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So I’ve been talking to this girl on one of these sex dating sites. We get on well, like the same things, love to talk about what we’d do to each other if we met. Exchanged a few photos and even done a webcam show for each other. I’ve decided it’s the time for us to meet, and she’s very keen on that idea.

So everything’s arranged, we’ve got the hotel room booked, and we’re meeting in the lobby. I’m there first, looking around nervously for her. I see a vision of beauty enter the lobby, it’s her, oh my god, her photos are nothing to the real thing. She has long ringlet black hair, gorgeous face, fantastic body, 36EE, tight ass. She’s wearing very high heels, stockings, a long coat, can’t tell what’s underneath.

She walks up to me, hips swaying “Hey”

My mouth’s gone dry “Hi, looking good”

She pulls me into a passionate kiss, my hand grabs her ass as her hand rubs my cock through my trousers.

“Shall we head up” she purrs in my ear.

We head over to the desk, at a very quick pace, and get our room key, and head towards the lift. It’s just the two of us, as soon as the doors are closed, I feel her hand shoot down my trousers and grab my cock.

“Wow, nice cock, and not even hard yet”

“That won’t take long to fix if you keep that up”

At that point the lift door opens and you quickly withdraw your hand, as a f****y with young c***dren walk in. As we get out of the lift we burst into laughter at the near miss. As we head into our room for the night, I walk over to the bed with her bag as she shuts and locks the door. I turn round to see her coat on the floor, with nothing but sex black lingerie underneath. Her perfect body clearly visible.

“I thought I’d wear your favourite outfit” she says seductively.

She walks over to me with a proud and confidant strut, gives me a passionate kiss as she undoes my shirt buttons, slipping it of me, then undoing my belt and letting my trousers fall to the ground. My cocks already getting hard as she pushes me down onto the bed and kneels in between my legs, my cock just inches from her luscious red lips.

Without saying a word she lowers her mouth towards my cock. She kisses my helmet and I can feel her tongue on the very tip. She moves her mouth down the length of my near full hard cock, licking me up and down, as she moves back up to the tip, she gives me a look filled with lust as her mouth opens and engulfs my cock. She works away on the head with such skill she has me moaning in seconds. She begins to move further and further down my cock with each motion, until I can feel my cock pushing down her throat. She’s starts rubbing her clit as, in one smooth motion, she takes my entire length down her throat, leaving lipstick round the base of my cock. She pulls back, almost to the tip, and then smoothly swallows me again, causing a slow moan from me. At this she speeds up, taking me deep time and time again, bringing me to the point of cumming. At this she pulls off and stands up, her pussy looking very wet.

“It’s too soon for that, you still have to return the favour”

She crawls onto the bed, pausing with her ass right next my face, allowing me to remove her underwear. She lies down on her back in the middle of the bed, her hand rubbing her clit. I turn round, kneeling on the bed, looking at this beautiful woman spread out in her heels and stocking, my cock standing proud in front of me. I move down, stroking your leg as I move up between your legs, bending low and kissing your wet pussy. My tongue lapping up her juices and teasing her clit. My hands slide beneath her, grabbing her ass and moving her slightly to give my tongue better access. It also allows my fingers to reach her ass hole. My tongue slips into her pussy as a finger slips into her ass. As my tongue fucks her pussy, one hand plays with her clit, as another couple of fingers push into her ass and start fucking her. As I continue fucking her she begins moaning and writhing, grabbing the bed cover as her hips buck as she screams as her orgasm ravages her body.

She moves over to the side of the bed and goes into her bag, pulling out a large dildo

“What? I come prepared” she said, as she began sucking on the dildo.

She props herself up on the pillows, giving me a great view as she begins to work her pussy with the dildo. I sit stroking my cock, as she starts thrusting the deep, with expert skill she quickly brings herself to an orgasm. She then moves the dildo to her ass, now with plenty lubrication from her dripping pussy. It slips in easily, with a quiet moan from her. As she starts to fuck her ass, she motions for me to come over, as soon as I’m close enough she grabs my cock and pulls it towards her pussy.

“Fuck me” she growls

I move my cock closer, rubbing my head against her pussy, and then pushing in as she continues working her ass with the dildo. I slowly push my cock in deep as she does the same in her ass, causing both of us to let out a soft moan. We match our movement with cock and dildo, pulling out, thrusting in, causing her to moan each time. It doesn’t take long for the twin deep thrusts to bring her back to orgasm. With her screams of pleasure, and the pressure due to the dildo in her ass along with her pussy milking my cock is too much for me. As I’m about to cum, I pull out, as she sits up, grabs my cock to ensure I cum over her face and tits.

“God that was good” she said, as she scoops a drop of cum onto her finger and licks it clean. “And we’ve still got all night to go” seductively licking her lips.
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