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Another english plumber story (true)

Sorry if this starts slow, but this is how it really happened. I was called to fix a combi boiler, she had no hot water or heating. Her name is Elaine, a slim english divorcee. She opened the door and let me in, The hallway was a tight space and we got quite close as she passed me to close the front door, The first thing that I noticed was her strong perfume, a really sexy smell, she has short dark brown hair and a youngish pixie face with a lovely smile and gorgeous brown eyes. My first thoughts was very sexy early fifties, We said our hellos and I followed her to the kitchen. I took a real c... Continue»
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[Story] English mature and the plumber part 4

Hi everyone, this is an odd story (but true)
I've been back to see Tina many times over the last year or so, and everytime she is hornier and happier than ever. I call her and say I'm coming round to fix her pipes and she always laughs and says 'great, her pipes really do need a good hard fixing'.
Anyway, last week I called her and said I'd be round about 10.00am but she sounded a bit down, but said yeh come over for a cuppa. That's odd? she is normally so happy and normally gagging for it!
I knocked on the door and she opened it as always hiding behind the door in case a neighbour was ... Continue»
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[Story] Another plumbers story (true)

Hi, I'm a plumber from South London and have a few stories to tell of meeting sexy older women (and a few younger) in the line of work. I prefer older women, I just find them sexy and desirable and sometimes frustrated and wanton. I like the fuller figure, sort of "matronly" would be the best way to describe my ideal lady.
This is a true story of what happened recently. I arrived to change some kitchen taps, the lady customer opened the door and looked lovely to me. I smiled and we said our hellos and my eyes wandered from her nice freindly face down her large body that was wrapped in a s... Continue»
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English mature and the plumber part three

Well, I'd licked and sucked the juices out of this old girls pussy, my face was wet and I had to leave to go to my next job. We kissed at the front door and I remember her hiding behind the door in just her stockings so the neighbours wouldn't see anything as I left. I said I'd be back in a couple of days with the new part for her boiler.
For the next couple of days I was walking around with the hardest cock and constantly thinking about her. I called her to say the part was in and I'd be round in the morning. She just sighed and said she was so pleased that I was coming back and she would do... Continue»
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[Story] English mature and the plumber part 2

Well the story continues....

Here I was in this old lady's kitchen, here to fix her boiler, the kitchen was kinda old fashioned, probably fitted in the 1960's, bits were chipped and broken, but it was spotlessly clean and smelt fresh.
I had this lovely older lady sitting up on the corner of the kitchen worktop with her legs wide open, her kimono was falling off her shoulders and I was standing in close to her kissing her red lips, and running my hands along her stockinged legs, the feel of the nylon was just so erotic for me and she really did know how to kiss. As I said, she was p... Continue»
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[Story] English mature and the plumber

This is a true story. Please remember I'm a plumber not a writer!

I'm a plumber from South London and had a job to fix a central heating problem. When I arrived at the townhouse at around 9am, I was met at the door by a gorgeous older lady, probably around 70 years, silver grey hair, cut in a bob, chubby with nice round big tits and a pretty face well made up with deep red lips and blue eyes, she was wearing a thin dressing gown that almost reached her knees. We greeeted at the front door, she introduced herself as Tina (i'm Gary) and then I followed her up the stairs to the first floor.

... Continue»
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My granny has sore pussy

I go and see my gran every week to make sure she's ok, she lives in a typical 1960's block of flats in south london.her name is Val, she is in her mid 70's, short. around five feet, large tits probably a d cup, they hang down to her navel, she never wears a bra anymore. Anyway, I knock on her door and she takes an age to open it, I step in and kiss her cheek, she looks a bit under the weather and I follow her as she slowly shuffles back into the living room. I ask her whats wrong gran? and see sits down in the armchair and says 'Ladies problems' I'm intrigued, 'what do you mean gran?'
She is... Continue»
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