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[Story] A friends Aunt

May of this year marked a turning point in my life. I turned 18, I graduated from high school, I was accepted to our State college and I happily lost my virginity in the most incredible way.

My folks had promised to help with the cost of college so I wouldn’t have to get a student loan but I did have to get a job and live at my Aunt Charlie’s house which was in the same college town. It all sounded good to me because I didn’t mind working and I had had the hots for Charlie since I discovered women when I was about 12 years old. An aunt by marriage, Charlie was 59 years old now... old enough... Continue»
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[Story] Anna and Tiberius and the Promise Kept

I stood staring out into the city below from our meager apartment. A feeling of excitement and guilt coursing through my mind and heart. I felt , rather than saw Tiberius approach me from behind.

His strong warrior hands rested briefly on my shoulders as he bent and gently kissed my neck and cheek. His hands ventured down my creamy smooth shoulders and cupped my breast. I sighed out into the night as I turned to face him.

My mind filling with lustful thoughts as our lips met and I felt his tongue part my lips. I opened my mouth to his as his finger gently pressed into the slick moistene... Continue»
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