i like it on my husband

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With my husband Daniel get along pretty well. Only one thing bothers me. I do everything to satisfy you, try, while it makes me queasy to. Whenever I want to kiss him after I blowers, he pulls his head away. So what would happen if you kiss me? One day, finally getting sick. And he skroih scary number ...

Once his boss organizing a small corporate party at home. We get ready to go and as always Daniel insisted to wear something sexy. He loved to boast of her pretty zhenichka. Feeding and he lay naked on the bed, and I tried different dresses before the mirror, wondering what to choose. I noticed that he looks at me lasciviously and kurat his shivers and becoming bigger. May he wanted a quick fuck before we go.
Pulled down another dress straps from his shoulders and then let you slipped down. Then hastily threw away and bikini and men leap into bed.
We started to kiss. Adore long kiss with tongue. I lay down on Daniel, and while it continued to kiss prilepih his body to his and pressed it tight small tits. Not as great as I wanted, but it always seemed hard and standing straight ahead. Rubbed in it and kissed it and rubbed my thigh nadarvyashtiya in his article. I feel it growing and tough, ready to stabbed me.
Daniel pulled me up and suck my nipples. Step away from the warm lips and I adjusted over his dick. I got a hand thick trunk and rubbed it in her wet slit. Swollen head pressed into her clitoris. Daniel groaned and pushed his dick up. I let him slipped deep inside me and started to ride it. I moved in rhythm worked well, but the hands of Daniel breadcrumbs me and play with my breasts.
I leaned forward and kissed him again. My tongue was moving back and forth, though knock his mouth. Then covered with kisses the neck and chest and sucked his nipples.
He suddenly pulled out his cock and pushed me down. I knew what he wanted. Dying to my empty mouth.
Daniel continued to push my head down until his wet member stood on my lips. Licked the tip and felt the taste of its own juices. Then drag the tongue up and down the trunk and then swallowed the entire cock. Take it deep in her throat, while my fingers breaded balls him. Again osmukah head, felt his balls tighten in my hand and the next moment his semen came into my mouth. Swallow everything to the last drop.
Cuddle up to Daniel and asked him to kiss. And then, as always, he just turned his head away and did not give me.
- Fuck you, Danny! Each time you do that! So I let you gobble it wherever it was boiled, and you do not want to kiss me just because I have the spirit. Not fair!
- Okay Beloslava, just not my kisses until then, do not you understand? Come on, Bella, honey, do not be angry.
- Idiot! I do everything for you, and you? Do not think I like it to you and gobble you eat sperm?
Well, actually I liked it, but how you do not tell him! Idiot. Be told so for some time and then finally clothed and went for the party.
When we arrived, I was still very angry. I was fed up. I figured that if you drink something that will calm down quickly and gavratnah several cups.
At one time when I swung the head of Daniel. He always gazed at me, but Daniel just joking with that and told me to behave courteously. Now his boss, too, was well d***k and asked me to dance. I took a second and we found ourselves squeezed together to the sound of slow music. I felt his hand down to my ass. Well, this time I would give anything kinky dartak wanted. Pressed in it and rubbed my tits on his chest and my thighs are prilepiha to growing tent in his pants.
He did not restrain herself and not sasvsem izrasi few tactful comments about how I was beautiful and sexy. And then testing alcohol mixtures still neutihnalata my anger and I thought of how to get revenge on Daniel for his attitude sucks.
- Long ago I wanted to dance with you, Bella. - He said huskily.
- Oh, I can feel exactly how you like to dance with me. - And replied playfully rubbing his thighs in nadarveniya member.
He groaned softly and nervously looked around.
- Your wife is busy with the guests, and Daniel chat with some people over there if this worry.
- Aaaa, here we all watch. - He was pozachervil.
- Anyway, my warm and want to refresh yourself, will you show me where is the bathroom?
As soon as we were in the hallway, naughty shefche grabbed my ass.
- Oh how hard and tight ass! - He exclaimed, while his thick fingers crushing one cheek and squeeze in the slit.
On the bathroom door, I turned to him and put his hand on the hard dick.
- May and you pretty hard.
I pulled him inside and closed the door behind us. He immediately pounced me, pulled my dress up and grabbed me between the legs. We started to kiss, and I rubbed it in panatlonite members. I felt that was short and thick, with a large head.
- And so, darling, let it out, I want you now. - He was panting, all glowing.
