Morning Visitor

Mina stretched as she stepped out of the shower. Sam, her husband, had left ten minutes ago to take his parents to the airport. Thank God, she thought. She really loved his parents but was grateful to see them go after their weeklong visit. Between graduate school and entertaining them, she was exhausted! She had the house to herself until the afternoon and was grateful for the peace and quiet.

Early morning light streamed through the bathroom window bringing out blue highlights in her shoulder length black wavy black hair as she blow-dry it. When she was finished she piled it haphazardly on top of her head with an alligator clip and applied a light application of make-up to her flawless porcelain skin, making her hazel eyes glow. She threw on a pair of black lace panties and a camisole and examined herself with a critical eye in the floor to ceiling closet mirror. She had put on a good forty pounds since starting graduate school, having found it nearly impossible to find time to get to the gym or even pay too much attention to her diet between her responsibilities to school and home. She was definitely a little more than plump, but Sam seemed to truly enjoy her new figure.

With a shrug she left her room and walked downstairs to make herself a cup of tea and straighten up. As she descended the stairs she smiled to herself. She really loved their beautiful home, with its dark wood and antique charm. Sam made good money as an architect at an upscale design firm downtown and their home reflected it. Mina sat at the granite topped kitchen island and sipped at her tea while she flipped through Cosmo enjoying the blissful quiet. While incredibly loving, Sam's parents didn't seem to know the meaning of companionable silence. They felt the need to fill every moment with aimless chatter.

Finishing her tea, Mina stood and began cleaning up the breakfast mess. Standing at the sink washing dishes, she looked out the large window into the backyard looking forward to the hot steamy sex she was going to have with Sam tonight. She just wasn't able to bring herself to fuck Sam with his parents in the next room. Mina couldn't enjoy herself if she couldn't vocalize her enjoyment, so they just didn't have sex while they had visitors. Her panties started do dampen at the thought of what Sam was sure to do to her with his skillful tongue and big cock.

Mina shivered with desire as she reached to put a large bowl on a high shelf, needing to use both hands due to the size of the glass bowl. Just as she slid the bowl onto the shelf she felt two hands reach around her and slip under her camisole, which had already ridden up, to grasp her bare breasts. Mina gave a squeal of fright, her heart thundering in her ears as she stiffened. She felt more than heard a whisper against her ear, "Hey Minacakes."

Recognizing her husband's pet name for her, Mina relaxed. "You're meeting get cancelled, baby?" She asked. He hummed his agreement before running his tongue along the shell of her ear before sucking the lobe into his mouth and nibbling on it. Mina gave a groan and leaned back into him, closing her eyes as she felt a gush of moisture wet her panties. Her ears and neck were her top erogenous spots outside of her cunt and ass, and he showed how well he knew her by taking full advantage of that knowledge. He nibbled his was to her neck where he licked and bit while rubbing and pinching Mina's nipples until she was squirming and moaning in need. Moisture now completely soaked her lace panties.

"Pinch them harder baby," Mina panted. He was quick to comply, pinching her nipples and pulling hard and slow on them before twisting them.

"Ahhh, ahhh, fuck yes, baby, that feels so good," Mina panted.

Releasing one breast, he slid his hand down into the waistband of her underwear and f***ed 2 fingers into her cunt. He groaned when his hand was instantly sopping wet from all her juices. He bit down hard on where her neck and shoulder met, laving the sting with his tongue. Mina gave a whimper and her cunt clenched hard around the two fingers currently pumping in and out of it. As he continued to lick all over her neck and pump her cunt with his fingers, her juices poured out, beginning to run down her inner thighs.

He took two steps back bringing Mina with him, before pulling his hand out of her panties. Mina whimpered in unhappy protest. He ignored her protest and simply grabbed both of her hands and placed them on the counter in front of her, effectively forcing her to bend over. When she began to protest and turn around, he grabbed her by the hair on the back of her head, leaned over and whispered, "Be a good little girl and stay." Mina whimpered, loving it when Sam got rough and dominant with her. She nodded. She was rewarded with a squeeze of her ample ass cheek.

