Tina is Glad to See Dave Move Back

Tina is Glad to See Dave Move Back

My hobby and I were relaxing at home watching a movie, cuddling on the couch, I was wearing what I usually wear at home, just a short robe no bra and no undies I love to be very comfortable. Around 9 pm the doorbell rang, my hobby went to the door to find an old friend of ours who lives out of town now, coming to pay us a surprise visit, I knowed who it was by the sound of his voice. Hmm I thought should I put some clothes on? I went to the bed room and then thought to myself no these will be alright so I went back into the living room in my skimpy robe and said hello. I smiled and blushed, I looked at my hubby then at Dave, "oh, hell all things good!" Dave said. "Hmmm" I playfully frowned at my Hubby. "Let’s open a bottle of wine!" he said with a big smile, sure, lets. "You guys go ahead, I should put something on." "no, no, you look great!" my hubby said, "don't trouble yourself on my account" said Dave, both of them eyeing me up and down and smiling. Hmm, well, ok, if you don't mind, I don't mind... I will go get some wine red ok? Sounds great!

I went to the kitchen, popped open a bottle and grabbed 3 glasses. I heard them talking and laughing in the other room, I tidied up my hair, pulled my robe down a little... remember to keep your legs together when you're sitting, I told myself. Got some munchies out and put it all on a tray went back to the living room and as I bent over to place the tray on the coffee table my robe came slightly undone, and one of my tits popped out, oops! I quickly placed the tray on the table and wrapped myself up, but in doing so, I kind of pulled my robe up a little too high, giving them a quick glimpse of my shaved pussy. They laughed, said mmm and thank you! I blushed and went and curled up on the couch facing them and put a pillow over my legs. they stared for a couple of seconds, looking like wolves, which made me even more embarrassed, I could feel myself blushing even more. "Please help yourselves; I sure as hell am not getting up!" I said and that broke the silence, they laughed and my hubby poured the wine, he brought me a glass. I sipped my wine and looked at them as they talked. They were busy with their memory lane so I got up to get another bottle, came back in and placed it on the table. "Dave says he really missed your legs Tina!" my hubby blurted out laughing. Dave slapped him on the arm and muttered "shut up!" thank you Dave, I still run a lot, and with all the fuckin' I get I stay in good shape!" I sat down and gave Dave a nice, big smile. By then, the wine was working and I did not blush, I sat back, crossed my legs and let my robe fly open a bit.

They took my legs in, poured more wine and started talking again about some of the fun hot times we all had together... the room was getting steamy, I could feel my pussy getting wet. They started talking about details, what a great ass I have, and my curvy legs, my sweet face and how cute I look when I gave head. They were saying all these things in front of me, almost as if I were not in the room, what a turn on, I kind of leaned back, put my feet up on the coffee table, which made my robe slip and split open a little more, now part of my ass was exposed, I was buzzed from the wine and very wet. They went on about a time they both did me together, and what a sweet fuck I was. Dave chimed in and said you still look great and I rubbed my legs together and laughed, I think my wet pussy was in full view when I did that because their eyes went straight to that spot, I didn't care, I loved their eyes on me and hearing them tell those stories made me really horny. "Why don't you come and sit here between us Tina?" my Hubby said. "Yeah, you are too far away!" Dave said. "Sit between us guys?" I said OK but promise to be good?" I asked them. "Always" my hubby said, "scout's honor" Dave said.

I slowly got up, my long hair messy and curling around my face, flashed them a little as I pulled my robe together and slowly went to sit down between them, Dave to my right, my hubby to my left. I giggled, looked at each of them and said "hi" with a sweet smile. I put my bare feet up on the coffee table; my legs together, my robe split open to my belly. The guys started touching me, my legs, rubbing my hair, my hubby kissed me and smiled as Dave took out one of my tits and began licking it, mmm. Dave then gave me a good, long, wet kiss as my hubby licked my other boob. I put my hands on their cocks and rubbed their bulges for a while as they took turns tasting my tongue and hard nipples, I started undoing their pants, they jumped up, took them off for me and sat back down, both their cocks really hard. mmm. They went on touching me, licking and kissing me. I spread my legs a bit, my hands on each of their cocks rubbing. "I told Dave about your new talent Tina how you love to have your throat fucked anymore" my hubby said, I gasped "you did!?!" "want to show him?" he said, mmm, I looked at Dave's nice hard cock then at his cute face, "pretty please?" said Dave, I turned to my hubby and slowly said "yes sir!" I smiled I sat up, turned to Dave, licked my lips, I slowly bunched up and pulled my long hair back while smiling at him, my robe now fully open, then, very slowly, I moved my left hand from his chest, over his cock, to his balls. I leaned down and in one swift slow move, took all of his cock into my pretty mouth, to my throat, held it there for 5 seconds as Dave moaned, rocking my head real slowly, then, real slowly, I pulled him back out, mmm... my hubby said "good girl!" as he jerked off, watching me. I let out a little moan, and sat back on the couch, giggling like a school girl, mmm, his sweet cock was coated with yummy precum. "wow!" Dave said, "fuck Tina!" I looked him straight in the eye as I wiped my chin with my hand and said with a big smile "yum!" my eyes glowing. I sat back, put my feet back on the coffee table, a little dizzy from the wine, I closed my eyes for a bit and licked my lips, savoring the taste, slowly rubbing my long legs. When I opened my eyes, I saw them staring at me, sitting there with their hard cocks up in the air, I smiled and pulled my robe over me a bit. "But..." Dave said "...that's it?! Don’t stop now babe!" "Oh, you want more?" I laughed. "Are you k**ding me?" Dave said. I looked at my Hubby to see if it was ok, and he said "I know you have missed his cock and you look so fucking hot with a cock in your mouth go ahead and help yourself out and Dave to!" "You don't mind?" I asked him? "Not at all" he said "let me sit over here so I can get a better look." "Aww, thank you!" I laughed and gave him a sweet kiss. Dave hi fived my Hubby and let out a big "YES!" mmm, show time!

