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[Story] Delightfully Evil, Part Three

Shuddering. Feeling so much heat on my bottom. Hurts so bad.

…hurts so good…

“Can you stand up, Suzy?”

I can’t even answer. I’m doing everything I can not to sob. My face is in my hands, I can feel how red my face is. I start to sniffle. I hate this. Ihate how this makes me feel…so ashamed, so humiliated, so…

…so bad, so naughty, yes…

I just shake my head. I can’t do anything.

Gently, he turns me over. I look up into his face and then away. I bring my tiny, cuffed fists under my ch... Continue»
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[Story] Delightfully Evil, Part Two

The ride seemed to take forever. I squirmed so that I could see the back of his seat. I watched the city lights give way to the highway lights. After awhile, the van slowed down and things got darker. He was definitely taking me out of the city…somewhere, obviously secluded.

My body stopped listening to me. It gave up. I was limp after struggling to turn around. My legs and arms gradually began to relax, to fall to the side, useless. I had strained so hard against the wrist cuffs that my hands were shaking on their own. I was sore. I wanted so badly to stretch, but the cuffs and chai... Continue»
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[Story] Delightfully Evil, Part One

(Been awhile since I've written a DiD story, hope you like it!)

We were walking into the parking lot after the opera. It was a fun and unexpected night. The gentleman whose arm I was hanging on surprised me earlier in the day by asking if I would like to come with him. The person he was going to go with had to take a pass.

We noticed each other in a Caribou Café. I normally never go in, but a few weeks I wanted an iced tea while on my break. The bar was crowded but this guy took his briefcase of the stool and invited me to sit. We immediately started talking and found s... Continue»
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