Mina felt him drop to his knees behind her. Slipping two fingertips into the waist of her panties, he slowly slipped them down her ass, kissing and nibbling her cheeks as he went. Mina was whimpering, loving when he played with her ass. When she stepped out of her panties, he nudged her feet further apart, exposing her dripping cunt to him. He ran a single finger along her slit, gathering a copious amount of her juices and she could hear him sucking the juices from his finger. Mina groaned in pure lust at the thought. She could feel him lean forward and sniff at her cunt. This time it was his turn to moan.

Abruptly, he palmed each of her ass cheeks and spread her apart. Mina grabbed tightly to the countertop for balance as she went up on tippy toes. Without warning, he leaned forward and ran his tongue from her clit to her little back door rosebud. Mina gave a shout of pure lust. "More baby, please! Eat me, Sam!"

Ignoring her cunt for now, he leaned in and began to vigorously eat her ass. He began with several long, thorough laps of her entire ass crack, pausing minutely every time he passed her tight little hole. Mina was squirming, trying to get him to give her more. He complied with her silent demand and began tonguing her asshole, flicking back and forth and rimming it before f***efully fucking her ass with his tongue. Mina relaxed allowing him to push his tongue far into her sweet tight little hole. He spent several long minutes tongue fucking her, pushing in as far as he could and swirling his tongue around. Mina was grinding her plump ass onto his face as she moaned and squealed, begging incoherently for more. When he pulled back from her ass he noticed a little puddle between her legs where her juices has fallen. His dick throbbed at the sight, knowing he'd gotten her so excited.

"Oh god, baby, don't stop. Please make me cum, I need it so bad," Mina begged as she rotated her hips in his face. He acquiesced, sliding two, then three fingers into her drenched cunt, meeting little resistance. Her cunt made a squelching sound as it tried to hold onto his finger when he pulled them out. He thrust them in harder this time, roughly finger fucking her tight, sopping wet cunt. He continued to finger fuck Mina as she whimpered and sobbed her pleasure. As he felt her approaching orgasm he abruptly pulled away.

"No!" Mina screamed, but her scream of protest turned to one of ecstasy as he leaned in and sucked her clit into his mouth. He suckled hard on the little nub, flicking it with his tongue. While his mouth was glued to her throbbing cunt he reached around with both hands and began to pluck and pinch her hanging nipples. After several moments of this play, he felt Mina's clit get incredibly large and hard moments before she tossed her head back and screamed out her orgasm. He released her nipples and grabbed onto her hips to hold her in place as he continued to suck her clit, milking her for every last drop of cum that flowed from her beautiful pink cunt. Finally Mina begged him on a sob, "Enough, baby, I can't take anymore."

He relented, taking mercy on her sensitive cunt and stood. He pulled her up and leaned her against him, kissing her neck before sliding his lips up to her mouth. She tilted her head, eyes closed, to receive his kiss. He thrust his tongue deep into her mouth and she sucked on it with enthusiasm. When he turned her around and moved her back from him Mina had a soft smile on her face as she opened her eyes. She immediately froze in place, staring into the jade green eyes of a man who was definitely NOT her husband!

Before she could utter a sound, the man stepped up to her and wrapped his hand around her throat.

"Don't say a fucking word and I won't hurt you. Understand?" he asked. Mina whimpered and nodded, noticing with shame and a little excitement how her juices were still gleaming on the man's mouth and chin. He towered over her 5'3" frame by at least a foot and was well muscled, wiping away any idea Mina had of trying to run or fight.

"That's a good little girl. Now, let's go upstairs and continue our fun. I'm not nearly finished with you yet." He reached over and pulled the clip from Mina's hair. With her hair loose, he quickly wrapped his fist in it and used it to push her up the stairs in front of him. Mina could feel his jeans clad cock rubbing against her bare ass the whole way up the stairs. Despite everything that was going on Mina still felt the tremors from the huge orgasm that this man had given her.

I'm a fucking whore, she thought, not even pretending to herself that she hadn't immensely enjoyed an orgasm given to her by a man other than her husband. But I'd rather just do as he says and not get hurt.

