Snatched Again...Part 2

As you lay in the PVC cocoon on the cold floor of the van you struggle against the tape holding your wrist firmly behind your back whilst whimpering into you gag. Your mouth feels so full and the taste of the used rubber glove is threatening to bring on your gag reflex.
“Stay calm” a soft female voice implores you. “It’s easier if you just obey. This will all be over soon enough and you can go back to your cosy life in the suburbs”.
The voice calms you and you seem to accept your fate. You relax slightly as you feel yourself being pulled up by the top of the PVC sack. You feel though the PVC the slightest touch of a hand caressing your breasts, squeezing gently. You moan as another hand inches its way down past your navel and over your vagina. You feel yourself getting wet as the hands caressing your body do their work.
“What the fuck are you doing?” I scream out to my slave. “I told you to leave her the fuck alone! Come and sit up front with me. You know what happens when you disobey. Don’t make me tell you again”.
“Sorry master. I couldn’t help it. She’s just so helpless. You know how I like to play”
My slave moves to the front leaving you alone in the back. You hear the stereo volume suddenly being turned up. The sound of heavy metal guitars fill the night as the van twists and turns taking you to an unknown location.
It seems like we have been driving for hours when the van stops. The brakes squeak slightly and then we come to an abrupt stop. Your hear the front doors open then footsteps down each side of the van until they reach the back doors. I reach forward and open the back doors. You lay perfectly still until I grab the bottom the bag and pull you towards me. Violently struggling you roll back and forth trying to make as much noise as possible. You can feel the tape that gags you weakening as your saliva slowly spills out and down your chin. You try to f***e the rubber glove filling your mouth out with your tongue just as I am pulling you out of the van. You scream into the gag as you thump of the floor when I pull you clear of the van. The slightly dazes you and you become a little docile.
“Go and open the door” I bark out to my slave. She hurries away and you hear the sound of a roller shutter filling the night. Carrying you over my shoulder we move forward. Becoming more active once more you thrash your legs testing the tape that holds them together. You hear me chuckle as the sound of the roller shutter door comes down behind us. Once more you are in my world. A world where you will discover the pleasures of the flesh weather you want to or not.
I walk a short distance through a few corridors. The echoes of my footsteps chasing behind us. A heavy door creeks open and a few seconds later I place you down on the ground. I fumble for the zip on the PVC sack. Pulling it down you take big breaths of fresh air in through your nose. Your whole body is sweaty and you hair is matted. I pull the zip right down and pull the sides of the sack open. You gaze up and see once again my latex covered face kneeling beside you. Behind me stands my slave also wearing a latex hood.
“This is Vanessa”. I tell you. “She’s been dying to play with you for some time now. After the last time you where here I decided that I needed someone full time to help with my work. Vanessa has grown to love me despite our initial encounter I should say”. Vanessa smiles and kneels down beside us.
“Can we get her out now?”
“Sure. It’s getting late. Let’s get her settled for the night”.
As I pull you out the sack I see the tape coming away from your mouth. Pulling it slowly from your face I reach in and pull the saliva covered rubber glove from your mouth. This evokes your gag reflex and you wretch as the drool streams down your chin. Coughing you look into my eyes. Somehow pleading with me despite not saying a word. Then the barrage comes...
“HELLLLLLLLPP, HELLLPPPP. You fucking freak. You’ll......” You are stopped mid sentence as I clap my hand violently over your mouth. Pushing your head downwards to the floor.
“Shut your fucking mouth. Show some respect to your master. Vanessa. Get the zip ties from the drawer and anything else you fancy”
You struggle still half in half out the PVC sack. I straddle you putting all my weight on you to hold you in place. With my free hand I grab your throat. “Be still and quiet. You don’t want this to turn any nastier than it already is. You should be doing the easy way. Comprendy”. Your struggling stops as I take my hand from your mouth and throat. You give little more than a whimper as I pull you clear of the sack. Bending down I drag you by the feet to the corner of the room where a mattress lays on the floor.
“You’ll be comfortable here for the night” as I lay you down. At that moment Vanessa returns to the room. She hands me some scissors which I use to cut the tape holding your legs. I roll you over and also cut the around your wrists.
“Feels good to be free, don’t it” I say. “Enjoy it while it lasts. Now Strip”
You stand up on the mattress. Your eye’s start to fill with water.
“Don’t make me help you” I whisper.
Slowly you pull the vest top over your head and drop it to the floor. Then you push your jeans down over your hips to the floor and step out of them.
“And the rest”
You remove your bra which was already half off and throw it down next to you.
“Leave the pants on. I’ll get to them later. Kneel down facing the wall” I order. You comply.
