Wife earns a bit extra cleaning

My wife, Lucy, has been cleaning houses for a bit of extra money for some time.

There is one big house that she cleans that takes her 4 hours to clean and she does it once a week on a Wednesday when normally no-one is home except occasionally the lady of the house.

Last Wednesday, however, the lady was working away from home and her husband was working from home. Lucy had never met him before and this is what happened.

Lucy arrived as normal at 9 o'clock in the morning ready to clean. As she was not expecting anyone to be home, because she knew about the lady’s work trip, and because it was a very hot summers day, she wore a very light summer dress, which was a bit see through, no bra and a skimpy thong. Lucy has awesome tits, 36DD and perfectly formed.

When she opened the door, the husband, Ralf, came out of his office and introduced himself, but couldn't stop glancing at her tits. Lucy does like it when her tits get a bit of attention so didn't mind.

They had a five minute chat, which ending with a brief conversation about making end meet in the modern world.

Lucy started upstairs doing all the bedrooms and bathrooms before coming back down when she was met by Ralf. He said he was making a coffee and did she want one. “That would be nice please” she said “2 sugars and milk”. By the time Ralf had made the coffees, Lucy was just about to start cleaning his office so he took the coffee in there and they sipped the coffees and chatted.

The conversation quickly turned to money again and Ralf was probing Lucy about how many hours she cleans for each week. “30 hours a week” she said “if I don't do that, we can't pay the bills”.

“Wow” he said “that must be tough”

“Yeh but what choice do I have?” she replied “my husband Gary works as much as he can too”

“Isn't there a better way?” asked Ralf with a sexy little smile.

“If there was, I'd take it for sure” Lucy answered.

“Would you … for sure?” he quizzed.

“Definitely” she insisted

“Well I can think of a way if you're open minded” he said enquiringly

“What are you thinking?” she tentatively asked, almost not wanting to know, but also needing to know. She had some idea and liked where it was going.

“You get £8 and hour cleaning here don't you?” Ralf said “Well how would you like to increase that?”

“Of course but how?” Lucy asked

“You said you were open minded, I wonder how open minded you are.” said Ralf “If you clean my office topless, I'll pay you £20 an hour for the whole time you've been here, or you could go further, how does that sound?”

“Topless would mean cleaning only in my thong because I've got a dress on” she said

“And?” he quizzed

“Okay” she said “I really could do with he money, but don't say a word to anyone! And what was that bit about going further?”

“Here's the whole deal for you Lucy” he explained “£20 for topless. £30 for naked. £40 for naked with me behind you playing with your tits, and £50 per hour for all the time you've been here for naked with me behind you playing with your tits and fucking you”

Lucy gulped “You've got it all figured out haven't you? And her nipples hardened and her pussy moistened. “That's a lot of money which I really could do with, but how do I know you're not going to tell anyone?”

“You have my word” he said whilst looking her straight in the eye with a sexy smouldering smile.

Lucy was really wet now. This was a scenario we had fantasised about in bed so often. But fantasies are fantasies and reality is reality – what should she do?

“If I do it and Gary finds out” she thought to herself “I can say that we always fantasised about it and I wanted to make it come true for you”

“Okay” Lucy said taking a deep breath “Let's go for the £50 option!”

“Fantastic Lucy” he said as she pulled her dress over her head exposing her perfect tits crowned with nipples at attention.

She then dropped her thong and stood there naked in front of him.

His cock sprang to life and he quickly lost all of his clothes too. His cock was quite a bit bigger than mine and she was getting incredibly horny. She wanted that cock!

“Grab the duster and start dusting my desk” Ralf ordered as he manoeuvred himself behind her and started groping her beautiful tits.

He tweaked her nipples softly between his fingers and pressed his cock against her. He could feel her wetness on his shaft as soon as he rubbed it on her, and she was losing control and didn't want to wait for him. She wiggled her hips and he was in her. She was totally out of control and he knew it.

“There is one more option” he said breathlessly

“What?” she whispered

“How would you like £100 for every hour you've been here? He asked

“Okay” she said “I can't think of anything more, but okay”

“I want you to call your husband and tell him that you are cleaning my office naked, with me behind you playing with your tits and fucking you. And I want you to tell him that you are doing it for £100 per hour and loving it!”

And that's when my fantasy became a reality. Lucy called me to tell me that she was naked, cleaning another man’s office, with him behind her playing with her tits and fucking her and she was absolutely loving it and was earning £400 for doing it.

I told her that I loved her and kept her on the phone whilst he banged her and she moaned throughout. I had the most amazing orgasm and when they finished Ralf came on the phone. He said that he expected a repeat performance next time the opportunity presents itself and asked if I had a problem with that.

I said “no, we need the money” but really, after that I would have let her do it for free as long as she came home and told me all about it whilst she serviced me.

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7 days ago
hot. like the pay scale and husbands reaction. nude cleaning lady is always a great fantasy
5 months ago
Very sexy and exciting - got my cock erect... I almost came in my pants
5 months ago
Loved the story. I have similar fantasies of someone using my girlfriend like that.
5 months ago
6 months ago
Loved it.
6 months ago
A fun and nasty cleaning idea: have her lay on a small dusting pad on the floor. Have the gent start fucking her, and while he's doing so, push both across the floor... the floor will get a shiny polish, and they'll both get their clocks cleaned! YUM!
7 months ago
Great fun,,although if she'd been mine I'd have made sure she was full of cum when she got here so I could lick her out,,then fuck her
7 months ago
7 months ago
nice :)
7 months ago
Very sexy story
7 months ago
Great story
Does she want to cum and clean my house?
7 months ago
Great story
7 months ago
great horny story keep your wife earning:)XXXX