As he pushed her into her bedroom he released her hair. Mina turned around as he said, "Take the top off." When Mina hesitated for a second the man told her, "Take it off or I'll rip it off." Absurdly worried about her new cami, Mina quickly did as he said and soon stood before him completely naked. The man devoured her from head to toe, a heated look in his eyes. "Fucking hot," he told her. "I love a girl with extra meat on her bones. I'm really going to enjoy this."

As the man spoke, Mina took the time to observe him. He was very attractive with those jade green eyes and black hair that was just long enough to cover his ears. As she watched he began unbuttoning his jeans. Mina's eyes widened.

"Don't move," he commanded her, "or you'll be sorry." Thoroughly believing him, Mina simply watched as he disrobed. As he pulled his jeans down a huge cocked fell out. Half hard he was already substantially large. Mina's eyes followed his jeans down noticing long thick legs. He toed off his shoes and stepped out of his jeans while pulling his t-shirt over his head. He had a broad, muscular chest covered by a large tattoo of a winged dragon. She also saw that both of his nipples were pierced. Involuntarily, her uterus contracted in desire and a huge gush of moisture flooded her cunt.

Mina looked up when he chuckled. "Like what you see, baby?" Mina just blushed hotly and averted her eyes. He stepped up to her and she involuntarily took a step back. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her closer, tilting her head back. He leaned down until they were nose to nose. "Don't do that again," he growled at her. "That is your one free fuck-up. Next time you'll be punished. Do I have your attention?"

"Yes," Mina whispered. "I'm sorry."

"Good girl," he told her. "Open your mouth." When she immediately complied, he slammed his mouth down on hers, thrusting his tongue in. Holding her in place by her hair, he ravaged her mouth, licking the entire inside and sucking her tongue into his mouth. Afraid to anger him, and undeniably aroused, Mina kissed him back. Being a sub to her Dom husband, she couldn't help but be turned on by this man's dominance. Mina's nipples hardened against his chest and feeling it, he pulled back. "You're a little whore aren't you? Look how hard your nipples are."

With his free hand he reached up and pinched one of her nipples, just shy of true pain. Mina just closed her eyes and moaned.

"No, open your eyes and watch what I'm doing to you, little slut." Mina opened her eyes as he tilted her head down. She watched as his long fingers pinched and twisted her nipples until their normal light pink color turned into a dark red with arousal. Mina bit her lip to keep from moaning aloud again. "NO! You won't hold back. I want to hear it all. You won't try to hide your reactions from me." Grabbing Mina by the chin he kissed her deeply again. When he was done he dragged her to the bed and shoved her down on it.

He walked to her dresser and opened the drawer that housed all of her and Sam's sex toys and accessories. Clearly he'd been in this room before. Mina whimpered as he pulled out a set of leather restraints, a butt plug and lube. Uncaring of his threats, Mina jumped up and ran for the door. She barely made it to the door before she felt an arm around her waist and was lifted off her feet.

"NO!" she screamed, thrashing and kicking her feet. "Let me go, fucker!"

"I warned you," he told her calmly as he sat on the bed. He maneuvered her struggling body until he had her lying across his knees. He then threw one of his legs over both of hers and held her upper body in place by pulling her head down by her hair. Without any further warning, he slammed his hand down on her naked ass. Mina screeched in outrage and not a little bit of pain. He spanked her four more times in rapid succession. Mina felt tears falling from her eyes at the pain, but also felt moisture flowing freely from her cunt. When he rubbed his hand over her stinging ass she moaned. He slipped a finger between her thighs and pushed it into her cunt with no resistance since she was sopping wet. Involuntarily she pushed against the invading digit.

"You are a responsive little bitch, aren't you? Sammy give you beatings like this?" Her body stiffened at the mention of her husband's name. He chuckled. "God, you're sexy," he told her as he removed his finger. She heard him loudly sucking her juices from his hand. She felt him reaching around behind them. Moments later when she felt the cold wetness of lube pour down her ass crack she realized he must have thrown the things in his hand on the bed when he'd given chase. Knowing what was coming, and that there'd be no escaping, Mina tried to relax her body to make it easier on herself.

