The a*****ion

I pull up in a black van around the corner of your house. It's about 7:30pm and it’s getting dark. I wait patiently while I check my bag. I have some hand cuff's a roll if silver duct tape amongst other things that I'll get to use later.....

I wait until about 8:30. It's totally dark now and the street is very quiet. I drive around the corner and park the van a few house down from where you stay. I wait until the street is clear and silent and leave the van with my bag of tricks. I creep around the side of the house and into the back garden where I plan to wait patiently until the time is right. Fifteen minutes pass when the kitchen light flicks on. I watch as you pull on some pink rubber gloves to wash the dishes. My cock becoming harder as I think of the pleasures I have install for you......

After you have finished the washing up you peel the gloves from your hands and hang them over the taps. You then bend down and pick up the rubbish bag and make a move for the back door.

I dart into the bushes as you unlock the door. I watch with my heart racing as you place the rubbish in the outside bin. As you approach the back door the door bell goes. You hurry inside closing the back door behind you. I notice in your haste you forget to lock it. Bingo. A way inside......

With me not knowing who was at the front door I wait to see if you have any visitors. I watch as you return to the kitchen a few minutes later and pour yourself a large glass of wine. As you only pour the one its safe for me to assume you are alone. An hour goes by and I watch as the lights downstairs are turned out one by one. A few seconds later the back bedroom light illuminates. About ten minutes later the bedroom light goes out. Now it's a waiting game.

I look down at my watch. It’s going on midnight. You must have been sl**ping for a good 90 minutes. This is it. No going back now. I reach into my back and pull out my latex hood. I pull the hood over my head. My hood has eye, mouth and nose holes. The one I have for you is far less forgiving. I also reach into my bag and pull out some latex surgical gloves. I snap them onto my hands and make my way to the back door.

The door makes no sound as I open it. Stepping into the kitchen I close the door behind me. I look around the kitchen and stand for a while to see if I can hear you stirring. With no sound heard I silently creep to the bottom the stairs.

Moving to the top of the stairs I approach your bedroom. The door is ajar and I can see you body under the covers. I place my hand in my bag and pull out the cuff's and duct tape.

I creep inside the room and stand at the side of your bed. My cock is aching as it bulges in my pants. I watch you sl**p for a minute. I very quietly peel the corner of the duct tape away from the rest of the roll. There is no going back now...............
I gently pull back the bed clovers to reveal your curvaceous body. To my pleasure I see you sl**p naked. I gaze at your breasts knowing soon they will be mine. I look on the floor and see some panties. Quietly I pick them up. Holding them to my nose I inhale strongly. The scent is amazing.

You awaken the second my rubber gloved hand clamps over your mouth. You reach up with your hands grabbing at me trying to push my hand away. Keeping my hand pressed hard over your mouth I move onto the bed and straddle you making sure I am pinning your legs tightly together as you struggle. I lean forward and whisper into your ear.

"Calm down my little slut. This will be so much easier for you if you don't fight it"

The anger and fear in your eyes is there to see as I lift the hand cuff's into view. I manage to wrestle your arms with my free hand by your side and under my legs pinning you tightly in my grasp. With my freehand I roll your panties into a ball. As I lift the hand that is silencing you make to scream but can only manage a quick "mmmphhhh" as I f***e the panties deep into your mouth. Holding them in place I struggle to get the first section of duct tape on your cheek. I finally get it to stick and with a quick pull on the roll I have enough over your mouth to keep the gag in place. With both hands free now I lift your head as you try to fight back as tightly wrap the duct tape around the back or your neck. I do four complete loops before tearing the tape at the roll.

I reach over and pick up the hand cuffs. The first cuff snaps onto your left wrist. With my strength I roll you over so you are on your front. You are screaming into the gag but only low muffles are able to sound as your mouth is packed tight. I pull your right wrist over and I soon have it cuffed to your left. You pull your arms apart to test the cuffs but there is no escaping. You whimper as I tighten the cuff's more and they dig deeply into your wrists. With your hands now bound I turn around and pin your legs together. I wrap several layers of duct tape around your ankles. Then I move to your knees and wrap several more layers above and below them. With this done I stand back to admire my handy work.

My heart is racing and my cock bulging as I stand back to look at my helpless prey. This first light of you bound and helpless is simply divine. I hear your pleading sounds through the gag but I'm not for stopping. I reach down and pick up the duct tape once again. I peel a strip about 8 inches from the roll. Your gaze up whimpering into the gag as I place this final section of tape over your eyes. I feel my cock ache as I now look at you bound, gagged and blindfolded.

I pick you up and lay you in the bed cover. Wrapping it around your body I soon have you cocooned. You continue to struggle as I lift you onto my shoulder and carry you down the stairs. I go through the living room and back into the kitchen and them out the back door.

