Got Crack?

Interesting title? Well let me pull it together for those of you choosing to read another one of my adventures. I was on an adult chat line and wasn't having much luck with the ladies. I received a message rom a chick that lived up in houston and was down for some adlt fun. We got to talking and she also just wanted to get out of the house. She lived with her parents and needed to get away for a bit. Well at 3 in the morning thee aint shit to do. I head up her way an get to her house. A gamble right? This ckick could be ugly and not evn worthit. all of my fears were washed away whenthis fine ass girl walked up to my truck. She wa a diamond in the rough. She wante me to drop her off in Pasadena. We weregoona get some drank but on a Sunday we all know its impossible. She has me stop at some aprtments and asks for $20. This gal comes out and instead of some weed wich would of been was mo'fo' crack. I let her smoke and by looking at this gal you would never see crack.Goes to never judge a book by its cover.
Well we get to pasadena and she directs me to a secluded parking lot. I back in and she hops in the back and asks me to join her. I get out and hop in. She saysfor me to pull out my dick..which was already rock hard at standin proud at abouteight inches. She gets naked and lays over me and starts sucking my dick hard. I was trying to play with her pussy ut the ferocity of her blowing just wouldnt let me. After about ten minutes she lays back and I see her already wet and hairy pussy. I begin to kiss on her neck and lick on her nipples and work my way down to that pussy but she tells me that she needs my cock in her right now. So I come back up and she reaches down and grabs aold of my rock hard dick and slids it in. It was soaking wet and very tight. Asshole tight. I slowly make love to her and let her feel every inch of me going in and out. She kept telling me that she was shocked that her pussy was as wet as it was. She said that it never really got like that. I started to really fuck her and felt her muscles contrac around me. I couldnt help myself and came deep inside that pussy. She moaned and squirted all over my cock. She was like wtf. And wondered how I made her do that. I told her that it means Im doin that pussy right. I lay down and she climbs on top and stars to ride me and slam herslef down on me. I reached around and spread her ass and slipped a finger inside her ass. She moanedand came again. I laid her back down and slipped my dick in her ass. She smiled and closed her eyes. I slowly reamed her ass out. I was getting close to cumming and she stopped me. She wante my seed in her. I went in that pussy and ucked her good. The windows were fogged up and she was moaning under me. I was thinking that I never been with a bitch this fine and its only by chance that a man would ever get this chance. All of this sent my cum racing in her dripping pussy. She hollered with glee and I didnt stop till she squirted all over me again. We sat back and breathing hard she told me that she came about forty times and was shocked with the two squirts. She begin to blow me again. She cleaned herself off of me and didnt stop till i was cummin in her mouth where showed me her swollowing. We got out and got dressed. She walked over to a build and said itwas her moms job and that she wasgoing to rehab tht morning and thanked me for my helping her. She kissed me by and sent me on my was. On the way home I thought back and smiled...thinkingto myself that she will be back.
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3 years ago
yeah. She was raw. Shit. I still think about that her.
3 years ago
so u fuck that bitch raw u craaazy
3 years ago
Great story bud