"Good girl," he told her before slipping a finger into her ass without preamble. It stung for a second before the pain turned into pleasure. Mina bit her lip to keep her moan in but, remembering his command, she let it out. She felt his cock hardened against her belly as she squirmed back against his hand trying to get more. He pumped his finger into her tight little ass several times before adding a second one. By this time Mina was panting and groaning, grinding her pussy against his leg. When he pulled his fingers out, she gave a groan of protest.

"Don't worry, my sweet little whore, we aren't done." Mina felt the tip of the butt plug against her ass. Eager now to have her ass filled again, Bella didn't fight him. As he pushed the plug into her, she pushed out against it easing its passage deep into her body. When it popped into place she sighed at the pleasure of being filled. Then he pulled his hand back and gave her several more hard spankings, centered right over the plug. Mina screamed as orgasm shot through her body. She couldn't hold it back and frankly didn't want to.

"Get up," he demanded.

When he released her, Mina rose to stand in front of him on shaky legs. The change of positions shoved the plug even deeper into her ass and she groaned at the intense sensation.

"Are you going to fight me anymore?" he asked her.

"No," she told him.

"No, Daddy," he corrected her.

Mina's eyes widened and her eyebrows shot up in question. Mina and Sam often did the daddy and naughty daughter roleplaying and she loved it. The nastiness of it turned her on as did the D/s of it. At least she knew this game he was playing and knew the rules.

"You heard me, you sweet little whore. Say it, and you'll refer to me that way from now on."

"No, Daddy, I'm not going to fight you anymore," she replied meekly.

"That's Daddy's good little girl. Now, put your hands out." He smiled when she complied, locking the leather manacles around her wrists. He pulled her to an empty corner of her room and lifted the long chain that connected the manacles to a hook in the ceiling. "You and your Sammy are a kinky couple. Seems like I get to enjoy his training." He stood back and eyed her. Her breasts were lifted and pressed together from having her arms imprisoned above her head. She was stretched tightly, nearly having to stand on her tiptoes. "You look delicious."

He circled her, trailing his hands all over her body; ass, breasts, back. Mina was panting in a combination of fear and anticipation. What was he going to do to her? She was now at his complete and utter mercy.

"Did you like it when I ate you earlier?"

"You know I did...Daddy. But I thought you were my husband."

"Hmm...yes, but you still came for ME! I was the one who ate your sweet cunt and ass. You came all over my face. I can still taste you baby," he said as he ran his tongue over his lips. Mina shuddered as she remembered how it felt when he ate her in the kitchen. "Do you want your daddy to eat you again?"

Mina shook her head. Reaching down he shoved two fingers into her sopping wet cunt and laughed. "I think my little girl is a liar!" He brought his hand up to show her how it was puddled with her juices. Reaching to her, he smeared her own juices on her mouth before leaning down and licking them off. When Mina gasped he thrust his tongue into her mouth causing her to taste herself. "You taste so good. Do you like the way you taste, baby?"

"Yes, Daddy," she replied, panting.

He dropped to his knees in front of her and ran just the tip of his tongue up her slit. Mina whimpered and tried to press herself more firmly against his mouth. He chuckled darkly, saying, "That's what I thought, my little whore. Daddy is going to eat you so good again." He used his thumbs to spread her cunt lips apart and thrust his tongue deep inside her. Mina whimpered as he plunged it into her over and over again. When he spread her feet apart she had to stay up on her tiptoes to keep from hurting herself. But she was rewarded with him burying his face in her pussy, tongue fucking her furiously with deep hard stabs. Mina couldn't stop the moans pouring from her mouth now. "Talk dirty to Daddy," he commanded her.

Mina didn't even want to resist now. "Oh Daddy it feels so good when you lick your little girls cunt. I love it so much. Please, please don't stop."

The man reached between Mina's legs and began pressing the butt plug hard into her ass while he began to suck and nibble her clit. Mina let out a small scream.