The street is quiet. Not a sound. You try to raise the alarm once again when we are outside but no one can save you now. I put you down on the ground as I reach the van. Opening the door I make a double check that we are indeed all alone. Opening the back door I quietly lift you inside. I climb inside with you and shut the door behind me.

I remove the bed covers to gaze at you once again. The tape still holds you tightly. I reach into my bag and pull out a leather collar. I reach down and start to place it around your neck. You try to move away screaming into the gag but I soon have it on. The leather bites into your neck making breathing just that little bit more difficult.

You shiver as I reach out and gently touch your breast. Moving my hand slowly down across your stomach and down to your clit. I can feel you getting wet as I slip a finger inside you. You scream once again into your gag. I lean forward and say "give you to me. You never know, you might enjoy it?"

I pull my hand away from your cunt and exit the back of the van. You hear me get in the front and start it up. We pull away from the curb. You lay there in the van completely helpless. You test the bondage but it useless. You are just going to have to ride this one out........

It seems like we are driving around for an age to you. The bindings holding you tightly bound, gagged and blindfolded and the cold floor of the van are not comfortable.

Suddenly the van stops and you hear me get out. The sound of a roller shutter door opening disturbs the quiet. I get back in the van and drive the short distance inside. You hear me leave the van again and the sound of the shutter door as it crashes to the floor makes you scream into the gag. The tape wrapped tightly around your mouth pulls on the hair on the back of your neck.

You become startled as I open the back of the van. Dragging you towards me by your feet I life you up into my arms. I carry you a short distance and place you down on a bed.

I lean forward and start to peel the duct tape from your eyes. You scream into the gag as I rip it off. You see me standing there looking down on you. You ask yourself "who is this hooded monster?"

"I'm going to make you more comfortable" I whisper as I lean forward and start to peel the tape from around your neck. The first few layers are removed easily. The final ones a bitch. You spit the soaking panties out.

"Why are you doing this to me? Who are you?"

I say nothing. As I walk over to a table you look around at the surroundings. It looks like an abandoned warehouse of some sort. I step back into your view holding coils of 10mm white rope, a ball gag with a red ball and a latex hood.

You start to scream out "Helll..." but you soon stop as I press my left hand around your throat.”Shut up bitch. That will do you no good. Nobody can hear you in here. There's no one for miles around."

I roll you over on your side and slap you hard on your ass. You yelp out.

"Ohhhh. Your ass looks amazing" I continue to say as I slap it again and again.

I sit you up on the bed and hold the red ball gag to your mouth. You refuse to take it. I reach down and squeeze a nipple. As you yell out I f***e the ball into your mouth. Holding it in place with one hand I reach around the back and pull up the leather straps. Keeping the gag in place I pull and buckle it tightly forcing the ball behind your teeth.

"Now. That’s better" I say.

You try to spit it out but it won't budge. Your lips are sealed around the red rubber ball.

I stand you up and turn you around. I take out my key and undo the hand cuffs. Your wrists are red raw where the steel has been cutting into them for the last hour or so. I grab your wrists and tell you I've something for them. I move your hands over my cock. You can feel the swollen member under my jeans.

"Would you like this?"

"MMpphhhhh" Is all the response I get.

Holding your wrists together I loop the white rope around them a few times then I move the rope through the middle a few times and tie it off securely. I throw you back down on the bed and cut the duct tape from your ankles and legs. Pinning your legs down with the weight of my body give them the same treatment as your wrists. I roll you over again and you watch as I return to the table with a butt plug and a pair of household rubber gloves.

You scream into the ball gag but stop instantly as I slap our breasts and pull on your nipple. I sit down beside you. I pick up the rubber gloves by the cuffs. Holding them gently I slowing drag them over your breasts. The sensation on your skin is so delicate. You can feel the ridges on the fingers of the gloves move over your nipples. I slowly move the gloves down over your stomach. Moving past your pussy and onto the inside of your thighs. I can sense that you are getting aroused as the gloves move ever closer to your pussy. You moan into the gag.

"That's better. Didn't I say you might enjoy this?"

I put down the gloves and flick your clit as I tweak at you nipples. You are defiantly enjoying this more now. I can see you getting wet. I dip my finger inside. You moan deeply into the rubber ball gag.

I roll you over so you are on your front. The drool from the ball gag oozes from your mouth and down your chin.

I show you the butt plug as I generously lube it up. Peeling your ass cheeks apart I gently ease the plug in. I only push it a little and again you moan. I tease your ass as I push the plug half way in and pat the widest part. With ease the remainder of the plug slips inside and up to the base. I don’t want the pug coming out so I reach down and pick up more duct tape. I secure the plug in place with the tape. You love the feeling of your stuffed ass. You continue to moan as I turn you over. I walk back over to the table and return with a mini vibrator. I look you in the eyes as I tease you pussy. In and out I move the device. Each time giving it more depth. You pussy is dripping wet as I push the vibrator in place and leave it there. Once again I secure it in place with the duct tape.

