A role play with a friend

Alexandra: are you there?? I’m ready for detention!!! hehe
Me: Hey, have you been a bad girl?
Alexandra: yes Mr Johnstone.
Me: So, you’re in detention after school, so most other pupils/teachers have gone home. You’re doing your punishment and I'm sitting at the desk in front of you doing some marking
Alexandra: I guess you want to know why I’m in detention don't you sir.
Me: what did you do then Miss Alex?
Alexandra: well sir, my form teacher said the way I dressed was inappropriate.
Me: I look you up and down, well, perhaps for school, but it looks good
Alexandra: hehe thank you sir but she said black heels, knee high white socks, a tiny grey pleated skirt and a too tight white shirt was not official school uniform. She also remarked on my lack of bra
Me: I look at your large chest, well, for school I'd say you shouldn't wear that, but then school is finished so you can ware as little as you want
Alexandra: really? Well it is a little hot in this classroom sir. Could I take my tie off and undo my shirt a little?
Me: no problem, your punishment is being stuck here but you can be comfortable
Alexandra: thank you sir. You’re so kind.I wish you were my form tutor. I’d do anything to be moved into your class, all my friends say you’re lovely.
Me: well, it's hard to be mean to hot girls
Alexandra: hehe...do you think I’m hot then sir? Wow, I’m blushing. I think your very cute sir. Do you have a girlfriend or wife sir?
Me: no, I'm a bachelor, still enjoying the wild time before you settle down
Alexandra: really...wow I can't believe someone as gorgeous as you isn't married....if I was old enough I’d marry you.
Me: well, it is OK if you’re older but it’s forbidden for teacher and pupil to date
Alexandra: hmmm I know, shame. What about when I’m 18? That’s only a little while away? Can I undo my shirt a little more sir?? It’s still so warm in here. You don't mind if I come and sit next to you do you?
Me: no not at all, and its soon the holidays and I won’t be your teacher anymore
Alexandra: oh that’s true. So during the summer holidays could we see each other? I think you’re really gorgeous. Do you think I’m hot, really? Did you mean that?
Me: I do, you've great body, I look you up and down, lustfully
Alexandra: Mrs Thomas said I dressed like a teenage slut. You don't think that do you? I mean it's not my fault I’ve got a nice body is it??? I stand up and give you a little twirl.
Me: I think it is a little sluty, but it looks so good on your body
Alexandra: can I ask you a question sir?
Me: sure what is it, you notice a bulge forming in my trousers
Alexandra: well this is my 4th detention for my ignoring uniform rules. That means you should now have to write to my parents and they'll have to come in to school. Is there anything I could do to not have you report this detention to my year tutor? I’ll do anything...
Me: I move my hand to your open shirt and stroke your tit, "I could think of something"
Alexandra: really sir?? What, I’m desperate...my dad will kill me if he has to come in here. Whatever you want sir. Anything.
Me: I unbutton your shirt some more, pull your bra down and lick you hard nipple
Alexandra: oh sir.....oh god that feels good. I’m standing in front of you.totally at yr mercy...
Me: my hand moves under your skirt and strokes your clit, then slowly pushing my finger in as my tongue explores your large tits
Alexandra: oh sir....I notice how big the bulge is in your trousers.....oh my sir...what’s that??
Me: your hand, moves to my trousers, undoes my belt and slides in to my already large cock
Alexandra: oh Mr Johnstone.... I gasp as I pull it out.....nervous but clearly excited. Would you like me to suck it sir....I’ve wanted to suck one of these for ages....
Me: no problems I push your head down onto my cock as my hands play with your tits
Alexandra: I don't think I can get all this in my hand, let alone my mouth sir...
Me: I'll help you as I push your mouth over my cock as it enters your mouth your tongue moving trying to feel every bit of this huge object
Alexandra: oh god. I try and move you so you’re back in your chair. So I can get between yr legs and try and cope with my first cock....
Me: I relax and let you do your stuff; you’re good at this, for your first time
Alexandra: am I sir?? What about if I do this sir? My hands pull your balls out and begin to squeeze them as my eager young mouth works your shaft...
Me: "Oh, that’s good", I moan
Alexandra: I pull your organ out of my mouth....sir? Would you like to fuck me?
Me: "God yes" I pick you up and put you on the desk your legs in the air, your short skirt offering no cover; I place my cock at your pussy, and tease you. Stroking your sweet young pussy
Alexandra: oh god sir...be gentle, it’s my first time and that’s sooo big. I run my hands over your shaft as it's poised at my tight virginal cunt.
