Alley fuck

I’ve out enjoying a night on the town. Good club with very loud music. I’ve been enjoying a few drinks, chatting up a few gorgeous women, a few random kisses in the corner, got a few phone numbers. I notice this woman across the dance floor, long legs, tight ass and great tits, maybe 36D. My cock beginning to get hard just looking at her in her very Revealing outfit, huge heels, tiny skirt that barley covers her ass and a nice strappy top, not sure whether there’s a bra, that can barely contain her fantastic tits. I’m just staring hoping they jump out.

After another pint of liquid courage, I decide I have to talk to you. I head over the dance floor, trying to look as confident as I can.

“Do you fancy a drink” I yell over the music.

You look me up and down “yeah”

We push our way over to the bar, barge our way to the front of the queue and get a couple of drinks, as soon as I turn round to try and back away from the bar you pull me tight against you sticking your tongue down my throat and your hand down my trousers.

“Want to head somewhere quieter” you shout seductively in my ear, running a finger down my chest.

Your hand still in my trousers, you pull me towards the door, your hand toying with my cock in the middle of the crowded club. The kinkiness of the situation causing my cock to get harder in your hand. As we get out into the cold night air, you turn round and kiss me again, such as seductive look in your eyes. You head off in front pulling your skirt and spanking your ass.

“You coming?” You shout back.

You turn up an ally way and I follow you up. You’re leaning seductively against the wall head back, pushing your tits out, licking your luscious red lips. I walk up to you, grab you by hips and kiss you. Running my hand down your hips, and back up your skirt, grabbing your firm ass. I feel your hands working at my belt, unzipping my trousers, letting them drop to the floor and grabbing my cock.

As your start to wank me off, I move my hand to your clit, gently rubbing clit and pussy, while my other hand circles your ass hole. You break off the kiss and sink to your knees, both hands stroking my cock. Your head move forwards wrapping your tongue around my cock, causing a low moan to come from me. I feel your soft lips engulf my helmet taking the entire length in one go. As you pull back off you look up with that look in your eyes, licking the pre-cum off your lips. You take my cock in your mouth again, sucking with great skill, your head bobbing back and forth resulting in more moaning from me. I grab you by the hair and push my cock deep down your throat, holding you there until you begin to gag, I release you and you pull off with a gasp.
You stand up, I fear I’ve pushed it too far, but then you walk up the ally and bend over a bin, your skirt covering nothing. You look over your shoulder and sank your ass hard.

“Give me it” you purr.

After the workout you just gave me, the lust in my body right now is immense, my cock must have you. I come up behind you, grab you by the wait, and ram my cock deep into your pussy, causing a yelp to escape you. I can’t control myself, I start thrusting deep and hard into you causing a lot of noise from you and the surroundings, we both turn our heads, hearing someone shout behind us, a woman I think, calling for their friends. The knowledge that we’re now being watched getting us even hotter, your pussy now dripping wet and my cock throbbing. I lift you up off the bin, pulling your top down to reveal your fantastic tits, and move you up against the wall, to give our audience a better view. You feel my fingers circling your ass hole and pushing in, several fingers making their way in there, teasing your hole. There’s now a lot of noise coming from the entrance, cheering. The sound of our fans is now too much as my cock continues pounding your dripping pussy you start to cum, letting out immense screams of delight, your excitement causing my balls to tighten as I’m about to cum. I pull out at the last second, and shoot my load over your ass. I cum over your ass hole and pussy, dripping down your legs, I scoop up some of mine and yours and offer you a taste. You turn round suck my fingers clean, give me one last kiss, tasting of our combined cum, and then you walk away to the wooping fans, cum still running down your legs, turn the corner and you’re gone.
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