“Vanessa. Hand me the collar” She comes forward and hands me a three inch posture collar. Lifting it over your head and around your neck I pull it tight and buckle it securely in place. It bites into your neck. “Don’t worry. You’ll get used to it. Hands behind your back”
You place your hands behind your back. Holding your wrists with one hand I take a zip tie and place it over your hands. I quick pull and your wrists are drawn together immobilising them. The plastic cuts into your wrists. “There to tight” you plead. Nothing is spoken in return.
I turn you around so you are now facing us. I pull on the silver link on the posture collar pulling you slightly forward. Vanessa moves to the side wall and pulls up a silver chain that is tethered to the tall. Hooking it through the ring on the collar and then back to the wall locking it in place. You not going anywhere soon. There is enough length on the chain to allow a certain amount of movement. “What if a gotta pee?”
“What do I care? If you need to pee then pee. If you need to shit then shit!”
Vanessa moves towards you holding a roll of black duct tape. She smiles as she starts to peel the tape from the roll. She tears a section of tape about 5cms long and then places a piece of cotton wool in the centres of it. Moving towards you she places the tape over your left eye. Smoothing the edges down. She repeats the process and places the next piece over your right eye. You are in total darkness. Every sound seems amplified 10 fold. We watch you for a few minutes as you try to calm yourself. Suddenly I grab at your panties pulling them down to reveal your pussy.
“MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm. That looks divine. A little too much hair but I’ll get Vanessa to sort that little detail out”
You whimper as I pull the panties down your legs and rip them free. You slump to the mattress trying to give yourself a little dignity. I move around to your back and will one arm around your waist I f***e your panties deep into your mouth. You struggle at first but realise you are fighting a losing battle. You hear unmistakable sound of duct tape being pulled from a roll. Vanessa places the edge of the tape on your right cheek. Pulling the tape taught she seals the panties in your mouth. She wraps the tape around the back of your head in one rotation. She does this another three times. With each layer of tape your panties are pushed deeper into your mouth. You fall to your knees screaming into your gag. Your wrist already aching as the plastic zip ties presses them together.
“That should do us for the night” I say as I grab your cheeks. “More fun tomorrow”
You hear our footsteps becoming quieter as we walk away. The sound of the heavy door creaking shut sends shivers down your spine. The there is total silence.
You lay down on the mattress. It’s not cold. Again you test the bonds holding your wrists and the tape sealing your mouth but it’s no use. There is no escape. You mind is racing as to what will happen next. What is in store for you? You pray to make it through another ordeal. You’ve been here once before. You think to yourself. Just do as I’m told and I’ll get through this.
You startle as you hear a faint noise from inside the room. You try to work the tape from your eyes free. The noise comes closer, struggling you manage to sit upright.
“mmpmmphh” is the only sound you can make.
“sssssshhhhh” A female voice replies. As you feel her move next to you.
“Relax. I’m not going to hurt you” I soft hand is placed on your shoulder.
Your mind is racing. Is she here to help? Set you free?
Your questions are answered when you are pushed to the mattress forcibly. Vanessa straddles you. The zip tie digs into your wrists as they are pinned between yourself and the mattress.
You scream into you gag and struggle for a while.
“Relax I said. This’ll be fun”.
With your energy resources at an all time low you relax. There is currently no fight in you.
“Remember. Just enjoy the experience”.
You feel a hand caress your cheek though the tape. Slowly it loves down towards our breasts. Now two hands circle you tits. Now fingers circle your nipples. You moan slightly into the gag as your nipples become harder. Your breasts are fondled and you squirm beneath Vanessa’s weight. Her hands move down from your tits one again to your navel. With each passing minute you’re becoming more aroused.
Vanessa’s hands circle your clit. You moan deeper into your gag. Vanessa climbs off you and you feel her lay directly beside you. You can feel her soft flesh against your skin. You can feel her breasts against yours as she leans forward and kisses your tape gagged mouth as she flicks and caresses your clit. You feel yourself becoming wet and pull your legs apart.
“Now that’s a good girl”
“MMPPhhh” you moan in reply.
You take a sharp intake of breath through your nose a Vanessa slips a finer inside you. With a circular motion she massages your G spot. Arching your back upwards to push your pelvis onto her fingers pushing them deeper into your vagina. Moaning and wriggling in sheer pleasure. You’ve always been slightly bi-curious but you never expected your first encounter to be like this.
Vanessa’s fingers are like magic wands as they slip inside and out in perfect rhythm. She presses her lips onto yours and you can feel an orgasm building inside you. You moan deeply into your tape gagged mouth as Vanessa’s fingers work their magic. The orgasm is building stronger and stronger. Vanessa feels your body starting to tense up and withdraws her fingers from your vagina.
You relax on the mattress.
“MPPHHHFF” you plead for her to continue.
Vanessa leans down and places her lips next to your ear.
“Not yet slave. Afterall. We’ve got all night”.........

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