Why Do Fools Fall in Love.

Being an 18 yr old female is all kinds of hardwork. I have to deal with senior year, college acceptance, and how am I going to make it with out my boyfriend for 4 years? I mean, he was the only guy who has ever been inside of me. His cock, was the first I have ever sucked! I remember he would face fuck me and have his cock probe my throat till spit hung from my mouth like spagetti. When he came, he always told me swallow so I wouldnt get pregnant, or waste his seed. He looked out for me, he knew my old man would have kittens if I got pregnant, and he respected it. Besides his cum tasted better than a protein shake,

I was in love with him. I remembered we would ride the bus to and from school, where he would always end up with his hand up my skirt. Stroking my clit as the freshmen pretended not to notice. It was a rush to us, well I should say to me. I think his macho ego was stroked by the fact he could show off. Either way, I was a cheerleader, so I love being watched. He was my rock and he knew it....

The last day of school, when year books were passed out. I decided I would go to the football field for one last time. I thought of all of the times before games he would bring me down behind the bleachers and have his good luck charm. Being the star quarterback, he needed his head in the game, but for some reason that couldnt happen until his head was in my mouth. I laughed at how many times I blew him under seat 5b. Remembering how one time the coach almost caught us, but I played it off as if I lost my watch. Or, how another time, when the opposing team's bus pulled up as he was pulled up his pants and I was wiping his excess cum from my face. Good times.... then I heard something under me, thinking it was nothing at first I ignored it. Then I heard laughing coming from somewhere. Curiosity lead me to explore where the sound was coming from. as I slid under the opening of the bleacher, I dropped right into my worst nightmare. My boyfriend was fucking sum underclassmen cunt. His back was towards me so he didnt notice I was there... I was shocked to see him fucking her as if he was just realeased from prison, he never beat my pussy up like that I thought. I began to cry. Maybe it was me sobbing louder or he could just sense he was being watched. He turned around to see my face. I ran before he could pull out. sprinting up the hill, I ran to the only place I knew he wouldnt go... the ladies locker room.

Inside the locker room I continued to cry. So upset I f***ed open my locker and began to rip the pictures of him out. Figuring everyone had left for the day or was on the main campus, I was Screaming all kinds of fuck yous and I hope you dies. Little did I know all of the PE teachers were having their end of the year meeting. All of a sudden, I heard a "hello, is everything ok in here." I tried to hide but before I could make it to the back door. I saw my cheerleading coach, Miss #$%^$. She was shocked to see me in the state I was in. Trying to play it off, I said I was just upset I didnt get into UCLA. She could tell I was lying and asked what was really going on. Emotions got the best of me; I screamed I just caught chris fucking another girl. She looked as if she already knew.

She asked if I was down by the bleachers? With a puzzled look on my face, I replied yes how did you know? She said we all know. "How did you think the coach you told to you lost your watch 2 know to go under 5b." Thats chris's fuck spot missy. Shock by how blunt she was, I couldnt muster a reply. She hugged me and kiss my forehead and told me it would be ok. Feeling the love she was showing, I let myself go. Sobbing hard in her arms. I could feel her nipples harden thru her sheer tennis top. She stroked my back and told me I was a beautiful young lady and Chris would be one of many men who come and go thru my life. She even joked and said, "you may even have woman or two." It made me feel a little better and I gathered enough courage to look her in the eye. We exhanged a weird eye to eye moment and then I said I just want to hurt him as much as he hurt me. With her big blue eyes she winked one eye and said "Come with me."

She e****ted me back to where the PE teachers were holding there meeting. She introduce me to the same teachers who watched me grow into a young woman. "Everyone, we all know Stacey, she just discovered our own star quarterback has been fucking her classmates under the bleachers. She wants to hurt him as much as he hurt her... I think we can help her out with that." I was in the conference room with all five PE teachers: my coach, the famale yoga instructor, and the three coaches from chris's team. At that moment they rushed me.....