"Oh god Daddy. Fuck yes. Play with you little girls ass. You're such a good daddy. I'll be your good little whore Daddy." Mina panted and thrust back and forth on his face, not knowing what felt better, his tongue sucking her swollen clit or his hand pounding the plug into her ass. "Daddy, Daddy, I'm going to come!" He immediately pulled away and Mina screamed, "NO! Please, Daddy!"

"No, you can't come yet. You can't come unless I tell you that you can." Mina let out a moan that bordered on a sob. "You have beautiful tits, baby girl. I think I've not paid them enough attention." He grabbed both her breasts and pushed them together. Leaning down he tongued first one nipple, then the other. He flicked his tongue roughly against each nipple, causing Mina to arch toward him. "Eager little slut aren't you? "Yes, Daddy."

Again, he chuckled, seemingly pleased with her willingness to submit herself to his games. He leaned back down and sucked one nipple into his mouth, pulling hard. Mina moaned, u*********sly rocking her hips toward him. He sc****d his teeth along her nipple, causing small pain, before sucking hard again. He repeated this, going back and forth between her nipples several times, all the while Mina struggled to maintain her balance.

When he finally straightened, he asked her, "Do you want Daddy to fuck you, little whore?"

"Oh Daddy, please fuck me," Mina panted, desperate to come now. Reaching down he grabbed her knee and lifted her leg until it was resting on his hip. He squatted down slightly and lifted her other leg until she had both legs wrapped loosely around him. As wet and spread open as she was he slid right into her soft cunt. They both grunted when he bottomed out against her cervix. He was so big he pressed against the plug from inside her cunt. Mina moaned and wrapped her hands around the chain to bear some of her own weight. "Fuck Daddy, you feel so good inside me!"

"God your thighs are soft. Nothing like fucking a soft little slut." With her legs wrapped fully around him now, he slid his hands under her ample ass to give himself some leverage. Raising her slightly, he slammed her back down hard on his thick cock. Mina threw her head back in abandon and moaned. "Do you like Daddy's cock in you, little girl?"

"Fuck yes, Daddy," she moaned to him. "Your cock feels so good in your little girl's wet pussy. I love you fucking me Daddy. Don't stop, I'll be your good little whore," she praised him as he slammed his cock into her repeatedly, each time bumping the butt plug, doubling the pleasure she felt. Leaning his head in, he bit down on her neck while he stroked himself in and out of her tight, sopping wet cunt. "Oh, Daddy, I need to come! Please let me come all over your big cock. Please!" she begged. "I feel your cock swelling in me Daddy; I know you want to come. Please let me come with you."

"Ok, you little slut, you can come," he moaned into her ear as he released her neck. In two more thrusts, Mina was screaming as she came hard, her cunt clenching and unclenching, milking his cock. With one last cervix-slamming thrust he stilled against her. His hands dug into her ass as he poured stream upon stream of cum into her cunt. After several moments, he let her feet down and Mina had to let go of the chain to reach the floor. Swaying in the aftermath of her orgasm, she had to fight to keep her balance. They both stood still for several moments, neither speaking.

Fighting for some semblance of self-respect, Mina sneered at him, "Are you finished? Can you go now?"

The man's head snapped up and his eyes glowed with anger. Without saying a word he moved to stand behind her. Mina craned her neck to see what he was doing, but couldn't fully see without losing her balance. She felt him reach up and unhook the chain connecting her manacles from the hook in the ceiling. He removed the chain from the leather cuffs and brought her arms roughly behind her before fastening the cuffs to each other. Leaning in, he growled into her ear, "You have a smart fucking mouth, bitch, and I'm going to show you a better use for it."

With one hand in her hair and one hand on her cuffs, he d**g her to the bed. He pushed her to her knees and, keeping one hand in her hair, sat in front of her on the bed. His cock was still semi-hard when he gestured to it, saying, "You get to suck me clean now little whore." Without hesitating, he used the hand in her hair to shove her face into his lap. "Suck it," he growled at her. When she resisted, his hand tightened in her hair painfully. "If you don't want me to fucking hurt you, do what I said."

