The Ordeal

Again I can't take the credit for this one.

The Orde

It was the Friday night after Thanksgiving one year ago tonight. Like many people who do self-bondage, I had been planning this for some time. I had discussed certain aspects of my bondage with a friend who lives across town. We discussed how she'd like to find me, in what position and what she would like for me to be wearing.

I sent her a checklist with choices for 1) position 2) what kind of gag 3) clips, if any 4) other torture items to be used 5) color and style skirt, blouse, hose, heels, etc. 6) how long I was to be tied and should I leave myself a way out in case she couldn't make it.

She agreed that it was more fun for both of us if I don't know if she is coming. In the past, when she has come over, it has always been near the end of my bondage before the time runs out. Then she gets the key and keeps me that way as long as she wants. In the meantime, I have no way of knowing if she is coming or not. Every sound sets me on edge and keeps my senses sharp.

She made her choices clear. She wanted me to wear my short black lycra miniskirt, a red sleeveless blouse with Suntan pantyhose and nothing else underneath and my bright red patent-leather high-heels with the sexy ankle straps. I was to be tied to a chair with a ball-gag and my hands cuffed behind my back for no less than 2 hours.

In addition, she wanted me to have six metal clips attached to my mound between my legs. And, thinking I needed more punishment, I was to tape six thumbtacks to the seat of the chair. We chatted on Yahoo Messenger right up until the time that I went upstairs to get tied-up for her. I told her I would come back and send her a message after I had freed myself so she would know I was okay, if I did not see her before then...wink wink.

A half-hour or so later, there I sat in the chair trying to decide what to do. The cuff was locked around my right wrist and wrapped around the spindle in the chair's back. The left cuff was still partially closed, but not yet locked. The clips were already hurting. I shifted uncomfortably in the chair against the ropes, trying not to tear my skin on the tacks. I wasn't stupid enough to tape the tacks directly under my seat where all my weight would be resting. Instead, I moved them out toward the front of the chair so that they were under the backs of my legs. Then I could just keep my knees up and not let my legs rest completely against the tacks, right? Rigghhhhhhhht!

But they were hurting. And so were those darn clips. I wasn't sure I could take two hours of this! For that reason, I was hesitant to lock the other cuff. I had left myself a key just a few feet away. But I knew that shifting the chair and scooting it just a few feet away even could be a nightmare in my present circumstances. It hurt just shifting my weight in the chair, let alone trying to move the whole chair.

I gazed down at my predicament. Starting with my feet, my ankles were tied tightly together with ropes stretching to each opposite chair leg. I could move them forward and backward, but only a few inches either way. My knees were also tied together with ropes leading under the front of the chair and tied to opposite chair legs, so they were planted fairly securely right over the thumbtacks. Ouch! My upper thighs were also bound to the chair's seat. The ropes were just over the hem of my short skirt and cinched back under between me and the chair. Finally, another rope was tied around my waist to the chair's back. I wrapped the ropes tightly around the chair's spindles to prevent myself from turning the rope to get to the knot in front.

My homemade "squishy" ball-gag was in my mouth. I had taken pains with my make-up so that I would look my best. I had applied base, eyeliner, mascara, two-tone eye-shadow, blush, and dark red stay-on lip color and gloss. I looked spectacular!

I decided that I would just sit there the way I was and "pretend" to be tied-up. If my friend, Donna, decided to show up, I could always click that last lock before she made her way into the house. I was situated near a window so I would be able to see and hear her if she came in.

Sitting there, enjoying my predicament, I would look up and see myself in the full-length mirror I had set up. Mmmmmmmmmmm! I hate to toot my own horn, but the girl in the mirror was really turning me on. I squirmed, mmmmmmmphed into my gag, and turned my long, helpless legs first one way, then the other.

After awhile, I became concerned that the key may be too obvious. So I undid my cuff and moved it. When I threaded the cuff back through the chair-spindle, I got ready to close the cuff like before. I heard an instant "click" and realized I had inadvertently locked the other cuff. Shit! I decided it was okay. I only had another hour and a half to go. Besides, the key was right where I left it and it was still reachable, so no problem. Right? Riiiighhhhhhhhhhht!

This time, I had no choice but to ride it out. Those clips began REALLY hurting by this time. I could feel the metallic bite between my legs. Having my legs tied together made it all the worse. I squirmed as much as the ropes and thumbtacks would allow.

After a half-hour of this, the scent of arousal filled the air. Several times, I had been to the brink of orgasm, but unable to climax and release. I decided that if I could just make it to midnight, I would call an end to my adventure 30 minutes early. If Donna showed up after I had gotten untied, well..... she could just punish me!

I sat and partially dozed for the next half-hour, looking up occasionally to get another glimpse of my helpless condition. Now that I was really tied and helpless, it was even more arousing to see. Finally, Midnight arrived and I was ready to get out.

The problem was that with my wrists cuffed to the back of the chair, I was not able to just reach over like previous times before and get the key. No, I had to actually scoot the chair over and turn it to the back to get the key. I swallowed hard, knowing how painful that would be with the tacks.

I took a deep breath, pulled my pretty high-heels up as far under the chair as the ropes would allow, then tensed my leg muscles to get the weight off the chair so I could slide it. I wished that I hadn't pushed Donna to punish me with the tacks. As soon as my leg muscles tried to take my weight, I felt those sharp points begin to dig in more insistently. OW!!

