Blinded By The Night

One day you are online and you see an advert for discreet sex dating pleasure garuanteed, you feel a slight feeling stir deep within and think why not! Very nervously you fill in details and press enter. You now wonder why did you do that? But you hopefully they might not get back to you and you carry on with what you were doing. As the next hour goes past you get an email from the site about your request for a sex date and your heart skips a beat as you open the message and read on. It gives you a date a couple of nights later and an address and how to get there etc. Now your palms are really sweaty and all these thoughts run through your head like who might turn up and what might be in store it's so nerve racking just not knowing but also just the thought turns you on and even excitement makes you think 'stuff it!' and thats when you make the descision to go ahead and do it. over the next two days you get some nice a nice sexy outfit and shoes ready for that nite.
As the time to leave approaches you havent told anyone what you plan to do not knowing what their reaction might be, but you decide not to tell them in case they don't understand. You put n a slinky silk low cut dress showing off your sexy thighs and just a hint of your stocking tops, then your new black expensive stilletto's and then adding your perfume and intake of breath go out the front door and to the address given to you.
Twenty minutes later you are stood outside a big house, looking both ways you decide to walk up the drive to the front door and go to ring the door bell. As you look for the bell you see an envelope with your name on it stuck to the door. You take it of and open the envelope and take out a note inside instructing you to go inside and up the stairs. Now feeling really nervous you open the door and go inside to see a marble floor and giant staircase with candles on both sides leading all the way up to the first floor. You begin to walk up the stairs and looking how far up they go and realize how many candles are burning and thinking this could be set for Cleopatra herself. As you reach the top you see a door open and the candles leading up to it, so you glide to the room and enter. Inside you see rose petals all over the bed which is gigantic and also a glass of what could be champagne next to which is another note and a blindfold. You go over and sit on the bed and read the note which says, 'drink the glass of champagne then put on the blindfold and lie down on the bed and relax.' Well relax is definetly something that you can do at this moment because you are so nervous, but it does seem sexy and romantic so you comply.
Just as you have rested on the bed blindfold you hear footsteps come into the room, your heart now starts to beat quickly, and then feel someone sit on the bed next to you. You bite your lip nervously and then feel a hand gently touch your waist then down your leg now feeling more sensitive because of the black silk stockings and the fact you can't see the person. The hand moves slowly down to your feet and removes first one shoe and then the other. Then slowy the hand moves up your body brushing gently across your right breast and down your arm before lifting your hand up and you feel your hand being kissed sensually by soft lips. Even more slowly the lips make their way up to your neck making you shiver with excitement and the sexual tension rises as your ears are ever so gently nibbled and then your lips meet. 'Wow,' is all you can think as he kisses you. This is the best kiss you have ever had and you now can feel the nipples under the silk dress begin to harden as you start to get aroused. As he pulls away and starts to remove your dress you go to speak a finger is placed on your lips silently stating that nothing should be said. With the dress now off revealing just a strappless bra, black thong and stockings your sexual desire hightens, just wishing you could glance at this mystery man that you cannot see. You decide to remove the bra and thong yourself and lie there still waiting.
The next thing is his hand gently lifts your hand to his body and a smooth shirt and its buttons, at this you move onto your knees facing him and start to remove his shirt by just touch, as you reach his trousers you feel his groin which slowly starts to move under the zip this again makes you bite your lip and you undo his trousers and as you go to pull them down you put your hand inti his boxers and almost faint as it grows in your hand as you gently rub it, it feels big. The rest of the clothes are removed quickly and you just have to put his member into your mouth and start to gently at first take it deep into your mouth before building up rythm and sucking harder and faster, 'god it's big,' is all you can think but can't wait for it to be inside you. As it gets rockhard after 5 or so minutes his hands move you onto your back with your legs parted over the side of the bed, and then you feel his tongue gently move over your lips and inside your now wet body making you gasp with both pleasure and excitement, this is what you have been waiting for and god he's good. Time doesn't register normally and before long you feel yourself getting close to orgasm and start to quietly moan with pleasure and then it hits you! You feel yourself cummin onto his tongue which seems to greatfully lap up every last drop from inside you and you just lie there for a moment not able to move. Then you are gently picked up and moved further on to the bed and you feel him get on top of you and between your legs. You feel his smooth chest and as he moves ever closer you guide him inside you with one hand until yes! As he enters you and starts to push slowly deep inside at first, making you gasp and you can feel yourself getting wet again.
He slowly builds up speed thrusting more and more deeper inside and quicker, you cannot describe the feelings that are running through your head. You haven't even seen him and yet you are the most horniest you have ever been. This big hard cock is thrusting away inside you almost making your toes curl it is sooo good, you now are moving in time to his hips and gently strocking his back with your nails but the harder he thrusts inside the more you scratch his back but yet he doesn't say a word, if only this could last forever it is unbelievable. You can feel him after a while slow down and gently roll you on top of him where now you have control and can move at your own pace and feel him even more deeper inside you. The juices inside you are now running down his hard cock and you cant stop riding him at different speeds and stroking his chest. It's not long before you are moaning out loud and you feel another wave of pleasure and know that you are going to orgasm again, and with his hands sensually rubbing your breasts you let out a scream as you orgasm! Your whole body confulses as you explode with sheer pleasure and covering his penis with your love juices and you roll off him now covered in sweat, but after a moment to recover because of your body shaking so bad you slowly put his dick into your mouth and start to suck him and rub him at the same time. Almost before you know it you can feel his balls tighten and you suck harder causing him to cum so hard into your mouth, but you don't spill a drop and swallow every last bit before lying again onto your back.
Next you feel him lean over and kiss you for several moments before he gets of the bed, and you seem to hear him pick up his clothes and leave the room. You give it several minutes before removing the blindfold, not knowing what is next but he is nowhere to be seen. On the bed next to you is a single red rose. As nothing happens for several more minutes you get dressed and leave the same way you came. You can't believe what has happened, how wonderful it was and how sexy it made you feel. You don't even tell your friends because you don't think they would even believe you. This is your secret, and everyday that goes by you smile and always wonder what he looked like.

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