Sharing my wife part 2

Ok first let me start by saying all the stories are true.

After the first bight ny wife got fucked by a black man all was well. She got fucked real good and had a good time it was kind of clinical and he only wanted to pound her reslly hard. He left that Friday night and she sucked me off and we fucked then drifted off to sl**p. The next mourning she told me she would like to keep her date for that night with her second BBC. I said if that is what she wanted I was game. We keep the same hotel room and ran some errands then went to lunch. I could tell that the closer we got to the time for her meeting the more excited she got. It was about 5pmm when we made contact with him and arranged to pick him up. We arrived at a store where we said we would meet him. She spotted him and said to me wow he is really hot. He was tall around 6 foot 2 inches weighing about 250 poundds. We made small talk as we made our way back to the room. He was trying to wrap his mind around a man wanting to watch his wife getting fucked by another man. We stopped by a package store to get some Jack to losen us up a little. This man is thirty nine years old and my wife is in her mid forties. He was a full ten years older than the man the night before and I would soon find out how big a difference that would make.
We got back to the room and he started to kiss my wifr and she started to melt. She was putty in his hand. He slowly undressed her and layed her on the bed and slid up between her legs. He lowered his face to her pussy and started to eat her like there was no tomorrow. She was moaning and groaning then she begain to shake. She had her first orgasm and he continued for sbout five more min. He stood up and started to get undressed and she layed there and watched getting more wxcited with each item removed. He dropped his noxers and she let out a moan. He was atleast 9 inches and thick. He climbed on the bed and she started to suck his cock and get him fully hard. He would moan and groan and tell her how good it felt she sucked him long and hard. The look in her eyes were ubreal. She was so content. It was obvious that she enjoyed that large black cock in her mouth. She sucked on him for a good twenty min. and he was enjoying every sec. of it. He then had her lay on her nack and moved his big cock between her legs. He rubbed the tip of his cock along the length of her clit. She was moaning loud before he ever inserted his cock. She was so wet you could see her juice running down her butt. Then he slid his cock into her waiting pussy. He began to pump in and out he fucked her slow and steady for at least 30 min. it was at this point that I realized that he was making love to my wife not just fucking her. She was sreaming and bucking she came atleast twice more during this slow and steady fuck. Thet went to change positions and as he pulled out you could she the shiny glow of her cum on his cock. She started to suck on his cock again and she sucked him until he shot his load into her mouth and she swallowed ever last drop. It seemed like he cam for hours. It was amazing she did not lose even one drop. The two of them layed there arm in arm cuddling and kissing while they rested After about 15 min. He got hard again and turned her ass up and he fucked ger again pounding her pussy from behind. She was moaning and groaning and screaming there is no doubt that everyone in the hotel kmew she was getting the fucking of her life.This went on for about 4 hours. We drove him back to his place with her holdinf his hand the entire time. He gave her a long passionate kiss and we left talking about the events of the day. It was then that I knew that this would not be the last time she took a strangers cock. I will share the nest chapter in our summwe in part 3.
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excellent story