gone too far

Hi Bill,

Sorry not to be in contact. Convalescing right now after an "interesting" few weeks, and a situation that got a little bit out of hand while in France.

Met a French schoolteacher on a gay website and visited him. Although he said he had a large cock, he didn't but nonetheless he was great fun to be with. A large hairy guy who was, like me, also into kinky sex and I was quite at ease to do lots of things straight away that usually take some time to build up trust. For example, on our first meeting, I allowed him to handcuff me and beat me with a multi stranded whip on my ass, cock and balls. He fucked me with a condom and used a large dildo on my ass. I sucked him off into my mouth and he pissed on me, and in my mouth, in his bath. We spent some time naked and he clearly likes my body and watched me masturbate. He asked me what else I liked and I told him that I like groups and would happily be a slave for a group of tops. We laughed about this and he said he could organise a little party with a couple of friends of his who didn't speak English but both were kinky and one of whom was into fisting. I told him that I hadn't tried that, was willing to give it a go, but was nervous as my hole is tight.

Anyway, my wife was away for a week, returning last Monday and I agreed to visit Alain again over the weekend when his two friends would be there. I was to be a slave to all three of them, which I was looking forward to. Alain asked me whether wearing condoms was compulsory and I said that it was and all seemed to be okay. I went there on Friday afternoon and they were all there ready for some fun.

As I like to do, I stripped immediately for them, while they remained clothed, drinking and smoking. They were all quite large built guys and hairy with beards. I moved from one to the other and gave them some deep kisses on the mouth as they played with and fondled me. One of Alain's mates put some handcuffs on me, one set on each hand and the other guy attached some clasps round my ankles. This was turning me on, and I had already taken a Viagra, so was standing proud. They moved me to an open doorway and fastened me up in a sort of X shape with my legs at the corner of the door frame and my wrists at the top corners. Alain beat me with the "cat of 9 tails" on my bottom. I asked him into beat my cock and balls with it, which he did. This turned on the others. One of them got a thin cane and started beating my bottom with it, which was delicious. He oiled it and each stroke stung quite sharply. My cock was very hard and, through Alain, he asked whether I wanted it on my cock.

I said yes and he gave me six sharp, but not too strong strokes, which was painful but enjoyable. They then each rubbed cream onto the areas they had beaten and released me from the handcuffs and bindings. I was tied face down onto the coffee table and a cushion put underneath my belly so that my bottom was pointing upwards. Alain then had me from behind as the others took turns in my mouth. One of them was large and cut, the other slightly smaller than average and uncut. Mr uncut had not washed and was a bit dirty and smelly but nonetheless I enjoyed sucking him.

After Alain had come he squeezed the contents of his condom into my mouth and told me to swallow, which of course I did. Mr uncut then fucked me hard without a condom and pushed his cock into my mouth to spurt. Mr cut then used my bottom and came in it. I wasn't in much of a position to object, and was kind of lost in the moment. They released me and I was told, through Alain to rim them all, making sure that they were clean. I started with Alain, who I had rimmed before, then dealt with Mr cut and then Mr uncut, who was not clean when I started. I was not allowed to come.

We broke for dinner, and had a very civilised evening meal (which was rather surprising but very pleasant). After we had eaten I went under the table to suck each of them to a satisfactory conclusion, following which I went up to Alain's bathroom and lay in the bath while each of them pissed on me with my mouth open, taking much of their piss in my mouth and on my face.

Before we all went to bed, I was allowed to masturbate in front of them, which was a delight for me and for them.

The following morning after breakfast I was told to lie on my back on a bare tiled floor and a pullback my foreskin. They each took a candle and lit it and took turns dropping hot wax onto my belly, chest, cock and balls, which was exquisite. Further buggery took place and condoms were forgotten as they swapped positions and ends. Mr uncut got three fingers inside me without any problem and with some butter managed four. When they had all shot their loads into my mouth or ass, we had a break for some coffee and spirits, after which my mouth was again used as an urinal. I was instructed to swallow what I was given and was slapped on the face if I didn't. As I didn't completely comply they decided it was time I was punished.

This time I was tied to the kitchen table and caned hard on my bottom which left some very red marks. It was very painful and not much fun but they were really into it. They released me and asked me to lie on my back on the table as they tied my ankles and wrists so that I was spreadeagled. A string was tied round the end of my cock and around my balls so they could pull on each piece. This made me hard and Mr uncut caned my penis until I lost my erection. This was too much, but they were still enjoying it and Alain wanked off into my mouth. Mr cut shoved his cock down my throat and and fucked it till he came. I swallowed his load.

My cock was a little bl**dy and very red where it had been caned by the thin cane. Strangely, I was still enjoying the pain and humiliation. Mr uncut squatted over my genitals and rubbed my cock with his backside. He then, through Alain, told me to lick his ass clean, which it was not, or he would further torture my rather battered genitals. I was a little bit reluctant, but a cigarette burn on my scrotum persuaded me, and I started licking. He wasn't entirely satisfied, so I now have five cigarette burns in that area.

I was then untied, cleaned myself up, got my things together and left. It had all got a little out of hand and I haven't had an erection for several days. My penis is bruised badly and has red weals all over it and I am applying various ointments to the scrotum. I think I may have to visit the doctor tomorrow, which will be embarrassing, but my cock is swollen, and not in a good way.

So there you are, fun in the most part, but too much at the end.

Will let you know when I am better.

Best wishes

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5 months ago
dude i hope your are ok great story most part but i realy do hope u ok
5 months ago
luv the bondage degradation and flogging