Fearing angering him further, Mina opened her mouth and sucked him inside. She was immediately assailed by the taste of her own abundant fluids on his cock. Wrapping her tongue around his girth, she licked and sucked her cum off of him. He used his hold in her hair to shove her down hard on his length, causing Mina to gag hard before she f***ed her throat to relax. Fully hard once again, he began thrusting up into her mouth while pushing her head down. Mina consciously relaxed her larynx to deep throat him. Not that she had much of a choice; it was either that or choke.

"That's a good little whore," he praised her, "deep throat Daddy's big cock. That's it baby, suck it."

Despite herself, Mina was becoming aroused again. She'd always loved sucking cock and apparently now was no exception. She took over, bobbing her head up and down as she sucked hard on his huge cock. When she began moaning, he groaned and thrust up harder into her mouth. Without warning, he pulled her head off of him. Mina looked up at him, eyes heavy lidded with arousal, saliva and her own cum making her mouth shiny. She looked debauched and his cock jerked at the sight.

Standing, he pulled her to her feet and pushed the upper half of her body onto the bed. "Daddy's going to fuck your tight little asshole now," he told her. Mina could only whimper as her cunt spasmed in delight at the thought. With a pop, he pulled the plug out of her ass and dropped it on the floor. "Now that's so pretty, little slut. A nice tight hole surrounded by all that cushiony ass." He pushed two fingers into her hole, meeting little resistance thanks to the plug doing its job. "Oh, you are ready for Daddy's big cock in your ass, aren't you baby? Answer me!" He told her with a slap on her ass.

"Yes, Daddy," Mina panted. "I want your big hard cock in my ass."

Grabbing his cock in his hand, he guided it right to her little hole. It slipped in with ease causing both to moan loudly. After the initial sting, all Mina felt was gut wrenching pleasure at having his huge cock deep in her bowels.

"Oh, fuck yes," he growled, pulling out and slamming back in. Mina was at his mercy, being unable to brace herself, her hands cuffed behind her back. Hands on her hips, he continued to slam into her. "Your ass is so fucking tight. Daddy could keep his cock in here all night, you little slut."

"Oh Daddy, you make my ass feel so good! Harder, Daddy, harder! Fuck your little whore so good," Mina moaned, coming close to orgasm again. She could feel both their cum from earlier leaking out of her cunt and the feeling, combined with his cock ravaging her ass, sent her hurtling over the edge and she screamed loudly as she came, bucking wildly against him.

He grabbed her hair and jerked her up against his chest, never stopping his punishing pounding inside her ass. "You didn't ask permission to come," he growled in her ear. "You'll pay for that later."

Mina whimpered, "I'm sorry Daddy. I'm sorry. Your cock just felt so good inside me," she pled with him as her cunt continued to twitch in orgasm. When his cock got even bigger in her ass, she knew he was going to come. "Yes, Daddy, yes. Come in your little girl's ass!"

That was enough to send him over the edge and with a grunt he came. Mina felt a huge load empty into her bowls. He continued to thrust for several moments, emptying more and more cum into her. When he was done, he gently eased out of her and unfastened her cuffs. He carried her to the head of the bed and laid her down before falling in beside her. She immediately threw her arm and leg over him and laid her head on his chest.

"We missed you so much, Jack," she told him. "I hate it that you have to leave when Sammy's parents visit."

"Me, too, baby," he told her as he kissed her head gently.

"We weren't expecting you home until tonight. Does Sammy know you're here?"

"Yes. I called him right before he went into his meeting. He'll be home soon."

"I can't wait! I've missed having you both in bed with me. WE'VE missed you."

"I can't wait to get my lips around Sammy's hard cock. I've got a week of lost time to make up for with you two."

"I'm sure he feels the same way."

"Damn right I do," said a voice from the doorway.

Jack and Mina looked up to see Sammy standing in the doorway, already undressing.

To Be Continued...
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wow! what a twist at the end! very well done. In my favorites now.