I sat back down, feeling defeated. I tried to scoot the chair without easing the weight off, but knew with those tacks taped to the chair, they would stay put, and my skin would tear when I tried to move enough to slide the chair. I tried it, but chickened out when I felt the painful sharp tips.

Finally, gritted my teeth against the ball-gag, gripped the seat of the chair from behind with my fingers, and rocked my weight over onto my high-heels. I thought I had been careful to keep the weight off my legs, but when the chair began to lift off the floor, I distinctly felt more than one tack pull out of the back of my legs. OWwwwwwwwww.

I maneuvered the chair closer to the cabinet in the bathroom, then sat it down. The landing was a little rougher than I had intended. I sat down much harder than I had anticipated. I felt the tacks jab the backs of my thighs in six new places. Unfortunately, that small move wasn't enough. I had to move the chair three more times until the back of it was against the cabinets. Then all I had to do was pull the key out by the ribbon I had tied onto it and free myself.

In less than a moment, the key was in my hand. I wrapped the ribbon around my fingers so that I wouldn't drop it. I shuddered at the thought of dropping the key right now! I gripped it with my thumb and forefinger, then jabbed it at the lock. What?!

Because I had cuffed my wrists around the spindle, which was about an inch thick, I had caused the chain to shorten when I tried to reach the opposite cuff. I tried changing hands, but that did not help, either. NO! I thought to myself. This can't be!

I tried in vain over and over to get the key into the lock of the cuffs, but JUST couldn't reach it. Oh, please tell me I don't have to sit here all night!

I knew my spouse would be in at 6 am from working the night shift, but that was six hours away! I didn't think I could possibly make it that long. What if I had to go to the bathroom? A million questions were in my mind. My one fail-safe had failed me.

Who would have dreamed that I could be sitting right here with the key in my hand and still not able to free myself? It was the last thing I had imagined going wrong. I hoped it wouldn't be the last thing I imagined, period.

Once, I thought that I might be able to get my wrists closer together if I pushed my hands through the back of the chair between the spindles. I leaned forward and tried it. As I put my hands through, I heard a metallic ratcheting sound and realized the cuffs were too big. As I was pushing my hands through, they were tightening! Not only was I unable to push my hands through, but now I had tightened the cuffs. Once tightened, there was no way back!! That was the scary part.

During the next, more than three hours, I contemplated many things. I considered making enough noise that one of my neighbors might hear me through the window. I also considered rocking the chair to the telephone in the next room and calling 911. The thought of local police officers in my own home town finding me like that...the way I was dressed, tied-up and gagged, stopped me.

All I could do was hope that Donna would be worried after not hearing from me for so long. My time was to have been up at 12:30. I had left her a note on the front door, along with keys to the house and the upstairs bedroom. I just hoped that no one else found it in the meantime!

I scooted the chair all over that bathroom trying to get a look at the cuffs in the mirror. I was no longer worried about the tacks. They still hurt, but I was getting desperate.

My poor arms, hands and fingers would become so tired, stiff and unweildy from trying in vain to work the key back and forth.

There were times I would simply slump in the chair, totally exhausted and rest. Oddly enough, when I saw my reflection, I would become aroused again. That was the funny part. Here I wanted more than anything to be free of that chair, but the sheer helplessness made me even more excited. I considered trying to untie the other ropes, but with my hands cuffed to the back of the chair, that was impossible.

My jaw was becoming stretched and sore from wearing my ball-gag. But I couldn't reach it! My feet were stiff from wearing high-heels, but I couldn't undo the straps.

I was stuck.

Finally, at exactly 3:18 am, I managed to get the key into the lock (I'll never know how) and turn it. Several times, I had gotten close. I simply couldn't give up without trying. When I turned the key, the left cuff miraculously opened up and I was able to bring my left arm out from behind my back for the first time in almost 5 hours.

Within minutes, I had managed to untie my waist and legs from the chair. My poor pantyhose were wet and sticky. I almost cried when I removed the clips. Everywhere they were clamped, the sensitive flesh was swollen and red. I literally gushed when I took the last one off. Then I turned around to look at the backs of my legs in the mirror. Yes, they were bleeding a little and there was still one tack still stuck in the back of my right leg. AND, I REALLY had to go to the bathroom. The whole time, I was only a few feet away, but it might as well have been 10 miles.

I was lucky. After a glass of water, going to the bathroom, and a few minutes touching up my make-up I really didn't look that worse for the wear. AND, I was still incredibly horny. I am glad I was able to come through the situation without any lasting effects or damage. For the most part, I hardly remember the fear and panic that gripped me during my five-hour ordeal, but I will always think twice before attaching handcuffs to a stationary object. If I know someone else is coming to free me, it won't be so bad, but unless I know for sure, I will always be MUCH more cautious in the future. I thought I was being cautious that night. Like Tonya said, "Murphy's Law"!

By the way, my friend Donna..... had gotten bored waiting to hear from me and went to bed without giving me another thought. She felt really bad when I told her later what I'd been through. She didn't feel ALL that bad though. When I was telling her, all she could say was 'Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm'

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3 years ago
dont know not my thing i rather play with someone dont like playing on my own 3/10
3 years ago
Fun story, and a good moral :)