Wife and the estate agent

I had a surprise for my wife Lucy.

There is a local estate agent with a reputation for being a bit of a ladies man and I know that Lucy is intrigued because her friend succumbed to him during a house viewing and repeated it a few times afterwards in a few houses.

I decided to set Lucy up so I went to see him and told him that I wanted to get our house valued. Mick said “No problem, when are you around?”

I ask him if he could be discrete as I had something to say and he said “yes, of course”

Knowing that he is a married man, I told him that I knew about him and our friend but said that I wasn't going to say anything to his wife as long as he did something for me.

I said that I wanted him to try to seduce Lucy during the viewing and that I wouldn't be around. I told him that I wanted to call me as soon as he left our house so that he could give me all the juicy details.

He said that he had always fancied Lucy so it would be his pleasure.

Now I had to get Lucy sorted.

I didn't tell her about the viewing but on the day, I asked her to wear something really sexy and said that I would pop back about 10.30am. The viewing was booked for 11am. I also told her not to wear a bra or knickers. Her face lit up with a naughty smile.

I left if until about 10.25 to call Lucy with an excuse that I couldn't make it but that I would be home later. I then told her about the appointment to have the house valued and said I should hopefully be back for that. I told her that someone else rather than Mick was coming so that she didn't smell a rat.

I kept her talking as long as I could so that she couldn't get changed and then the door bell rang.

“I'll have to go” she said “I think they're here”

When she opened the door she was met by Mick which surprised her a bit but also made her feel a bit horny too.

He put his hand out to shake her hand and to say hello and just took her into his eyes in all her sexy beauty.

She was wearing a very thin dress that clung to every inch of her and left very little to the imagination. Her nipples were practically poking through and her cleavage was massively on display because the neckline plunged so low.

As she held out her hand her dress moved across her tits and almost exposed her left nipple.

She told Mick to come I and showed him to the kitchen. “Coffee?” she asked.

“That would be great” he said and they enjoyed a chat whilst they drank the coffee.

“Gary will be home shortly” she said but Mick knew differently

“Shall we get started anyway?” Mick suggested “As I have another appointment to get to”

“Good idea” she said “well this is the kitchen and as you can see it's well appointed”

“What integrated appliances do you have?” he asked

With that Lucy started to open each one to show him and as she did she had to bend down and her dress gaped open exposing her boobs.

He told me later that they were awesome and thought they were better than he had ever even imagined.

He kept her bent over by asking the make and model of each one I turn and loved every moment.

By the time they got to the washing machine, Lucy had figured out his game but she didn't mind, she wanted to play too.

As they went around the house Mick made every attempt to brush against Lucy and she really didn't seem to mind.

When they got to the en-suite, Mick asked if it was a double or single shower to which Lucy climbed in to show him how much room there was. “Come in, see it's a double” she beckoned

With that Mick got in. It was a bit cramped in there and they were practically body to body. “You can't really turn round in it though when there's two in it can you?” Mick suggested.

With that Lucy spun round to demonstrate and as she did her dress strap caught Mick's shoulder and the right hand side of her dress dropped off her right tit, exposing it completely.

“Oh my goodness” she whispered as she slowly pulled it back up, but making sure Mick had an eyeful, “ I'm so sorry Mick” looking him straight in the eye.

“Don't worry” he said “If you don't mind me saying, you have the most perfect tits”

“Do you really think so?” she replied “I know Gary loves them”

“He's a very lucky man” He continued

“Yeh but you're the one in the shower with me now though aren't you” she added wickedly

Gary smiled and replied “Shame about the clothes though”

“Oh Mick you're so cheeky” she schemed as she playfully patted him on his arm.

When she took her hand away from patting him she dropped them both by her side and dropped her shoulders. With that her dress dropped to her waist and her entire top half was fully on display.

“Gary will be home soon” she repeated “so be quick”

With that Mick grabbed her tits and started to suck each nipple in turn. His cock sprang to life and he pressed it against her so she could feel his manhood in all it's 8” glory.

Lucy was moaning and Mick was panting.

She grabbed his belt, unbuckled it and yanked his trousers to the floor. She seemed a little surprised that Mick had gone commando and had no underwear on. She grabbed hold of his cock and started to slowly rub it up and down.

Mick eased her dress further down so that it ended around her ankles.

He was pleased to see that she too had no underwear on.

Se stepped out of her dress and him out of his trousers and he pushed his cock into her. She was so wet that it slipped straight in even though it was bigger than mine.

He was so excited that it only took a few strokes before he shot his load deep inside her and she then followed with a mighty orgasm too.

He continue playing with her tits until she calmed down a bit when she told him they had better get sorted before I Came home.

With that they quickly cleaned up, got dressed and finished the rest of the viewing and Mick made his departure. As he walked down the driveway he her the shower go on.

He got into his car and called me straight away and relayed all the details. I has in my car in a secluded spot so I got my cock out as he told me everything and I spunked all over the steering column.

I cleaned up and drove home.

Lucy was waiting, clean after the shower and back in that dress.

“Sorry I missed the estate agent” I said “how did it go?”

“Yeh, fine, no problem” she replied “they will get something over to us over the next few days. Now please fuck me, I've been aching for you to come home all morning”

With that we had the most wonderful sex ever and she never let on at all.

I made sure that it was Mick that came round to discuss the valuation and I also made sure that I was there too this time because I wanted t see Lucy's behaviour – priceless!

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