Me: I slowly push my huge cock in as you moan with pleasure and pain.
Alexandra: oh god, yr almost pushing me off the other side of the desk.....holy shit, I throw my arms round you, my shirt buttons coming undone as I do so...oh sir, oh my god..For the first time I feel a man inside me and it feels incredible....
Me: Your firm tits on my chest get me going even more. I start thrusting, slowly at first so you can adjust, but increasing speed, getting faster and faster
Alexandra: oh god sir...I’ve never experienced anything like this...tears are streaming down my face but please don’t stop.....I’m in heaven, moaning and writhing in ecstasy as yr giant meat thrusts deeper and deeper...
me: I'm ring you to your first orgasm, you lose control of your body, all you know is pure pleasure you scream "OH GOD OH GOD" your body is trying to impale you as it craves more cock
Alexandra: I flood the desk beneath me as my first true org rips thru me, I’m clinging onto u so hard, my whole body twitching and spasaming in lust...god I never imagined it would be this good......my pussy feels so perfect, oh god sir..Will you come for me, please sir...I want to taste you so much.
Me: I pull out of your sodden pussy and slide you down the desk and push my cock in your mouth as I cum
Alexandra: on my knees beneath you, I can barely fit my mouth over your throbbing cock head but try as best as I can as you erupt all over my face, cum flying all over me, down my throat and all over my pretty little face....I lick my lips and look up at you....
Me: "you bad girl" I place you on the desk on your front and finger your ass
Alexandra: I cry out at this intrusion but deep down feel very turned on, I can still taste your cum in my throat and feel it trickling down my face. Have you just put another finger in my bottom?? Oh god sir...please be careful with me...I’m only young.
Me: "you learn best when you’re young" I push another finger in as my other hand plays with your pussy
Alexandra: oh god....tears are starting to run down my cum flaked cheeks but I’m powerless to stop you...and deep down I like that....the sensation of having my bottom opened up is odd but wonderful...pleasure but pain....I cry out as you push what appears to be another finger in..But then realise it's something far bigger...oh sir...I don't think I can have that in there...it's just too big.....isn't it??
Me: "It'll fit" as I push my cock in your tight ass going as far as you can take it
Alexandra: ohhhh....I have to bite on my hand as my tiny bottom is brutally violated....your huge dick driving me onto the desk and impaling my body, trapping me between a desk and your huge sweaty body....my knee high socks clinging to my legs, my skirt lifted up, my shirt ripped and revealing my tits, big for my age and my nipples, absolutely rock hard...
Me: I lift you up without removing my cock and fall into a seat; you slowly begin to ride my cock your head thrown back with sexual pleasure
Alexandra: my pigtails swinging round as I cry out......
Me: I raise my hips to meet your ass, God, it’s so tight, it feels incredible
Alexandra: oh my god...I can't take much more of this.....
Me: seeing you’re at your limit, I do one more large thrust as deep as your ass will allow, and pull you off my huge cock
Alexandra: I just collapse off you onto the floor....crying but so happy.
Me: as you lie there looking up at me a cum over your face and tits
Alexandra: can I ask you something sir
Me: sure
Alexandra: I’ve got a Saturday detention tomorrow....and I was just wondering if you were going to taking it?? I lick my lips as yr cum drips over my cherry red lips....
Me: I could pull some strings, and make sure I'm there, you little slut
Alexandra: that would be nice sir. Is there anything else you need or can I go home now?
Me: I think you can go, but for homework, you should practise sexual techniques
Alexandra: ok sir. Do I have to wear my uniform for Saturday detentions?
Me: well, technically no, just ware what you want
Alexandra: but would you prefer me in it sir.
Me: so long as you dress provocatively, but it is a bit of a turn on, that skimpy uniform with your round ass and full tits
Alexandra: ok sir....do you know if it's just me tomorrow or will there be anyone else?
Me: I think some of your friends may be with other teachers, not sure
You’ll know better than I do what punishments your friends have
Alexandra: I pull my tight cotton white pants up and stand to leave. Smiling at you maybe it'd be better if we were on our own tomorrow Mr Johnstone? Unless you wanted to teach some of my friends a lesson like you've taught me?
Me: Well, some of your friends are in need of a little 'private tuition'
Alexandra: o.k. maybe you'll have a couple of us to look after.
Me: the extra workloads no problem, I really feel that my life should be to teach sexy young girls about life

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