Some of you will have read my other stories this one is a little different as I was not around when this happened or indeed know any thing about it until afterit had happened.

I had to go away with my work for a few days on training course so Tracy was to left alone at home. I phoned Tracy when I arrived at the hotel just to let her know I had arrived safely. Tracy tod me that a friend of ours (I will call him Dan) had phoned and asked if he could stay for a couple of nights. Tracy had said no as I was away but I told her to phone him back and say he could keep her company. Now I have to say at this point Tracy had never relly fancied Dan and as far as I know Dan had no thoughts of doing any thing with Tracy we were all just friends.

When I got home I asked Tracy how her few days had gone and she just said that she had had a pleasant time with Dan and she said it was a shame I had missed him. I thought no more of it at the time. A few days later Tracy and I were chatting I asked her what her and Dan had done to kill the time, Tracy off handedly said well we had sex a few times. I laughed and said you wish so she showed me some polariod photos they had taken. I was a little shocked but turned on Tracy had played with other friends before but I had always been there. I asked for details so now I will try to tell the story as Tracy said it happened.

The first night after Dan had arrived Tracy was getting ready for bed Dan had already gone to bed in the spare room. Tracy had decided to have a shower before bed thinking Dan was asl**p Tracy got undressed in our room and walked the few steps to the bathroom naked she had her shower dried off and opened the door still naked to find Dan standing the other side waiting to use the toilet. Tracy said she tried to cover up a bit and said sorry and went into our room.

The next morning at breakfast Tracy apologized for the night before Dan said not to worry about it and then he added I have often wandered what you looked like naked they both laughed.

They spent the day together every now and then Dan would drop in a comment about Tracy and that he liked what he had seen. He told her it was a shame she had run off as he would have liked a better look as he had been half asl**p.

That evening Tracy cooked a meal and they shared a bottle of wine or two after the meal they sat in the living room they had a few more drinks but Tracy said they weren't d***k just a little relaxed. Dan started to talk about the night before again he started to compliment Tracy on her body he said he would love to see it again some time. Tracy said she laughed but was getting turned on. Tracy then went upstairs she told Dan that she was going to go and get changed into her night clothes. Dan called after her as she left the room not to put too much on.

Tracy said she took along time getting changed she says that she put on a normal nightie then changed into a baby doll one and back into the normal one again and finally she said she thought fuck it give Dan a treat and she put on a very small thong and a very short see through negligee and went back down to Dan.

As she walked in Dan did a double take and just starred at Tracy open mouthed for a few minuets. He asked Tracy to turn round so he could see the back view as well. Tracy turned round Dan could see her ass. Tracy turned back round facing Dan and asked him what he thought. Dan then told Tracy she was very sexy and although he could see her tits through the negligee he would love to see them free again. Tracy said it was at this point she decided she was going to let Dan take this as far as he wanted to. Tracy stepped forward and invited Dan to undo the tie he reached for the tie and undid it Tracy allowed the negligee to fall to the floor leaving her in just her thong. Dan then reached for Tracy's tits and started to rub them he then took one of her nipples in his mouth and started to suck he swapped between her tits and then he reached for Tracy's thong and started rubbing her pussy through the thong and then he pulled it to one side and started fingering her very wet pussy. Tracy said she was only just standing as her knees were giving way as she came close to cumming. Tracy then asked Dan if he wanted her to suck his cock he of course said yes but added that he wanted to lick her pussy so Tracy took off her thong and helped Dan to get undressed she knelt infront of him as she pulled his jeans and boxers down his already hard cock sprung free and straight into her mouth. Tracy sucked him for a while then they got into a 69 on the rug and pleasured each other Dan told Tracy he was going to cum Tracy just kept sucking him and as he filled her mouth with cum she also came. Tracy said they then cuddled on the sofa for about an hour until Tracy said she thought it was time for bed.They collected there clothes and Dan followed Tracy up stairs to the bed rooms. Dan went to go into the spare room and Tracy asked him if he would like to share her bed with her. Dan of course said he would love to so they went to bed tracy said they cuddled and kissed she could feel his cock getting hard again she whispered to him fuck me so Dan said are you sure Tracy answered yes Dan rolled on to Tracy and fed his cock into her and they fucked changing positions Tracy said they must have tried 10 different positions before she felt Dan start to fill her pussy with his cream. It was after he had cum in her that he suddenly said sorry I should have pulled out Tracy just said it was just where she wanted it thank you. They spent the night together and fucked again in the morning.

The next night was the last Dan was staying and the last I was a way Tracy and Dan had chatted during the day Dan was worried about what I would say if I found out. So Tracy showed him some of our photos of her with other guys and me. He asked if he could have a photo or two of him and Tracy together to remember the time by. Tracy got the camera out and they shot two full packs of poleroids they split them between them. They then went to bed again together and fucked several times during the night and again in the morning before Dan left.

I got so turned on when Tracy told me the details I had to fuck her after I phoned Dan and asked if he had had a good time with Tracy he said it had been fun I then told him Tracy had shown me the photos and I said next time he was down we would have to both fuck Tracy. And that as they say is another story...............
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Great story! You're a lucky husband!!!