I slowly got up, by doing so, gave them a really nice view of my ass and wet pussy, and did a slow, sloppy striptease... "mmm, finally got that robe off me!" laughed and messed up my hair "I love being naked don't you?" "Sweet!" said Dave. I turned around as if I were in a beauty pageant, stretched, posed, moved my hips, ran my hands over my body, then leaned down and moved the coffee table so I could have more room. I walked to Dave who was rubbing his cock, watching me, I leaned forward a bit and put my left knee on the edge of the couch, right between his legs, my knee touching his balls, big smile on my face. I leaned over some more so that my left tit was right by his mouth, reached over and grabbed a cushion, "I need this for my knees" I said to him smiling as he sucked my nipple. I leaned down and softly licked the side of his open mouth, he tried to suck on my tongue but I pulled back and laughed.

I put the cushion on the floor between his legs and knelt down, my hands rubbing his thighs. Then I pulled my hair back, turned to my hubby and asked "are you watching me?" "every move" he said, his hard cock in his hand, I smiled and turned back to Dave, gave him a big smile, slowly leaned in, grabbed his hard cock with my right hand and started teasing the head, blowing air on it, softly brushing it against my lips, little licks all over. By then we were all so turned on that Dave was thrusting his cock into my mouth and saying "suck it, babe!" and that was all I needed to really start sucking it good. And the Fuck fest was on! my hubby got behind me and put his cock in my dripping pussy and started fucking me really hard and nice, I had no choice but to fuck Dave with my mouth, mmm... and more mmms all around! I love getting tagged and most of all having my throat fucked! at this point it was all about them fucking me, calling me baby, running their hands all over me, me loving it and taking them in deep, moaning, being a good girl, naked and on all 4s wanting their cum, and being the best fuck slut I can be, my favorite role is being a cum bucket I love all I can get. My hubby was first to cum, he pulled out his dick and shot a nice hot load over my back and ass, Dave seeing this grabbed my head and pushed his cock into my throat to shoot his yummy hot cream in me, I took it all, the sensation was so great I came as well, nice, long, very hot orgasm. I kept Dave's cock in my mouth, sucking it, lapping every drop of cum as I looked at his face... mmm, yummy! "Oh baby!" he said "thank you!" I smiled at him and kept sucking him until he went soft in my mouth. My hubby had gone back to the couch and had a big smile on his face, satisfied and proud of his slut wife. I got up, cum on my face, tits, back, ass and thighs and said with a big peppy smile "can I get you guys anything?" and my hubby said how about a blow job and then I heard Dave say I shore could some of that pussy of yours again.

The guys fucked me on and off until morning. It was a great night we did not talk much anymore, and one of the reasons was it seems that I all ways had a cock in my mouth. The only thing I heard all night was here it comes and lick it clean you fuck slut. In the morning I did ask Dave where his wife was and he said she stayed behind to finish up packing. Then Dave said I really think she stayed behind to have one last gang-bang with her friends because I found a list of names and party time on it. Dave also told us that his wife has changed she is in need of a gang-bang at once a week any more. I told him when she gets here we will half to have a party to well come her back, and this way she can see some of the new people in the neighborhood. I also told him she will not be without company we all share around here yet. Dave then says let me call her and tell her things have not changed and if anything they have gotten better. He does get throw and has the phone on speaker so we all can say hello, but the only thing we here is oh god yes I am going to fill that mouth of yours and what a tight ass it going to milk my cock here it comes. Dave does not say a thing but for see I told you she is all most as bad as you Tina she needs fucked at least a couple times a week and one needs to be a gang-bang any more. With all I here going on I get down in front of the guys and start to suck there cocks again they fuck me for the next two hours when Dave says I have to go I have paper work at my new job that needs done. He tells us he will stop back before he leaves town to finish his move. He tells us they will be in there new place in two weeks and I tell him I will set up a welcome back party for them. (Wait until the party don’t miss it)

The End
Told by Slut Wife Tina

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