Ripping the wifebeater off my chest. I was stunned by the f***e. scared out of my wits I didnt know what hit me. The two female coaches held my arms as two of the football coaches stripped me naked. The head coach went to the equipment room, and returned with a Camcorder. He said very calmly, "this is your message to Chris. Got anywords before we begin?" Feeling that rush of being watched and getting back at Chris. I just said fuck you.

Like sharks smelling freash bl**d they began to violate my body. My coach switched postions with chris's definsive coordinator. She knew I trusted her with my life and would be more open if she began. She slapped my 34 c cup tits with firm sensual wacks. Immediately my nipples perked right up. she pinched each nipple harder which only increased their size. She whispered in my ear "Now your in big, big trouble" without notice she thrusted her fingers deep into my cunt. I was dripping wet. She removed her hand to examine my juices and shoved her fingers in my mouth. Savoring my flavor I sucked her finger as if I was in control. She laughed as if I didnt know what was in store for me. She told the other teachers hold me down. She turn around and dropped her shorts. She ordered me to look at her ass. "Look at it Stacey!!! You see this ass Stacey!! I want you too eat it. Eat my ass, like a good little piggy, make Chris jealous Let him know each of us is going to have your tongue in their ass." I felt helpless and I LOVED IT. I tossed my coaches ass and then the other teachers in the room. For the men I gagged on their giant cocks; each saying im a good little cock sucking, ass eating tart. As for the ladies, they showed me how to eat pussy, and how much luv a good little slut can get.

The camcorder was passed around as much as I was. Each having their own chance to add their own angle to this raunchy session. When it was the Miss @#@, the yoga instructor's turn. She preferred a POV scene, with me looking up at her. While she had her legs behind her head and my tongue sucking on her huge swollen clit. Making out with her pussy lips, she told me to get up and turn around (as if we were gonna 69). Somehow making the camera angle work, she was able to POV me eating her pussy and the head coaches 10inch uncut cock pound my vaginal walls. I had never been strecthed this much before. My pussy was starting to convulse. I Remember squirting uncontrollably on the lens and then being ordered to clean it off with my tongue.

Then the ladies decided to let the guys have their way. I looked at them as if I needed assurance I would be ok. Their nurturing side came through, and told me its ok they know what they're doing. I was picked up and sandwiched in between the school's offensive and defensive coordinators. I was wondering what they were doing. When the defensive coordinator and my personal training coach told me to bite him on the chest. I said what? He said bite me on the chest. I complied and as I did he knodded, and I felt a thunderous pain invade my body. The Offensive coordinator offended my boody with the best pain I have ever felt in my life. His thick cock found its way in my virgin ass. Immediately my pussy was breached to counter act the pain. There was no need. I loved the way it hurt.

The ladies filmed every expression on my face. I had never been DPed, so Icouldnt hold myself in check. the Football coaches Moved in tandem to the couch against the wall of the conference room, I remained in between the offense and defense when the Head coach presented his cock to me again for sucking. I immediatley embraced his cock with my mouth and in my current position he was able to really test my gag reflexes. he would finish in my mouth, allowing me contiue my protein regiment. At the same time the other football coached shot loads into my pussy and ass. My coach and the Yoga instructor would tend to the deposits. They cleaned me with their tongues. Once they were sure they got every last drop. They spit their findings into my mouth and f***ed me to swollow.

the headcoach place the camcorder on a tripod and we all formed for a group picture. WE all thanked Chris for his years of service and told him that his coaches at college are getting a real special k**. As we were getting dressed I said i felt much better. I didnt have to worry about what chris would think anymore, and I felt like a new woman. As I left to find my way home, I felt like I was going to be ok....... (Mean while back in the PE conference room)

"Boy I tell you It gets easier every year." The Head coach said as he rewound the tape. "What do you mean Jack???" "You know Margret, the star quarterback fucks the hottest girl in school. If we set it up right, we can always get the poor prick to fuck around on her. Plus with you having the cheerleaders in the palm of your hand. THe limits are endless. Aww senior year. Next year will be here before you know it." "Your right Jack" Margret replied, "Why DO FOols Fall in Love?"
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