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[Story] A role play with a friend

Alexandra: are you there?? I’m ready for detention!!! hehe
Me: Hey, have you been a bad girl?
Alexandra: yes Mr Johnstone.
Me: So, you’re in detention after school, so most other pupils/teachers have gone home. You’re doing your punishment and I'm sitting at the desk in front of you doing some marking
Alexandra: I guess you want to know why I’m in detention don't you sir.
Me: what did you do then Miss Alex?
Alexandra: well sir, my form teacher said the way I dressed was inappropriate.
Me: I look you up and down, well, perhaps for school, but it looks good
Alexandra: hehe thank ... Continue»
Posted by galaxia9 2 years ago

[Story] Internet fuck buddy

So I’ve been talking to this girl on one of these sex dating sites. We get on well, like the same things, love to talk about what we’d do to each other if we met. Exchanged a few photos and even done a webcam show for each other. I’ve decided it’s the time for us to meet, and she’s very keen on that idea.

So everything’s arranged, we’ve got the hotel room booked, and we’re meeting in the lobby. I’m there first, looking around nervously for her. I see a vision of beauty enter the lobby, it’s her, oh my god, her photos are nothing t... Continue»
Posted by galaxia9 4 years ago

[Story] Alley fuck

I’ve out enjoying a night on the town. Good club with very loud music. I’ve been enjoying a few drinks, chatting up a few gorgeous women, a few random kisses in the corner, got a few phone numbers. I notice this woman across the dance floor, long legs, tight ass and great tits, maybe 36D. My cock beginning to get hard just looking at her in her very Revealing outfit, huge heels, tiny skirt that barley covers her ass and a nice strappy top, not sure whether there’s a bra, that can barely contain her fantastic tits. I’m just staring hoping they jump out.

After another... Continue»
Posted by galaxia9 4 years ago