Unzipped zipper and pulled out natoporcheniya dick. I shook him and started to pump.
Shefcheto grunted and May had no patience.
- Want to give it blown away?
- Go ahead, do whatever you want, just to finish!
Kneeling and bliznah tip of his cock. I felt two hands grab my head. We look forward to him swallowed whole. Suck it and began to move his head back and forth. I grabbed his balls and felt how naprashteli. Every moment would end. He shook my head more and crammed his cock in my throat. Plume shot sperm, then pulled away and leaned against the wall panting.
- Wow, they should! - He sighed.
Povartyah semen out of his mouth and then swallowed in January. I looked in the mirror, I fixed their clothes and flew away.
I found Daniel. He was still absorbed in boring conversation. Pulled him aside and wrapped his arms around his neck.
- Turn me some attention, dear.
Pasted on his lips, then put the tongue inside and sucked his. Daniel told me and both unesohme in a long passionate kiss. So it falls! Kissing me right after I have the spirit of his boss!
- Bella, honey, its many files, I feel the alcohol in your breath.
Just what I feel? Hmm, apparently he was little. Scary fun with the thought that kissed him after I paw dick to another man, but he completely failed to notice anything. So it was not interesting enough. Now I will give him to understand!
As canvassed his next victim. Was mladichak and stood as graven image to the table with the drinks. He looked slightly nervous.
- Hey, handsome, lest you be serving drinks?
- Well, haha, so it seems safe. - He laughed. - I'm quite recently in the company and not know anyone here. I was just wondering how to zaprikazvam someone.
- Forget that job and come to dance.
I noticed how I looked. When dolepihme one another and began to dance, he stared at the deeply cut neckline of my dress.
- Do it what you see?
- Oh, sorry. - He is embarrassed and quickly looked away.
- This dress me a little clamp. - I said and slid his hand under black cloth, ostensibly to squeeze her dress. He vpi eyes in my fingers that gently pogaliha one of my breast.
Be pressed more tightly to him and felt how nadarvya.
This scenario is repeated, and soon they both headed to the bathroom. When shut inside it priteglih for passionate kiss. Then he pressed his head into her breasts and rubbed them over his face.
I looked down. Kurat his cool had hardened and stuck in his panatlonite. It was obvious that it is quite large. I got him and started to fondle.
The boy moaned and apologized.
- Oooh, I freak out! - Izskimtya he reached for my tits. Pushed his hands under her dress and started caressing them, his fingers playing with her nipples.
- Look, here we can catch someone, we do not have much time. What do you say it to you quickly blown away?
Do not lose more time and unzipped his pants. His big cock jumped out and gently swinging up and down in front of my face. Was much larger than that of Daniel. And his balls were huge.
I grabbed his dick and started to pump. I took it in his mouth and slowly sucked, licked his head and my hand worked faster.
He had been adduced and continued to stir under my dress with both hands. Pulled her dress down, exposing my breasts and stroked them.
I got two hands and his ass shove his cock even deeper into her throat. He shuddered and began to move hips. He liked my fucking mouth. I shook him and opened the butt cheeks. I put one finger inside and started to move slowly.
Suck it and fuck your finger, until finally he trembled all, his ass tightened around my finger and kurat began to empty into my mouth. Semen was so much that almost melted in my mouth. Swallow it quickly, not to omazha all.
The fastest way off from the bathroom and rushed to look for Daniel. Once I saw him, he immediately jumped and come upon him kiss. He answered me and prepletohme languages, but after a little aside, and make sour face.
- Oh, Bella, what did you file? Got terribly strange taste in your mouth!
I could not restrain his triumphal usmivka.Umryah of fun. Jump died from excitement. So it falls to this jerk! Only sorry that I swallowed whole semen. I had to keep a little in my mouth especially for Daniel. Well, nothing. Next time.

-------------------------------------------------- ---
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3 years ago
The story has obviously been translated from Bulgarian into English using some online translation software. Non-bulgarian speakers would find it hard to understand. Otherwise, the story itself is sexy and funny.
3 years ago
Чудесна история! Много ми хареса. :)
4 years ago
nice story, turned me on :)
4 years ago
4 years ago
I like your story, doesn't matter it is not perfect English, I have my fantasy to fill out the gaps :))
4 years ago
u r a nasty girl ...

mn podlo i gadno si my go vurnala ....
4 years ago
barely readable english. For goodness sake stick to your own language or get someone to proof read it for you