Benefits of a smallish cock!

I was awidower of some three years, and concentrated on my office job. Because I had nothing better to do, I often worked late, and rather than go home to make a meal, i regularly ate at a restaurant near my office.

On this occasion, i needed a pee after my main course, so visited the toilet. I noticed another chap looking at me, but thought nothing of it, as my equipment would not warrant a second look - its very thin and not longer than seven inches on my best day.

I returned to finish my coffee, and having settled the bill, left the restaurant. I hadn't walked more than twenty yards, when a man ran after me - it was the chap who had looked at me in the toilet. I was all set to tell him to f off, when he said " Please don't get the wrong idea, I'm not cruising, and I'm not gay." "O.K. I said so what do you want?. He said that he wanted to ask me something, and suggested another cup of coffee. I was intrigued, so agreed and we returned to the restaurant.

Once settled, he introduced himself as Brian, and told me that he was happily married to Betty. He said that there was a problem in that he had a larger than average cock. At this point I congratulated him, but admitted that mine wasn't. Brian then explained that that was why he had intercepted me! Apparently Betty had a desire to be fucked in the arse, but Brians prick was too big, and he suggested that I may be able to provide a solution!

I was dumfounded, My cock had never been that much in demand, certainly not since I lost my wife. I asked how he proposed to engineer this event. Brian then suggested that I go home with him now, he would introduce me as a friend he had met after his work, then explain to Betty in private what he had in mind to see whether she felt I was the man for the job.

I agreed, as I had nothing to lose, and felt rather intrigued that a woman of about fifty wanted to try anal sex. Brian suggested that I follow him home in my car, and off we went.

After about six miles, he turned off the main road into a quiet residential road of quite large detached houses. He pulled into the drive of one, so I parked up outside. Brian came out and suggested I pull into his drive as he was putting his car in the garage.

Brian then ushered me in through the front door into a spacious hall, where we hung up our coats. We then went into a very comfortable lounge, where a middle aged lady was sitting. She got up and kissed Brian, whilst looking at me rather questioningly. Brian introduced me as a friend had met at work, Betty and I shook hands. She offered us coffee, and despite being coffeed out, I accepted. Betty went through to the kitchen, and Brian followed her leaving me to take in the details of the lounge.

After about ten minutes they both returned with a tray of coffee and biscuits. We chatted about general topics: weather, difficulties of parking in town, and Betty then asked about my wife. I explained that she had died some two years ago from cancer. Betty was quite sympathetic, and we changed the subject. Brian then said that he had explained to Betty what was behind this rather strange situation, and then asked betty what she thought. I felt a bit like a dog at a kennel club show - was I going to be awarded the prize?

Betty was about fifty, and quite big, I woukd guess a forty inch bust and biggish hips. Her bottom appeared to be well upholstered. She looked at me, and said she really liked me, and if I was happy to give her what she wanted, she would be delighted, subject to her checking out my cock to see that it wasn't too big.

She excused herself, and Brian said she was going up to the bedroom to get ready, and that we would go up in a short while. I suddenly felt apprehensive - what if I couldn't get it up for her, what if Betty didn't like the look of my cock?

Anyway I was soon going to find out as Betty called down for us to go up. The bedroom was huge, with a large double bed, a pair of armchairs a television a table and dressing table. Betty was sitting at the dressing table in a dark red dressing gown, and got up as we arrived. "Well then George, now that we have met you can kiss me" she said. I went to her and cuddled her whilst gently kissing her. She was very plump, and I could feel her tits pushing against my chest. She slid her tongue into my mouth and wriggled against me. My cock was hardening, and I knew she could feel it. She reached down to my crotch and felt me up. I responded bygrasping one of her tits, feeling an erect nipple as I did so. She opened her dressing gown to reveal that she just had abrassiere and knickers on also dark red. I was good and hard by this time, and looking round, saw that Brian had stripped off. Seein the size of his prick I nearly softened, as it was ten inches if an inch and as thick as my wrist! No wonder Betty couldn't get that monster up her rectum.

Betty turned to me and said "don't worry about Brians dick, I want to see what you have got for me George." I stripped off with some trepidation, but fortunately my cock was doing it's best, and was truly hard. Betty had a good look, then gently stroked it, drawing back my foreskin to reveal my knob. "That looks promising George, but if I am going to take you up my bum, you must be prepared to stop when I twll you, as Brian and I have tried many times, and I cant get his up me" I of course agreed, and went to release her tits, which swung beautifully, with hard upturned nipples, which I quickly kissed. Brian then came over, and slid Betty's knickers down. "There you are George, isn't that a beautiful arse, you can see why I was quite keen to fulfill Betty's desire." I certainly could, as Brian stroked it and then gently parted Betty's buttocks to reveal a generous pink rosebud. Betty explained that when they were fucking, Brian inserted his fingers into her bottom, and she had used a smallish dildo up there so it wasn't exactly a virgin arse.

Betty was gently rubbing Brians Cock, which appeared even bigger now that he was excited, and he was fingering Betty's cunt, which I was glad to see was hairy.He asked Betty what she wouldlike to do, and she decided to have Brian fuck her but not to cum. I was amazed to see Betty lying back on the bed, legs wide apart and then Brian entering his huge dick without any trouble.Betty groaned with pleasure as Brian slid his full length up her, then he stopped for a few minutes, then began thrusting it in and out of her quim. Betty called me over, and holding my dick, she wanked it in time with Brians thrusts. I was frightened to death that she would make me shoot my load, but concentrated on anything but what was happening.

Brian grunted that he had to withdraw from Betty's cunt or he would cum, and did so with a plop. Betty turned to me and said "Now George, this is your big moment I feel really ready for a cock up my botty." She rolled over onto her plump belly, and got up onto her knees.I got behind her, and Brian reached over from Betty's front to open her buttocks for me. I gently went to slide a finger up her bottom, and to my surprise it slipped in easily. As I said, my cock is pretty slim, so I thought I would offer it up to her spinctre to see if she could accept it. Brian then told me to get it in as Betty was ready for it. She couldn't speak,as she had Brians cock in her mouth.

I did as I was told, and my cock slid into her rear with very little resistance. Betty must have been straining back so that it slid in so easily. I had to pause with my cock right up her arse, or I should have cum immediately. After a few minutes, Betty urged her bottom back onto me, and I started to thrust in earnest, Brian was thrusting his monster in and out of Betty's mouth, and I could feel myself speeding up. Suddenly Brian shot his spunk into Betty's mouth, and she urged me on to "Quick, shoot up my Arse. I needed no urging, and shot the biggest losd I had delivered for some time.

After a minute or two, my now slack cock slid out of Betty's bottom. She turned over, and thanked me. She said it was even better than she had imagined, and wanted more.

After a little recuperation, Brian was hard again, and Betty mounted him, her lovely bottom skywards. She started to ride his cock, and I enjoyed watching his monster plunging in and out of her quim. She had said she wanted more, so I got behind the pair, and my prick found it's wa between her plunging buttocks. I soon found her orifice, and slid in, feeling Briaans cock next to mine. We both gave of our best, and somehow managed to shoot together.

We were all speechless after this engagement, but Betty was able to say she felt well and truly fucked

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2 years ago
Fabulous story, thanks for sharing with us
4 years ago
Well written, erection inducing story. More please.