My first time with a BBW Swinger

I was in my early 20s and she was in her 40s. We had been chatting and flirting over IM for quite a while and at some point we both said we wanted to get together and play. During our long chats she had talked about how much she'd love a young guy to have his way with her.

We were both turned on by the same very kinky and very nasty things. Playing with her huge tits and nickel sized nipples could make her pussy drip with cum. Her clit was large and we talked about me getting to suck her swollen button until she squirted all over my chest and face. Both of us were turned on by deep wet kissing while groping and touching. She told me she had always loved having her ass fucked but that very few guys were willing to lick her ass. Sitting in front of my computer I just smiled...and stroked my cock a bit harder. I told her about all the things I wanted to try and had been fantasizing about. At first I was nervous about sharing my fantasies because I thought she'd be turned off and wouldn't want to meet. She encouraged me to open up and told me there wasn't much I could tell her that would turn her off. It started fairly tame with me asking to fuck her ass and cum on her tits, or something like that. As she pressed for more I started talking about wanting to fuck all of her holes. It became more and more graphic. We talked about her hanging her head over the side of the bed and opening wide for me to fuck her mouth. She told me all her holes were mine to do whatever I'd like and I could cum anywhere I'd like. I learned about snowballing from her and she said she could bring some toys to try a dp. I couldn't believe I might actually get to meet this lady.

Because my job has always kept me traveling most of the time, it's been hard to really get to know local swingers how I'd like. This started the same and it took us several months to set up a meeting. She would drive the half hour to my place and we'd see if we hit it off. It was a weekday afternoon and I was home with a couple of days off. I was nervous and she said she was later too. As the time got closer I almost had myself convinced she wouldn't come. And then there she was, pulling into my driveway. She got out of her Suburban and I couldn't believe what I saw. She was everything a BBW should be. Pretty tall, she had short light brown hair and beautiful eyes. Her huge tits pressed against her dress and I could tell her big round ass would be perfect. The dress was long and very pretty. She had promised there wouldn't be much on underneath. She saw me in the window smiling and smiled back. A bolt of lightning shot through me. I opened the door and she stepped into the house and just stood there looking at me. I pushed her against the wall and kissed her. She responded with a little moan as her mouth opened for my tongue. She smelled incredible and I knew she was as turned on as I was. This was going to be fun. After several minutes of very deep and very wet kissing we went to the couch. We sat down and I asked if she liked what she saw. "Oh fuck yes, do you? Am I too big?". I leaned in close and started running my hand up her calf under her dress. "I love how big you are." We both smiled and relaxed. As my hand slid past her knee she opened her legs wide and said "well then I'm your slut."

My fingers found her pussy and she was dripping. My cock was ready to burst from my jeans and we took our time undressing each other and teasing. As I was taking off my jeans she sunk two fingers into her dripping slit. She held them to my nose and then wiped them on my lips. They were glistening and dripping with her cum. "More...give me more". So she proceeded to put three fingers deep inside and came out with them covered in thick creamy cunt juice. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. "MMMMM you are a nasty boy."

"Fuck yes I am" as I slurped her cum off her messy fingers. "Now I have something for you, open wide sweetie." She smiled and pulled her big tits out of her dress. "You can play with these while you fuck my slutty mouth baby." By then I had my cock out and was jerking it in front of her face. She stuck her tongue out and a bit of drool started to drip down. "I hope you like it messy". With the I push my cock toward her and she moaned a bit as she started licking my shaft up and down. "Go ahead and try to gag me baby. I love having my mouth fucked." I grabbed her hair and pushed the head of my cock into her mouth, still stroking the shaft and enjoying the view. Her mouth was so hot and wet. I pushed deeper and the spit started to form at the corners of her mouth. She was breathing hard and looking up at me. My cock was throbbing and I just let go and pushed the whole length of my cock as deep as I could go.Her fingernails dug into my asscheeks as I fucked her mouth and she started to gag on my cock a bit. I slid out to make sure she was ok and long thick strands of drool came with it. "Was that ok?"

"Oh I know you can do better than that baby." As soon as the words left her mouth she spit on my dripping cock. I leaned down to kiss her....licking and sucking some of the slobber off her lips.

"Let's get you out of that dress then."

To Be Continued
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4 years ago
So far so good
4 years ago
awww u cant stop like that thats fucken amazing send me the next part please
4 years ago
more please