Gangbanged at Party

Gangbanged at Party

About a month ago my husband Tom went off on a business trip and I was sitting around the house all alone. My friend Becky called me up and said that one of her friends was having a party and did I want to go with her. We got there and there were SEVERAL guys and a FEW women and I have to admit I was getting off on the attention I was getting but figured it was all innocent flirting. After a while Becky and some of guys was heading off to take a break from the party and she asked if I minded if they left for a while and I said "no- go ahead but be careful" and they took off.

A little bit later a guy named Randy started talking to me and was really coming on to me, I was starting to get tipsy and before I knew it we were slow dancing in the corner and he was feeling my ass threw my mini skirt and asked if I wanted to go to a bedroom upstairs. My heart was racing and I couldn't even believe myself when I said "yes" and we went upstairs and I lied on the bed and he did not say a word just lifted up my mini skirt and pulled my panties a side and started to EAT my PUSSY. Then the door opened and there were 3 more guys and at first they said "sorry we didn't know anybody was in here" but they didn't leave and just watched.

I knew I had to end this but never said a word and another guy asked if he could have a TASTE and one after another they all took turns at my PUSSY. I then heard a zipper getting undone and before I knew it there was a COCK pushing its way into my MOUTH I did not resist and opened my MOUTH wide. I then felt a COCK being pushed into me and he started FUCKING me really FAST and HARD and within a short time he CAME in me and without asking if it was OK, and if I knowed how good it was going to fill I would have told him he could have done it anyway. Randy then pushed himself in me and I asked him to pull it out but he said "no way you getting filled up" and after a few minutes he CAME in me to and the next 2 did the same thing but I have to admit, I came several times myself. As the guys each FUCKED me they also took turns at my MOUTH and I SUCKED every DROP of CUM I could get out of each of their COCKS.

When the last guy was finishing up one of the others opened the door and yelled “she has taken everything we had to give her who’s next”. He then stood alongside the door and I could see a line of endless men and a couple of women in the line. I went to say “I did not come here for this” but only got out I did and there was a HUGE COCK shoved in my MOUTH, and when I say HUGE it was LONG and THICK it was at least 3 by 11 and he FUCKED my THROAT a minute and then he would let me took breath. The next thing I knew the guys picking me up and laying me on top of a guy and he PUSHED his COCK into my ASS. After he started to FUCK me one of the women came over to me and started to SUCK on my PUSSY witch sent me over the edge and I SQUIRTED all over the women’s FACE. After she LICKED me CLEAN another guy PUSHED his COCK in me and it felt so good being FUCKED in both my HOLES.

Before Long one of the guys said it looks like she is taken this really well, and maybe even enjoying herself having this done to here, when one of the guys said her friend told me she gets FUCKED very little only a couple times a year from her hubby so if she gets a chance to get some she gets all she can get. With that said one of the guy said let’s see how much she can take and another guy PUSHED his COCK into my PUSSY also, I was being DOUBLE PENETRATED and I could not believe what was coming out of my mouth between me having it FUCKED. I was telling the guys to give it to me HARD I need it BAD. Just after that I felt a HUGE LOAD of CUM being SHOOT in my ASS I think the warm filling of the CUM in me made me EXPLIODE and I CAME so much I pushed both COCKS in my PUSSY out and SQUIRTED like a THUNDERSTORM.

Before long I was FILLED again and being FUCKED for all I was worth. The HUGE COCK FUCKIN my THROAT CAME for me he started to CUM in my THROAT and did not stop until he had his COCK pulled up in my MOUTH I think it was the LARGEST LOAD of CUM I have ever SWALLOWED. He was replaced be one of the women and I SUCKED her PUSSY until she was DRY and SAYING please no more no more. She rolled off of my FACE and my MOUTH was once again filled with a COCK. The women lay beside me and the guys started to FACE FUCK her until they could get their chance at me. She did get a few LOADS of CUM SHOOT in her MOUTH but did not SWALLOW she would push the guy aside that was FACE FUCKING me and SPIT it all in my MOUTH so I got every LOAD.

The guys FUCKED me for more than FOUR HOURS when my friend did come back with her THREE friends and she brought back NINE more guys to. She did not say a word to me just climbed onto the bed and placed her CUM SOAKED PUSSY on my MOUTH I SUCKED her DRY and there must have been FIFTEEN LOADS of CUM in Her or just a few x-tra large ones. But I do not know how she keep all that CUM from running out of her. The TWELVE guys that came back with her all took a turn at me and I FUCKED and SUCKED each of their COCKS for all I was worth. Some of the guys from round one came back for round two and by the time the night was over I was FUCKED by THRITY TWO guys and SUCKED on FOUR PUSSY’S, the night was heaven I all most did not won’t it to end. My friend and the other women stood in the corner at times and talked and I could hear them say look at her go I cannot believe she can take all of them COCKS at once; look she has all her HOLES filled and playing with one in each hand.

I must have ATE at least SEVENTY FIVE LOADS of CUM not counting what I SUCKED from all the other lady’s, had my PUSSY CUM in FORTY times and my ASS TWENTY FIVE times and these are all ESTIMENTS and if anything they are low.

When every guy was drained I then got up and left the party and woke up the next day and then thought what if I get pregnant...took the morning after pill and a few days ago my period finally showed up. As guilty as I felt, I still loved every minute of it. When my hubby got home I told him about the party, and how I was taken and would love to be taken like that again. I told him that the guys were all over me and the more they gave me the more it seemed I need. I also told him there was a few women there and I SUCKED every drop of CUM from there CUNTS and that really seemed to turn him on, and he FUCKED the shit out of me for an hour in all THREE of my FUCK HOLES. I love the FUCKIN my hubby gives me but I just LOVE to be GANGBANGED the more COCK the Better.

This is a True Story let me know what you think, I love to hear comments of how bad I am or what you would like me to try next.

The End

Love Tina

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17 days ago
what a great story!! Tina, you are a dream-woman! )))
3 months ago
Absolutely wish this would happen to my wife!
5 months ago
Hmmmm i wish you was my wife :-) dream wife nr1.
6 months ago
That was good. Almost came on myself!!
6 months ago
My husband Tim loves taking me to party's where I wind up getting gang banged. He says I deserve every cock I get in every hole. If there is a particularly well endowed guy fucking me he'll give them our business card with my cell number circled and tell him to call me anytime, that I'm always ready & able.
7 months ago
Very hot! I've seen my wife get fucked at plenty of parties but nothing like this. Most she ever did was three at once.
7 months ago
Where can I see the pics and video's?
7 months ago
Sounds like some of the parties I frequent. Feels so FUCKING good.
7 months ago
WOW luky her
7 months ago
Great story. Wish I could have been one of the guys at the party.
7 months ago
you sound like the perfect woman
7 months ago
It is just great that you and hubby can share a good time even if he only hears about it.
7 months ago
Very good loved it very much great story!!!
7 months ago
You're so fucking hot
7 months ago
Man oh Man ! I would have loved to join you at this party
7 months ago
Isn't great that Tina has discovered a new hobby!!!