I roll you back over onto your front. I bring your ankles up to your wrists and place you in a severe hog tie. You've never felt anything like this. I roll you back on your side. With your back arched your tits point out towards me. I can’t resist a quick slap before I walk back to the table. I return with a black latex hood. I hold it up to you showing you that it only has holes for your nose.

"This will be fun" I say smiling"

You don't look so convinced but the butt plug and vibrator stimulate you beyond comprehension. You has always has a fantasy of being a sexual slave, but never thought if it was f***ed upon you.

I undo the zip at the back of the hood and come forward to. Your shoulders and back are already aching being in the hog tie. Before I slip the hood over your head I place a little ear plug in each ear. Squeezing them in. I pull the hood over your head. Making sure that the nose holes are in the right place I pull the zipper down encasing your head in a tight rubber cocoon.

The sound of your breath through the smallest of nose holes makes me swollen cock even harder. I look down on you. BOUND, GAGGED, HOODED and STUFFED.

With your senses taken away the feeling of the butt plus and vibrator intensify. All you can concentrate on is the sexual arousal inside you.

"That's us for the night" I call out. Not that you can hear me.

Just before I leave I lean forward and flick the switch on the vibrator. The feeling sends shudders through your body. You moan deeply into the gag.

That's us for the night.

I walk away leaving you to have f***eD ORGASIM AFTER f***eD ORGASIM.......
I check back on you in a few hours. I can hear you whimpering under the latex hood which is pushing the ball gag deeper into your mouth.

You've lost count of how many orgasms you have had. As another starts to build inside you your whole body shakes as you let out muffled moans of pleasure into the hood. I lean over to you and turn off the vibrator on your pussy giving you some relief to the torture. Then I snip the rope tying your ankles and wrists together. You slum out on the bed....exhausted. I gently peel the duct tape from your ass and ease the butt plug out. You let out a sigh of relief as I remove it fully. Turning you over I peel the tape from your pussy. This rips out some hair and you shout into the gag. Finally I remove the vibrator. The mattress on the bed is soaking wet with your juices.

Next I untie the ankles. You spread your legs wipe to try and loosen them up a bit. I gaze at the joyous sight as I think of what pleasures to do next???? I sit you up on the edge of the bed. You feel me pull on the zipper of the hood. Slowly I remove the hood. Your hair is soaking with sweat and your mouth, chin and neck are covered in drool from the ball gag.

You look exhausted.

"It will all be over soon" I explain.

"MMMMMPPPPPHHH" is all I get in return.

"Now you are going to do something for me"

I turn you around and loosen the ropes holding your wrists tight. As the ropes come off you bring your hands in front of you and gently rub them. Your wrists are swollen with the rope burns.

"Now" I say as I hold the yellow gloves out to you....."Take them"

You take the gloves. Not sure what to do I tell you to pull them on.

You gently pull the gloves over the hands. You look back up at me as I undo my belt and pull down my jeans and pants to reveal my hard cock.

I move over to you. "Touch me" I say.

You shake your head and say something into the gag.

"Touch me" I say again.

Again you shake your head. I reach forward and grab the hair on the top of your head.

"Fucking touch me you little bitch!"

Attentively you reach out and take my cock on your hand. With the other hand you massage my balls.

"Wank me" I say in a raised voice.

You grab my penis tightly and move your hand up and down. You tickle my balls with the other hand. I start to moan.

"That's it. Now, HARDER.....FASTER!"

You pump my cock. I look down gazing at your rubber gloves hands bring me so much pleasure.

I give you know clue when I'm about to cum. I let out a loud moan as my spunk fires out onto your breasts. You keep pumping for s while them I tell you to stop.

"Rub my spunk on yourself" I order.

You reach up and rub the seamen over your breasts.

I reach over to you.

"Now, there’s a good girl" I reach around the back of your neck and undo the buckle holding the ball gag in place. A huge amount of drool spills out as the gag is removed.

Your jaw aches but you make no effort to say a word. For the first time in hours you are free from the bondage.

"Now for the second part" I walk over to the table. You wonder if you should make a run for it but decide against it. You have no clue where you are being held and you do not want to upset me. After all. I hold all the cards here.

I return from the table with a leather mono glove and stuffed leather gag.

"What are you...?”

"Shut up. Only speak when you are spoken to" I snap back at you.

"You'll find out soon enough"......

I pull over a chair and place it in front of the bed. I instruct you to sit on the chair and you do it without hesitation. I pick up the leather mono glove and walk behind you. Pulling your arms backwards I slide them into the glove pushing your hands right to the bottom. Slowly but surely I lace up the glove tightly. Each eyehole on the glove draws your arms and elbows closer to you. I finally reach the top and tie the lace of in a bow. I reach over and pull the two leather straps your shoulders and buckle them into place in the side if the glove. With your arms held this tightly your breasts are f***ed out in front of you.

