she is in her mid 70's, short. around five feet, large tits probably a d cup, they hang down to her navel, she never wears a bra anymore. Anyway, I knock on her door and she takes an age to open it, I step in and kiss her cheek, she looks a bit under the weather and I follow her as she slowly shuffles back into the living room. I ask her whats wrong gran? and see sits down in the armchair and says 'Ladies problems' I'm intrigued, 'what do you mean gran?'
She is a bit embarrased and says she is 'sore down below'.
She is in her nighty, its a bit see through and quite short. She is rubbing her legs together to get some relief from her discomfort down below.
'have you seen the doc gran, what did he say?'
'he gave some crean to rub in but I feel so naughty!'
'Oh come on gran if the doc says you got to rub the cream in, that's what you have to do'
'would you like me to help?'
'yes please son, but it's a bit embarassing''ok nan, let me have a look, I'll be very gentle, I promise'
I slowly lift her robe to find she's not wearing any knickers, her sparsley haired pussy looks really red and swollen. I can see the puffy lips are open and her large clitty is poking out, Sore and dry, I kneel down between her thighs and open her up a little with my thumbs, and place my face close in and inhale her sweat pussy aroma.
I lick her open groove slowly with lots of saliva, back and forth from her hairy bum hole up to her large protruding clitty, and then suck her clitty intp my mouth.

Posted by garyismyname 2 years ago
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2 months ago
Have you seen my "sore vulvas" at my gallery? Tell me which one seem like your grandma
3 months ago
Mmmmmmn, Great Story... being the Sex Pervert that I am, I couldn't resist Jackin g Off as envidsioned your Granma's Gaping, Wet Open Pussy! My Grandma and I had Kinky Sex relations whiole I was still a young boy. My Granny was a Farmer and she Loved forcing me to watch while she was Sucking & Fucking her farm animals... and then Me as well! I was confused, scared and I loved all of the strange, new sensations that I was feeling asnd now I Jack Off & Cum a Lot to the memories!
Private Message me and let's Chat about our Naughtiness with Granny and our other family members.
I Love sharing family & incest experiences, videos, pictures and especially the Real Life stories
10 months ago
believable story but as seems to be the trend nowadays unfinished if nessisary do a part 2, anything but leave us dick in hand swinging !
1 year ago
we should all help her out then
1 year ago
What happened next?
1 year ago
I ask her to lay back on the sofa, and I gently open her legs, I am rewarded with the sexiest sight of my entire life! Her chubby thighs are smooth, pale white skin, but looking up further i can see the hairiest cunt I have ever seen or imagined, her lips were glistening and protruding through the thicket of dark hary swirls.
1 year ago
She hasn't been using the ointment the doctor prescribed, she is a very old fashioned lady who is too catholic to rub cream into her pussy. But it's really hurting her now, it started to get itchy a few days ago, but now it's really burning, and she has tears in her eyes. I don't really know what to do or say, but I offer to help my gran in any way I can.
Go and get the cream gran,and lets see what we can do I say.
She hobbles off to her bedroom, shuffling with her legs as wide as she can. Her little nighty is see through and quite short and I'm starting to get a woody watching her.
She comes back with the 'ointment' it's just a big bottle of baby oil.
She is still a bit teary, as she sits back down in front of me.
I tell her, no problem gran, I can help you with this,
1 year ago
The sory continues
2 years ago
and then??