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I went on this chat line and got to talkin to this one chick near by. she looked damn fine for a bbw and well I knew that I needed a slicee of her pie. I went up to her house finally after aout a month of convo and well we hit that bed hard. I layed her down...kissin her soft lips and ran my fingers across her neck. She took my shirt off and began caressing my chest. I slipped her bra off and was face to face with a lovely pair of EEs with lovely small pink nipples. Grabbing her tits in my hand I kissed on her chest and placed her nip in my mouth making sure I focused on both of them. After about five min of this she began to moan. She reached down and put my now rock hard cock in her hands. Just as my lips hit her stomach a strong spasm from her cummin rockd through her body. I pulled her panties off to reveal a nice small shaved tight pussy. I noted to myself how lovly her pussy was. bend down I began to roll my tongue over her now swollen clit. As I worked her entire pussy with my tongue she grabbed my head and squirt in my mouth. She tasted like honey. Catching her breath she layed m back and started sucking on my precum covered dick. She sucked n my head and even deep throated me. Then looked up and told me she wanted my cum in her mouth. The thought alone sent my hot perm ozzing out to satisfy her requedt. She looked up at me and swallowed every drop and even sucked harded to pull out every drop. She then sneked her way on top of me and shifted her hips and our bodies locked tghter as my cock found its own way inside of her tight snatch. She closed her eyes and moaned as I slowly made love to her. This soon passed as she put every inch inside of her pussy wich hada death grip on my cock. Now we were fucking as if we could satisfy the amount of passion and desires for each tother. As my dick streatched out her pussy she layed down on me and soaked the both of us as she again squirted and whispered to me to cum in her. As soon as I came in her she moaned loudly and squirted again. She got off and bent over and asked me to take her ass and that it was the first time she ever wanted her ass I did the sht right and soon enough she was squirtin again and I was sendind my cum in her ass. We both came two more times with me in her virgin ass. And yes she had a perfect ass. I layed her down and put it back in her pussy where we came more. After what was hours she old me to stand up where she cleaned my dick with her moth and I topped it off with another porn style money shot in her mouth and on her tits which she lapped up and swallowed it all. We got some cold pineapple juice and rested for a few hours and did it all over again.

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1 year ago
Great! Story :)
3 years ago
Good Story
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
got to my profile and this can be you. my love making is on a professional leve.