"How does that feel?" I ask.

"Uncomfortable" you reply.

"Well I better give you something to take your mind of it then!"

I reach down I pick up the leather gag. I offer the soft pad to your mouth. Willingly you let me f***e the padded leather stuffed section of the gag into your mouth. It's a struggle to fit it all in and as the last of the pad is pushed in you get a slight gag reflex.

I pull the leather straps and buckle them as tightly as they will go. Now the front section of the leather seals your mouth tight. I pull your legs apart to reveal your soft pussy. Still wet from the previous action. You moan into the gag as a slip a cheeky finger inside.

You plead for me to give you more pleasure as I remove it. Reaching down I pick up the roll of silver duct tape and on turn tape your ankles to the legs of the chair. Finally I go to the table and bring back a knee spreader bar. Buckling each leg into the device soon you have no option nut keep yourself revealed to me.

"Very nice" I say.


You watch as I bring over an electrical extension cable that's plugged into the wall. Next I reveal Panasonic magic wand vibrator.

Taking strips if duct tape I secure the vibrator to the chair between your legs making sure that the head site nicely on your clit. I pull the cable downward and plug it in.

"You ready for this?" I ask as I flick the switch....

Instantly you scream into the gag but it's only a matter of seconds before your screams turn into moans of sheer please.

You don't notice me walking back from the table with a riding crop. I gently at first start to spank your tits paying particular attention to your hard erect nipples. You moans become deeper as I circle the end of the crop down to your cunt.

Spanking your clit with ever harder strokes puts the icing on the cake as far as you are concerned as the first orgasm builds inside you. I can tell it's coming....

"Don't you fuckin cum bitch. Don't you fuckin cum. Fight it!"

You try to fight it but the feelings just to fucking good.

"Alright then. If you must cum. don’t you fucking close your eyes. Keep them open" I order as I pull hard on the back of your hair looking straight into your eyes.

Your body convulses as the orgasm hits. Moans and screams of pleasure are muffled by the gag filling your mouth. Amazingly you manage to keep your eyes open for the duration.

"Well done slave girl. Now I've got a special treat for you"

You seem to relax and the orgasm ends but another one is building as you see me return from the table with a clear plastic back and some cable ties.

"Tried this before?" As ask I as slip the clear bag over your head. "Thought not"

I pull the bag down over your head. Grabbing the bag around your next you breathe deeply as the next orgasm hits. The bag pushes in and out with your erratic breathing and you start to shake your head and panic as the air in the bag depletes. I pull the bag from your head and with big breathes fill your lungs with oxygen.

As you take your next breath I pull the bag over your head again. This time tying it in place with the cable ties. I move around to the front so see you. Standing back I once again gaze upon you. Bound, gagged and this time bagged....

Another orgasm builds send you into sheer erotic cosmic bliss. With deep breaths all the air is soon out of the bag. You start to really panic with every breath the plastic of the bag presses hard on your face.

"MMMPPPHHHH. MMPPHHHHH" You scream into the gag as another orgasm fills you.

You look up at me but can only see me standing shaking my head. I know you are pleading for me to remove the bag from your head and let the fresh oxygen flow into your bl**d stream.

You become light headed and find it hard to keep your eyes open. You barely have time to feel the next orgasm as you lose consciousness.............

You awaken to the sound of your alarm clock. You sit upright and discover you are back in your bedroom.

You jump out of bed.

"What the fuck" you shout as you sit back down on the bed. Looking over to your bedside table you see a little box.

You place the box on your lap and lift the lid. Inside is the ball gag and collar you wore so eloquently. A little note is taped to the roof of the box lid.

That was fun. Maybe I'll be k**napping you again sometime!


You reach into the box and remove the ball gag and collar. Slipping the collar around your neck you buckle it tightly.

I warn feeling grows in your loins as you accept the ball gag into your mouth. Soon it’s buckled at the back of your beck.

Looking at yourself in the mirror you touch your breasts. You lie back on the bed then play with your clit a little, watching it getting bigger as your pussy gets wetter as you tug hard on your nipples. Slipping a finger inside whilst still playing with you clit, gradually adding more fingers and fucking yourself hard.......

"Thank you" You muffle into your tightly gagged mouth......

Then End.

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4 years ago
oh my god that was sooo fucking hot....i would love that to happen to me mmmm
4 years ago
very hot x
4 years ago
mmmmmm i would love for something like that to happen to me
4 years ago
you have taken a lot of time to think about this story
kept me wonting more well done 6.5/10
4 years ago
reading this made me so wet
would love something like that to happen